Gundam AGE Ep. 40: Kio’s Resolve, Together with the Gundam


A fleet of ships led by the Diva and Amadeus approaches the Moon to retake the EFF’s Luna base from the Vagans. Algreus announces from the Amadeus that their mobile suits will launch and begin a landing operation. Kio prepares to launch and checks out all the systems on the new Gundam AGE-FX. He thinks to himself that while the Vagans are the enemy, he can see their suffering. Seric launches in his Clanche Custom, followed by Kio and the rest of the team. The rest of the fleet launches its mobile suits, and Kio decides to fight his own way. One month earlier, the crew of the Baronoke celebrates the successful rescue of Kio and their escape from Mars. Raddock tells Asemu he’s glad they were able to get the treasure back and suggests spending time with Kio. Kio wonders what he should do when Asemu appears, and he runs over to hug his father. Kio asks why he didn’t come home if he was alive, and Asemu responds by hugging Kio and apologizing. Kio reveals Ezelcant’s true motives to Asemu, who says he must be out of his mind. Kio asks Asemu what he thinks, and Asemu answers that relations between Earth and the Vagans have gone beyond the point of no return. At a colony, Wendy gives the children a tearful goodbye as they’re reunited with their parents. The Baronoke docks at the colony, and Kio is happily greeted by Wendy, Unoa and Romary. Romary cries as she hugs Kio out of relief. Asemu then walks in and apologizes to Romary as she cries in his arms. On the Diva, Wootbit is amazed by the amount of work it’ll take to repair the heavily damaged AGE-3 Normal, but Rody tells him that the plan is to keep evolving through a new Gundam. Flit asks Asemu why he became a pirate, and Asemu explains that he was seriously injured 13 years ago and saved by pirates, so he stayed with them as he recovered. Then he learned about EXA-DB and also reconsidered the situation, deciding he couldn’t view the Vagans as one dimensionally evil. He says he found a new way to fight and has been sabotaging both sides to keep the power balance in check and prevent large scale battles. Flit yells at Asemu that his ideals are naive and they have to keep fighting until the eliminate the Vagans. Asemu says his ideas are different and leaves. Kio asks Asemu if he’ll see him again, and Asemu says he will. After Kio takes some medical tests, Flit drives him through the colony. Kio says the Vagans aren’t as bad as Flit says, which causes Flit to slam on the brakes. Kio says the Vagans have suffered too, so he wants to stop fighting. Kio tells Flit about Ezelcant’s plans and asks if that justifies destroying them all. Flit states that Ezelcant is a mad tyrant, and anyone who follows him must be defeated. Later, Flit, Natora and several other commanders attend Algreus’ briefing. He explains that while the EFF was dealing with the Earth invasion, the Luna base was captured with the help of base commander Aaron Simmons, who defected to the Vagans and let their sleeper agents into the base. Flit explains that the Luna base is now a staging ground to send forces to Earth, and he thinks the previous orders for the Diva to head there could’ve been a Vagan ploy. Rody shows Kio the new AGE-FX, which is based on the combat data from Mars. It’s equipped with C-Funnels, and its name stands for “Follow X-Rounder” because it can keep up with an X-Rounder’s reactions. Kio asks if the Gundam can target one part of a mobile suit only, and Rody answers that it can, but something like that mostly depends on the pilot’s skills.

In the present, the attack force descends toward the Moon and comes under fire from Dorados. Kio blocks one of their attacks and returns fire with his stungle rifle. He then decapitates a Dorado and pulls the head away before the body self-destructs. The pilot asks Kio what he’s doing, and Kio tells him to send out an SOS and get rescued. Kio vows to do things his own way. Several Danazines attack, so Kio deploys his C-Funnels to slice through them and decapitate them as well. An Adele Mk-II pilot fires at a Danazine head, but Kio uses C-Funnels to block the blast and protect the Vagan pilot. He then beheads more Danazines, and Seric notices what he’s doing. Flit tells Natora to prepare a plasma diver missile for launch, which she’s uncomfortable with because they’re not approved for regular use. Flit states that Algreus approved, but Natora objects and says they’re too powerful. She asks Flit if he really intends to destroy the entire base, and he says he’s following standard procedure. A Danazine gets in front of Derek’s Clanche and prepares to fire its cannon, but it’s destroyed by Obright’s Genoace O-Custom. Obright tells Derek to keep moving unless he wants the enemy to get the drop on him. The Vagan fire large missiles, but Kio detects them with his X-Rounder senses and destroys them all with his C-Funnels. Kio then rushes in and uses his C-Funnels to behead more Dorados, knowing this his plan is crazy and probably won’t work. Seric wonders if Kio is fighting without killing his opponents. As the Baronoke approaches the Moon, Raddock asks Asemu why they’re getting involved, and Asemu explains that if the base isn’t returned to the EFF, it’ll upset the power balance and make it easier for the Vagans to move large things to Earth. Simmons is surprised that the EFF sent such a large force, but Zeheart isn’t bothered by it. Fram points Zeheart’s attention to the Baronoke, and Zeheart vows to finish things with the Gundam and Asemu. Ace pilot Girard Spriggan wants to see what he can do. Elsewhere, an ailing Ezelcant stumbles into a room containing a young man in a tube and says he’ll be leaving the finishing touches to him. Kio rushes toward the Luna base and comes under fire.


This episode kicks off the three generations arc and skips ahead a bit in time, but almost immediately launches into an extended flashback to explain the events that have happened since the last episode. Kio is reunited with his family, and after 13 years, the best Asemu can manage with Romary is an awkward “sure has been a long time.” We also see the contrasting beliefs of the three generations of Asunos. Flit is still unwavering in his desire to exterminate the Vagans, and nothing Kio says will change that. Asemu has taken on a sort of Dancouga Nova philosophy of fighting to keep both sides at a stalemate. Kio, based on sappy experiences in Mars, has taken on a Kira Yamato no-kill philosophy, which really makes no sense. He always knew that Vagans were humans, but he had no problem killing them until meeting one sick girl. Also, while I didn’t care for Kira’s no-kill policy either, it at least made a bit more sense because by then he was an independent actor, while Kio is still fighting on behalf of the EFF. I’m not sure what he intends to accomplish when all the other pilots are still killing each other. We’re introduced to the Gundam AGE-FX this episode, which keeping to the UC homages is roughly a counterpart to the v Gundam from Char’s Counterattack. This episode ends with a bit off a mystery – Ezelcant is obviously not doing well, but who’s the test tube kid he intends to leave his “finishing touches” to?

Overall Rating

Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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