Gundam AGE Ep. 9: The Secret Mobile Suit


In the Diva‘s hangar, Woolf asks Flit what he think of the G-Exes, and Flit comments that it looks kind of like the Gundam. Dique comments that the Gundam Titus is strong, but the G-Exes is no pushover either. Vargas adds that there are few engineers in space who could create a mobile suit on the level of the G-Exes, so its creator must be a master. Flit asks Woolf who created the G-Exes, and Woolf gets a phone call from Madorna asking him to come over to the workshop. Woolf recklessly flies a shuttle through space with Flit, Emily and Dique as passengers. They approach the Madorna Workshop, but Woolf speeds up instead of slowing down to land. Flit mentions that it’s illegal to customize military mobile suits outside of EFF-authorized facilities, and Woolf explains that he gives orders to Madorna because he’s so skilled. Madorna appears on a monitor and yells at Woolf, asking if he’s trying to wreck the place. Lalaparly counters that Madorna is the real danger and says she knows about the time he had an accidental discharge of a plasma cannon that blew a hole in the wall. Madorna says he has something to show Woolf and asks him to go to the factory block. Flit is amazed that a non-military facility is so well equipped, and Emily says she wishes Vargas could see the place. In one room, Flit spots several Genoaces, Shaldolls and heavily customized 3D and Vandera mobile suits. Dique looks at the mobile suits and comments that he could find the perfect one for himself, and Madorna yells at Woolf for bringing annoying kids along. Lalaparly tells Madorna that he should show them the prototypes he created in his desire to not lose out to the Gundam. Flit concludes that the G-Exes is just a copy of the Gundam, and Woolf nervously says that it’s awesome anyway. Madorna shows them the G-Exes’ blueprints, and Flit points out multiple areas where the Gundam is superior. He then introduces himself, and Madorna is surprised to hear that he’s from the famous Asuno family and begins asking questions. Lalaparly comments that men are all idiots and that Madorna is the type of idiot obsessed with mobile suits. Emily says that Vargas gave high praise to the G-Exes’ creator and comments that engineers can probably tell these things about someone else’s work. Lalaparly adds that Madorna’s single-minded devotion to things is why she fell in love with him. She gives Madorna a kiss on the forehead, and Woolf asks Madorna what he wanted to talk about. Madorna takes them to a hangar where the Zedas is stored, and both Flit and Woolf demand to know what’s going on. Madorna explains that a certain man brought the Zedas in to have its performance improved, but before he can say more, the Zedas activates and attacks. The Zedas blasts its way out of the hangar and begins blasting the interior of the factory. Flit asks Madorna to lend him and Woolf some mobile suits, and Madorna tells them to use the Shaldolls.

