Gundam AGE Ep. 44: Paths Drawn Apart


As Second Moon arrives in the Earth Sphere, Ezelcant tells Dorene how beautiful the planet is. He then reveals that he’s going to entrust everything to Zeheart. On the Fa Zard, Zeheart tells Fram that they’ll be heading to Second Moon instead of La Gramis. Zeheart thinks about Asemu’s statement that Ezelcant is deceiving the Vagan people about his plans. The Diva, Baronoke and Amadeus land inside the Luna base and retake control of it. Algreus shows Flit records from Vagan mobile suit manufacturing, which shows that they developed their Earth invasion suits on the Moon. Algreus adds that the Vagans are using technology which was banned by the Silver Chalice Treaty, which Flit assumes came from the EXA-DB. Algreus notes that the Vagans only recovered a small part of the EXA-DB, so they’re probably searching for the rest of it. Flit thinks the EXA-DB could change the war and should be a priority for them, but Algreus notes that they don’t have any leads. Ezelcant broadcasts a hologram of himself inside Second Moon and tells his people that the time has come to take Earth back and create Eden. After the speech, Zeheart asks Ezelcant what Project Eden really is. Natora trips in a corridor and drops all her files, but Seric helps her and tells her that the captain needs to be calm and collected. Ezelcant sees that Zeheart has learned the truth, and Zeheart asks if Ezelcant is deceiving him. Ezelcant calls up a holographic space background in the room and tells Zeheart that he wanted to turn Earth into an Eden where people could live as humans once again. He says he’s been selecting a superior human race to achieve that goal and open the door into a new world. Zeheart asks Ezelcant if he’s trying to become God, and Ezelcant says that even if the Vagans take back Earth, the same fighting will continue. He says someone has to make the choices that will lead to a better world, but Zeheart accuses him of creating a dictatorship for himself. Ezelcant denies that he intends to be a dictator and says it’s for the future of humanity. He says that his plan was initiated by Romy’s dying words, which led him to reading part of the EXA-DB and the history of human warfare. He says that people have forgotten how to be human, so he needs to create a new human race to build his utopia. Ezelcant then coughs up blood and tells Zeheart that he’s also been affected by Mars Rays and has bought time through cold sleep, but it’s catching up to him. He reiterates that he doesn’t want to be a dictator and wants to make sure that humanity doesn’t repeat its foolish history. He states that he’s giving Zeheart authority over Project Eden and wants him to lead all the Vagans. Zeheart asks if Ezelcant wants him to become God, but Ezelcant says he wants Zeheart to be the guiding light for humanity’s future. Zeheart takes Ezelcant’s staff and accepts the offer. Elsewhere, a Vagan tells the boy in the tube that his name is Zera Gins and he will be Vagan’s ultimate pilot. Algreus conducts a briefing on La Gramis and its ability to change forms depending on the situation. Algreus announces that Flit has been put back on active duty and will be commanding all the fleets for the attack on La Gramis.

After the briefing, Asemu tells Flit that he’ll be joining the attack on La Gramis. Algreus calls Flit and tells him that the Vagan prisoners will be transported back to Earth, but Flit insists that they be executed. Algreus says he can’t do that, so Flit angrily hangs up on him. Asemu asks Flit why he hates the Vagans so much, and Flit answers that they’re a cruel enemy and should be treated in kind. Asemu mentions that Flit wanted to use a plasma diver, despite it being in development and the possibility that it would’ve killed their own troops. Flit counters that this isn’t an ordinary war and that they have to eliminate the demons that want to subdue Earth. Asemu counters that they can’t do that and that Flit is letting his emotions run the war. Kio overhears them talking as Flit denounces Asemu for being a pirate and reiterates that he’s going to exterminate the Vagans. Kio butts in and tells Flit that they should end the war. He asks Flit and Asemu what they’ve been fighting for and says they should find a way to not fight. Flit states that the Vagans killed his family and took away everyone he cared for, so he’ll always see them as evil. Kio believes that a day will come when they can understand each other, and Asemu tells him to stop. Kio says that no matter what he won’t change his ideas. Flit declares that he’ll become a savior for the sake of the people he couldn’t protect, but Kio yells at him that he’s no savior at all. He runs away, and Asemu asks Flit to think about what Kio said. He says that the fate of Earth and humanity rests with Flit’s decision. Flit thinks about everyone who has died, including his mother, Bruzar, Boyage, Grodek, Woolf and Yurin. The Diva and Baronoke take off from the Moon and head for La Gramis. The Fa Zard launches from Second Moon, and La Gramis commander Ocramud is informed that Zeheart’s fleet is on its way. Ocramud has heard that the EFF is on its way to attack them, and he vows to show them the true terror of La Gramis. Zeheart asks Leil for an update on the search for the EXA-DB, and Leil reports that it’s probably in an asteroid field in the Earth Sphere. According to a report, some of their forces encountered an enormous mobile suit that is rumored to defend the EXA-DB. Zeheart asks if the asteroid field is nearby, and when Leil answers that it is, Zeheart decides to investigate and check out the Gundam Legilis that Ezelcant gave to him. On the Diva, Wendy tells Kio that he isn’t acting like himself, and Kio answers that he doesn’t understand Flit anymore. He says that the Vagans are human too, and one one of them dies, it makes somebody sad. A technician tells Zeheart that he doesn’t have to wear his mask anymore thanks to the Gundam Legilis’ ability to resonate with an X-Rounder. Zeheart then launches in the Gundam Legilis and tests its speed and maneuverability in the asteroid field. The test is cut short when he comes under fire from Sid, the massive unmanned mobile armor that defends the EXA-DB. Zeheart dodges incoming missiles and launches bits to defend himself, but Sid moves too quickly despite its massive size. Zeheart declares that the EXA-DB is a symbol of humanity’s mistakes and that defeating it is a trial given to him by God.


This episode can probably best be summed up as people making really bad decisions. Algreus decides to put Flit in charge of the fleet that will attack La Gramis, but even he should be aware of how unstable his former mentor is. While Flit’s combat experience is valuable, he’s best kept on the side as an advisor. Next, Ezelcant decides to make Zeheart his successor to carry out his mad plan for Project Eden. Zeheart is rightfully upset at Ezelcant for deceiving him all this time, but I guess a fancy light show and coughing up blood is all it takes to sway him. His sudden change makes no sense, nor does his delusions of grandeur that his fight with Sid is a trial from God. Kio confronts Flit with his tired nonsense of peace and understanding, which is not surprisingly a dud. There’s also a hollowness to what Kio says during his confrontation with Flit. He insists that he won’t change his ideas, but he wants other people to come around to his way of thinking. He can understand the sorrow of a dying Vagan girl he barely knew, but he can’t understand the sorrow of his grandfather who has been around for his whole life. I’m not sure how he expects other people to believe what he does when he can’t even understand the sorrow caused by this war. Compared to Flit and Asemu, Kio hasn’t suffered at all. Would he be so open to understanding the Vagans if Romary and Wendy were killed right in front of him? I suspect he wouldn’t, but his refusal to understand this is what undoes his own attempts to stop the war. Finally, it seems awfully convenient that on his very first sortie with the Gundam Legilis, Zeheart stumbles upon Sid and the EXA-DB, which eluded Asemu in the Remembrance of Sid manga and the time afterward.

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Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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