Gundam AGE Ep. 35: Cursed Treasure


Kio is shocked to hear that the pirate leader is his father, but Flit angrily says he won’t acknowledge Asemu as part of the Asuno family now. He tells Kio to forget about Asemu and says he won’t let that name be spoken again. Rody and Wootbit then call Flit over to look at the small capsule that Asemu attached to the AGE-3 Normal. Flit asks if it’s dangerous, and Rody says he thinks it’s a message capsule. Flit tells Rody to analyze it, and Rody also reports that the AGE Builder is constructing new parts. Kio angrily asks Flit why he should forget that his father is alive, and Flit answers that Asemu died a brave soldier of the EFF. Kio angrily shouts that he doesn’t understand and runs off. As the Diva continues on course for the Moon, the bridge crew gossip about Asemu being a pirate. Wootbit asks Rody about Asemu, and Rody explains that Asemu went missing 13 years ago and was presumed KIA. Kio sits in the communications room and thinks that Romary would be happy to learn that Asemu is alive, but he hesitates when he recalls Flit’s words. Unoa walks in and tells Kio that being in the communication room without permission is a violation of regulations. She asks if he’s finally decided to tell Romary that he’s doing well, and Kio thinks it’s weird that Flit isn’t happy about Asemu being alive. Unoa says she’s happy to know her brother is alive and thinks Flit is too, but she tells Kio that things become complicated for adults and they can’t express their feelings openly. Kio doesn’t understand, so Unoa offers to make him some hot cocoa. Flit looks out into space, and Seric tells him he said some pretty harsh things to Kio. Flit says he’d like to tell Emily the news, but doesn’t know if she’d be happy to know how Asemu turned out. Seric says any parent would be happy that their child is alive, and Flit tells him to butt out of his family business. On the Fa Zard, Zeheart is informed that the Ghirarga has been equipped with an X-Transmitter, which will allow him to control the new bits. Zeheart then attends a mission briefing and speaks with a hologram of Zanald, who states he never thought he’d be working with Zeheart. Zanald explains that they’ll launch a pincer attack on the Diva to lure out their prey, with Zeheart attacking from the front and Zanald the rear. Zanald boasts that the old ship can’t beat their combined power, and Zeheart asks him to remember that they’re allies. Zanald answers that he will, so long as Zeheart doesn’t slow him down. Kio floats through the hangar and is surprised to see Obright mopping the floor. Obright says he used to fight alongside Asemu, so he’s glad to hear that Asemu is alive. Obright hands Kio a mop, which prompts Kio to ask why he’s cleaning if everything is done automatically. Obright explains that the ship is his home and the crew is his family, so he’ll keep it clean and wait for their return. Wootbit tells Kio that the Gundam’s new parts are ready, so he leaves Obright to his mopping. Rody outlines the new G-Viper, which docks with the Core Fighter to form the AGE-3 Orbital. It features a SigMaxiss long cannon and two sabers, along with a high number of thrusters to make it more maneuverable. The analysis of the message capsule finishes, so they watch it on the bridge. In the video, Asemu explains that the course of the war is based on a cursed treasure.

On the Fa Zard, Zeheart explains to Fram and Leil that the cursed treasure could lead all of space to ruin or bring order to the world, depending on how it’s used. Asemu identifies the cursed treasure as EXA-DB, a large database containing all the weapons data from before the Colony Nation Wars. Several hundred years ago, the Silver Chalice Treaty ended the war and required the abandonment of all weapons. However, the data that was supposed to be destroyed was secretly compiled by the EFF into the EXA-DB. Zeheart explains that 80 years ago, Ezelcant was investigating the corruption of the EFF and obtained part of the database, which forms the basis of all Vagan military technology. Flit concludes that obtaining the entire EXA-DB could change the power balance between the EFF and the Vagans. Asemu explains that he doesn’t know where the EXA-DB is, other than that it’s on an asteroid somewhere. He found it once before, but then lost it. He knows the EFF and the Vagans must both be searching for it, and Zeheart puts Leil in charge of a team to search for the EXA-DB. Zeheart tells Fram that this is top secret, so even telling a comrade would be a leak of classified information. Asemu says the only way to end the war is to secure or destroy the EXA-DB, which ends the video. An alert is then sounded when Zanald’s Fa Ganta and 15 mobile suits approach from the rear. Zeheart’s fleet appears from the front, and Flit tells Natora to fire the photon blaster cannon so that they can avoid being surrounded. Zeheart is annoyed that Zanald is attacking early, so he launches in the Ghirarga. Seric launches in the Clanche Custom, followed by the Clanches and Genoace O-Custom. Flit tells Kio that his top priority is to defend the ship and buy time until the photon blaster cannon can fire. Kio launches in the Core Fighter and docks with the G-Viper to form the AGE-3 Orbital. Kio speeds into the battle and destroys two Danazines with his long cannon. The Diva opens fire and destroys two Danazines. Seric issues orders and says he and Jonathan will hold the rear while Derek and Obright are to help Kio hold the front. Kio has an X-Rounder reaction just before Zeheart attacks him. Zanald’s Xamdrag attacks Seric and Jonathan, but he then ignores them because he doesn’t want Zeheart to get the Gundam. Zeheart activates the X-Transmitter and unleashes the bits for an all-range attack on Kio. Kio tries to stab Zeheart, but he dodges at the last second and has several Danazines fire wires and form a net. Kio has an X-Rounder reaction dodges the wires. He then destroys the Danazines and throws the wires at another Danazine before destroying it. Zeheart is impressed by how much Kio has improved, and Seric tells Kio that he’s too far from the ship. Kio tries to fall back, but he’s blocked by the Xamdrag. Flit declares that the enemy is trying to capture the Gundam, so he’s heading out. Seric tells Derek and Obright to help Kio, but they can’t break away. Kio decides to attack Zanald and create an opening, but Zanald grapples onto the AGE-3 Orbital and fires a beam through its back.


Picking up immediately after episode 34, this episode is an improvement and has some revelations. The happy news for Kio that Asemu is alive is soured by Flit’s bitterness and his command for Kio to forget about his father. Naturally, this makes no sense to a boy who has never known his father and always thought he was dead. I’m not surprised by Flit’s harshness, but I am disappointed that he wouldn’t even give his own son the benefit of the doubt until watching the video about the EXA-DB. It definitely looks like Kio is starting to break off from the blind reverence he has for Flit as time goes on. He also hears a bit from people who knew his father, and the scene with Obright mopping was a bittersweet callback to his short time with Remi. The secondary characters in this show usually get the shaft, so it’s great to see even a small moment like that pop up. The big revelation here is that the EFF secretly compiled all information on pre-colony war mobile suits, warships and tactics into the EXA-DB. The other revelation is that Ezelcant used a small portion of the database as the starting point for Vagan tech, which answers the open question of why the Vagans are so much more advanced. Indeed, whichever side obtains the entire database would have a significant technological advantage, but it looks like the Vagans also want to capture the Gundam. Which brings me to the Xamdrag – possibly the worst mobile suit ever. Really, a fat and hideously ugly mobile suit for a fat and hideously ugly guy? The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Zanald blasting the AGE-3, but obviously it’s not going to be fatal for Kio. Also, this episode features the debut of the Orbital wear parts, and for a nice change they’re actually ready BEFORE the battle starts, instead of coming into a battle at the last minute to save the Gundam.

Overall Rating

Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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