One of Madorna’s custom mobile suits attacks the Zedas, but it’s easily taken down. A falling chunk of metal nearly kills Emily, but Flit saves her with the Shaldoll. The Zedas fires its chest cannon at the exterior wall to blast its way out. It transforms into its high speed mode to escape, but Flit grabs onto it and heads out into space. Carrying no weapons, Flit is at a disadvantage when the Zedas attacks and slices off one of his legs. The Zedas then attacks from behind, but Woolf slams into it and knocks it away. Woolf says he’ll draw the Zedas away while Flit gets the Gundam. Flit calls Vargas and asks him to send the Gundam since they’re fighting the UE. Vargas launches the Gundam Titus on automatic and sends it to Flit’s location. Woolf tells Flit that the limit for unprotected exposure to space is 15 seconds, and that he has to expel the oxygen from his lungs before going on. Flit lines up with the Gundam Titus and puts the Shaldoll’s back to the sun to protect himself from solar radiation. He then opens the cockpit and quickly floats over to the cockpit of the Gundam Titus. The Zedas attacks Woolf, but Flit punches it. The Zedas vanishes and reappears next to Flit, but it dodges both his and Woolf’s attacks. Flit tries to attack with his beam knee kick, but the Zedas moves too quickly for him to connect. Madorna comments that the Gundam Titus is too heavy and not suited for fast moving enemies. The Zedas continues to fly circles around Flit and Woolf, and Flit wonders how they can counter its speed. On the Diva, Vargas watches as the AGE System begins to design a new weapon. Elsewhere, Desil watches the battle and is bored, saying that even with a new Gundam, Flit is still the same as before. He says that’s enough, and the Zedas retreats, leaving Flit and Woolf confused. Lalaparly asks Emily if she’s worried, and Emily says she wants Flit to stop, but he’s decided to keep on fighting. Lalaparly asks Emily if she wants Flit to run from the fight and if that would really be best for him. She says that if Emily really cares about Flit, she should risk everything to be with him. Back at the workshop, Madorna speculates that the Zedas could’ve been on autopilot, or the pilot might’ve been hiding somewhere. He asks them if they’ve ever heard of the arms dealer Yark Dole, the man who brought in the Zedas. Madorna explains that he was initially excited, but became suspicious when he found data of the Zedas fighting the EFF. Lalaparly asks them not to blame Flit, and Flit wonders what the connection is between the UE and Yark. Madorna doesn’t know, but he says if Yark is working for the UE, they should find him. Flit and Woolf make their report on the Diva‘s bridge, and Grodek comments that Yark was supplying mobile suits to Fardain. Grodek addresses the bridge crew and announces in three days that they’ll be heading to Colony Minsry instead of Tordia. Woolf asks why they’re going there, and Grodek explains that based on his analysis, the UE are hiding in the abandoned space fortress Ambat. He then announces that the Diva will form a fleet with four ships from the Zalam and Euba to attack Ambat, which leads Adams to say the EFF wouldn’t approve. Grodek says he doesn’t care about the EFF and that he isn’t their captain. Emily jumps in and explains to everyone how Fonroid was planning to abandon everyone on Nora until Grodek intervened. She says she didn’t know what was happening at the time, but now she knows that Grodek was doing the right thing. Adams says that’s a violation of military law, and Grodek says the EFF is already after him for mutiny, but it’s all to fight the UE. He reveals that he lost his family when Angel was destroyed, so he wants revenge. Adams asks if Grodek is going to drag them along for his revenge, and Grodek answers that he won’t force anyone to. He says that anyone joining him will be considered a mutineer by the EFF, so they should leave the ship now if they want to. Flit vows to fight with Grodek, followed by Woolf, Millais, Largan and the rest of the bridge crew, except Adams. An alarm sounds as UE forces approach, and Flit and Woolf prepare to launch. Vargas looks at his computer display and wonders what the AGE System is creating.


This episode takes us away from Fardain and shifts the focus to the Madorna Workshop. We see Madorna has a professional rivalry with the Gundam, but he and Flit seem to be kindred spirits as engineers. It’s good to see Lalaparly give Emily a much-needed pep talk about Flit, because up to now Emily has only wanted him to stop fighting without considering any other factors. One big mystery is revealed: Desil and Yark control UE mobile suits, but other than that, the UE are still shrouded in mystery. One thing I like so far about this series is that even though the weapons built by the AGE System are powerful, they have clear limits. The DODS rifle is effective against Gafrans, but not against the Zedas or Baqto. The heavy Gundam Titus is effective against the similarly matched Baqto, but not against the high mobility Zedas. As we can see, the AGE System is already at work on creating a weapon to counter the Zedas. It was also good to see Grodek lay out all his cards to the crew about his actions and motivations. Grodek gets the support of the entire bridge crew, except for Adams, and I wonder if he’ll be causing problems in the future. At this point, I don’t know how much more time we have with Flit’s part of the story, but it’s good to see the long-planned attack on the UE fortress is about to come into fruition.

Overall Rating

Gundam AGE Info

Susumu Yamaguchi
Shinya Watada (OVA)

Akihiro Hino
Kazuho Hyodo
Noboru Kimura
Rika Nakase
Yoichi Kato

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer(s):
Takuzo Nagano
Michinori Chiba

Musical Composer:
Kei Yoshikawa

Japan 10.09.2011 – 09.23.2012

49 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 07.26.2013
U.S. 07.03.2018


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