Gundam AGE Ep. 28: Chaos in the Earth Sphere


In AG 142, a year has passed since the battle to destroy Downes. On the Day of Courage, a memorial ceremony is being held in Earth’s capital Brucia to mark the 41st anniversary of The Day Angel Fell. TV news reports that Prime Minister Olfenoa has arrived ahead of the start of the ceremony. Asemu, now a special forces captain, asks Flit if what’s about to happen is a rebellion, and Flit tells him it is, but evil must be judged as evil. He says history will decide about the actions they’re about to take, but they’re doing it to protect Earth from the Vagans. In Brucia, a squad of four Adeles are on guard where a large crowd has gathered for the event. Asemu prepares to launch in the AGE-2 Normal, painted all white in memory of Woolf, and gives orders to Adele pilots Conrad and Nadia. Nadia asks Asemu if an attack is going to happen, and Conrad says he’s heard rumors about lots of Vagans hiding on Earth. As they move out, Asemu recalls an earlier conversation with Romary at the airport. Romary told Asemu that Unoa was going to pick her up when she reached Tordia, and that Unoa was working as a medical volunteer. Romary said that Unoa was more of an adult that she was, and she was a child when she entered the military to chase the shadows of Asemu and Zeheart. She said she forced her own idealized images onto them out of admiration and apologizes. Asemu told her that she didn’t have to apologize and should be the old Romary he remembered. As she left, Asemu told her that he finally found a reason to fight and that he would keep protecting her. Asemu thinks to himself that the Earth is about to change, but the fight won’t be over. On Tordia, Romary gets off a bus and is greeted by Unoa and Vargas. On Earth, Olfenoa gives a speech about courage that Algreus watches on TV with Olfenoa’s wife. Olfenoa tells the crowd that they can’t forget The Day Angel Fell or their courage. Flit makes his move with multiple MPs, and Medel watches the speech, saying they’re done with Olfenoa now. Flit enters the room with several MPs, and Algreus pulls a gun on Olfenoa’s wife, telling her she should know what’s happening. Olfenoa is surrounded by armed MPs and demands to know what’s going on. Flit then approaches Olfenoa and accuses him publicly of being the enemy. Olfenoa angrily asks Flit if he knows who he’s talking to, and Flit accuses him of conspiring with the Vagans and selling out Earth. Medel tells his troops that the situation has changed and launches in the Zeydalus, followed by several Dorados. Asemu sees that the Vagans are approaching the area with the heaviest security and tells Nadia and Conrad that he’s heading there, but it might be a diversion. Asemu transforms the AGE-2 Normal into the G-Strider and takes off.

Olfenoa tells Flit that he’d better have evidence to back up his accusations, and Flit says that the Olfenoa family has long produced prime ministers and many other government officials, but it hides a secret. The failed Mars settlement plan that led to the creation of Vagan was planned and covered up by Dr. Streit Fondor, a member of the Olfenoa family. Flit says that Olfenoa has kept that a secret because it would devastate his political career, and the Vagans took advantage of that to make him collaborate. Olfenoa is impressed that Flit figured out that much, and Flit says he heard about it from Grodek, whom Olfenoa had killed. Flit continues and says that Olfenoa used the money he earned from being an informant to propel himself to his current position. Medel’s forces attack several Adeles and easily destroy them until Asemu arrives and opens fire. Asemu attacks with a beam saber and dodges Medel’s claw hands. An alarm is sounded at Brucia, and a soldier reports to Flit that Vagan suits are incoming. Flit tells Olfenoa that the Vagans want to silence him because of all the information he gathered as a collaborator. Flit says that Olfenoa is a symbol of the Federation’s corruption and says the Vagans might also want to kill him to further weaken the EFF. Medel presses his attack, but Asemu holds him off. Medel asks Asemu why he’s fighting and risking his life for a corrupt man. Medel declares that the Vagan won’t lose to an enemy that fights without conviction, and he rushes in for another attack before taking off and heading for Brucia. Two Dorados attack Asemu, and citizens evacuate from the ceremony grounds in Brucia. Medel arrives and destroys the four Adeles guarding the plaza. Olfenoa whines that he doesn’t want to die because he’d been doing so well until now. Flit says that Olfenoa was playing both sides from the middle, but Olfenoa claims he prevented Earth suffering greater damage. He says he was also negotiating for peace with Ezelcant, but Flit cuts him off and says those petty negotiations were meaningless. Medel slowly approaches to kill Olfenoa, but Flit says he won’t let the Vagans kill him. Asemu arrives and knocks Medel away, and Flit says he wants to hear everything from Olfenoa. Olfenoa says there won’t be any compromise between the two sides without him, but Flit says that’s fine because his goal is to exterminate the Vagans. As MPs drag him away, Olfenoa accuses Flit of being obsessed with revenge. Asemu slices off the Zeydalus’ arms and tail blade, so Medel tries to fire his cannon, but Asemu slices him apart. As he dies, Medel imagines that he can see the Eden that Ezelcant envisions. Later, Olfenoa is executed for treason, and Flit leads a purge committee to root out corruption and Vagan conspirators. As a result, the EFF undergoes a massive reorganization with a new government in power. Elsewhere, Ezelcant looks over Zeheart’s cold sleep capsule and says he’ll have a role to play in the next era. On Tordia, Asemu marries Romary in a celebration attended by many family and friends, but not Flit.


After 13 episodes, the second arc of AGE ends on a rushed and rather disappointing note. We start with yet another timeskip – the third in this arc alone, and learn that Vagans have infiltrated Earth in the year since Downes’ destruction. The traitor plot is followed up here, with the traitor revealed to be Prime Minister Olfenoa. I’m not sure how Flit learned this, since Grodek deleted the data that he had acquired just before dying. Was Flit able to recover those files, or did he learn the truth some other way and just wanted to publicly give Grodek credit? We learn that Olfenoa’s family is responsible for the events leading to the current situation, so this all proves Grodek’s statements about how corrupt the government was. The battle in this episode was pretty lacking, because as usual the Adeles just stood there and waited to be killed. And did Medel have to dramatically walk up to the stage to attempt to kill Olfenoa when he could’ve blasted him from a distance? Of course, but then Asemu couldn’t have made a dramatic reference. Asemu takes the senpai tribute a bit too far, wearing a white uniform and painting the AGE-2 Normal in Woolf’s trademark all white, which comes off as rather creepy. His marriage to Romary makes little sense other than you know it has to happen because their son Kio looks exactly like her. The conversation between Asemu and Romary helped repair their relationship a bit, but I don’t see any spark for love in it. At least with Flit and Emily you had the more plausible situation of a childhood friend turned lover. Flit says again that his goal is to exterminate the Vagans, which is supposed to be a shocking statement for a protagonist to make. However, the series has thus far failed to give us a reason to disagree. We have yet to see any truly sympathetic Vagan characters – even though Zeheart isn’t a mustache-twirling baby killer, he’s still fanatically devoted to Ezelcant. Even Medel, who seemed like a moderate mid-level commander, was in the end just another Ezelcant freak in this episode. I think this second generation got shortchanged and needed to be a few episodes longer. The series could’ve certainly used a few less episodes at Fardain to give more time for this arc’s events. However, we’re now moving into the last arc, and hopefully as the longest one it’ll have enough space to properly tell its story.

Overall Rating

Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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