Gundam AGE Ep. 30: The City Becomes a Battlefield


Zeheart’s Ghirarga rushes forward, so Kio pulls out a beam saber to block a spear attack. Zeheart knocks back the AGE-3 Normal, but Kio pulls out his second beam saber and attacks. He tells Flit that this enemy feels different from the rest, and Flit cautions him to keep his guard up. Zeheart has a feeling that Flit is one of the pilots in the Gundam, but he doesn’t recognize Kio. Flit tells Kio to hang on until the Diva arrives. On the ground, Danazines and Reganners continue to attack buildings, but they come under fire from Seric’s Clanche Custom and his Clanche team. A Danazine attacks David, who self-destructs his Clanche to take it out. Odeck’s Clanche is damaged by another Danazine, but Seric comes to his defense. At the EFF base Rostroulan, video comes in of Big Ring’s destruction, and Algreus declares that Rostroulan will now function as EFF headquarters. Algreus then gets a call from the Olivernotes base commander stating that Flit asked him to pull the Diva out of storage. Since Flit is no longer in the military and has no authority, the commander intends to deny the request, but Algreus overrules him and orders him to send the Diva out. At Olivernotes, Seric drags Odeck’s damaged Clanche back to the base and tells mechanics to pull him out of his cockpit. The base commander doesn’t think an obsolete ship like the Diva will make any difference, but he decides to staff it with the troublemakers and the Abis team. He then scans personnel files and finds the perfect choice for a captain: someone who has achieved rank only due to family connections. Natora pulls a sketch book and crayons out of a locker and gives it to the kids that Wendy brought in. An officer then informs Natora that the commander is summoning her. She’s shocked to hear that she’s receiving a battlefield promotion and is being appointed as captain of the Diva. Natora doesn’t think she can do it, but the commander thinks she can since she’s the granddaughter of Vice Admiral Einus. Natora changes into a captain’s uniform and ignores Seric when he addresses her in the hallway as “captain.” Seric tells her that he’s going to command her mobile suit team and they have launch orders. He then adjusts her hat and notes that she’s just been promoted and lacks confidence, which is evident in her crooked hat and too tight scarf. He tells her that everyone is risking their lives and counting on her. Natora then boards the Diva and heads for the bridge, which is full of misfits. The base shakes from a Vagan attacks, and Natora hesitates before giving orders to launch. Flit tells Kio to pull back just before a beam blast hits the Ghirarga. Zeheart orders the Fa Zeos to open fire on the ground. Kio is shocked by what he sees, and Flit tells him that the Vagans aren’t human and take lives easily. Flit calls Natora and tells her that the Diva is the key to the counterattack.

Bridge operator Ayla Rose yells at Natora to hurry up and give orders to the Abis team, so Natora meekly asks them to launch. A mechanic tells Seric that two mobile suits in storage are ready to launch, and he asks Obright and Derek Jacklow if they’re ready to launch. The Abis team launches in their Clanches, although Obright instead takes out a Genoace O-Custom. Flit asks the Diva if they’re ready to take out the Fa Zeos, and when Natora asks if he means to fire the photon blaster cannon, he yells at her that it’s too powerful to use in the atmosphere. He tells her to send out the Gundam’s new weapon, and when Flit asks if she’s activated the AGE System, Rody cuts in and says he’s been working on it. The system is giving him errors because there isn’t enough combat data to make a new weapon, but Flit tells him to adjust settings and force the system to make a weapon. Zeheart fires beam vulcans at the AGE-3 Normal and has an X-Rounder reaction when Seric attacks him. Seric tells Kio that the Gundam is now under his command, but Flit objects. Seric reminds Flit that he’s a retiree and that they have to work together. Seric sweeps around to attack Zeheart from behind, but Zeheart easily repels him and attacks Kio and Flit. The AGE Builder begins creating a new weapon: the Blustia cannon attachment for the SigMaxiss rifle. Rody sends out the Blustia cannon and tells Kio that it’s basically a miniature photon ring ray, but it needs time to charge. Zeheart orders several Danazines to attack the AGE-3 Normal, so Seric orders his team to surround the Gundam and protect it while the Blustia cannon charges. Kio has an X-Rounder reaction and rushes in before firing the Blustia cannon. Zeheart barely dodges the blast, which hits the Fa Zeos and causes the ship to crash into the ocean and explode. The massive explosion knocks back the AGE-3 Normal, and Flit congratulates Kio. Zeheart is forced to order a retreat, and the Diva returns to base. Seric introduces himself to Flit, but Flit tells him to take care of things and walks off. Shanalua asks Kio why he flew out of formation and tells him that this isn’t a game and he shouldn’t throw his life away. Natora approaches Flit in a corridor and tells him that they’re heading for Rostroulan. She then apologizes, and he tells her that someone who can’t make full use of the ship’s capabilities has no right to captain. He tells her to remember that the captain is responsible for everyone’s life on the ship. Later, Flit asks Kio if he can believe in the Gundam, and Kio says it responded to him when he moved it. He asks Flit about Ezelcant, and Flit answers that he’s an evil demon who wants to destroy humanity and must be defeated. Kio vows that he’ll defeat Ezelcant and the Vagans.


The second episode of the third arc immediately picks up where the last left off and features a duel between Kio and Zeheart. So far, Kio’s abilities as an X-Rounder allow him to perform better than Asemu did when he fought Zeheart. We see some characters returning from the second arc, including Algreus as a high-ranking officer, Rody as the Diva‘s engineer and Obright as still a mere pilot. The base commander at Olivernotes isn’t happy about being overruled by Algreus, so he deliberately staffs the Diva with a bunch of misfits and an unqualified captain just to spite Flit. You’d think he’d have some more respect for Flit, given how much Flit has done in the past for Earth. Still, the Diva manages to turn things around, although I found it odd that Flit was forcing the AGE System to make a weapon, because it seemed as though he was asking for a deus ex machina. In the end, Zeheart proves yet again what a terrible leader he is, since he does nothing and allows Kio to destroy the Fa Zeos. He may be an excellent pilot, but I don’t see why Ezelcant puts him in charge when he constantly screws up. Among the new characters, Seric seems to be the most interesting. He’s a skilled MS commander, and his observational abilities certainly make him live up to his nickname of the “Holmes of the battlefield.” With a new crew on board, the stalwart Diva is looking to start its next journey, this time on Earth.

Overall Rating

Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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