Gundam Build Divers Ep. 4: Tigerwolf of the Sacred Mountain


Momoka visits The Gundam Base and is overwhelmed by the choices in Gunpla to build. Nanami recommends renting a Gunpla so she can try out different units, and she picks a Kapool. At home, Riku watches the video of Kyoya defeating the Devil Gundam and wonders how he can become more like the champion. He asks Magee that question in GBN, and Magee answers that there’s no shortcuts to just fighting and getting better. Magee offers to introduce Riku to someone, but they’re interrupted when Momoka joins the game with her official avatar, the cat-themed Momo. A hooded figure watches Riku on a monitor. Yukki is impressed by the Kapool’s build quality and wonders who built it. Everyone launches in their Gunpla, but Momo quickly discovers that her amphibious suit can’t fly. Riku and Yukki rescue her and travel to a gate to reach the Estania Area on the Asian Server. Magee’s instructions are for Riku to find the Toraburyu force and its leader, Tigerwolf. They reach a mountainous area and are blocked from proceeding by two GMs. Riku mentions that Magee sent them, so the guards allow them to enter. They are taken to Tigerwolf, and Riku explains that he wants to be stronger like Kyoya. Tigerwolf initially refuses, but he backpedals when Momo and Sarah beg him to reconsider. Tigerwolf explains that his force focuses on force combat and that by improving oneself, the Gunpla also improves. He then starts Riku and Yukki on a program of intense martial arts training, but they don’t understand how it makes them better at GBN. Momo tries her slashing skills on a rock, and Tigerwolf is impressed with her skills as a beginner. Riku complains about the training, and Tigerwolf sees that he’s caught on. He then performs an attack in Riku’s face and asks why he closed his eyes when he can’t get hut in GBN. Tigerwolf explains that Riku is still using his senses from the real world and hasn’t assimilated into GBN yet. Tigerwolf performs a ground-pounding attack to demonstrate what is possible. He explains that to become stronger, Riku will need to learn to assimilate his Diver into GBN while also improving his Gunpla’s quality in the real world.

Riku and Yukki spar in Tigerwolf’s dojo, and he comments that they’re starting to assimilate into GBN. He kicks Riku within an inch of his face, but Riku doesn’t blink. For the next step, Tigerwolf ha Riku and Yukki fight a Leo NPD with their bare hands. The Leo NPD opens fire on them, so they run away. Tigerwolf tells them that they’re still sticking with their real world senses, and they realize that the Leo NPD has an opening between shots. Riku gets close and pulls out his dagger to stab the Leo NPD in the arm. The Leo NPD prepares to fire again, but it gets crushed by a large boulder that Tigerwolf tosses. He tells them that they didn’t do bad for their first time, but they’re interrupted when one of the guard GMs crashes into the ground. A player named Daniel in a customized Tequila Gundam appears and fires missiles at everyone. Tigerwolf kicks a missile targeting Sarah and Momo and is knocked away. Riku and Yukki get in their Gunpla and attack, but Daniel is too strong for them. Momo charges in with her Kapool, but Daniel easily knocks her aside. Riku knows they can’t beat Daniel at their current level, but they can’t give up. Riku and Yukki perform a team attack, and Riku uses both beam sabers to destroy one of Daniel’s guns. However, Daniel is knocked aside by an attack from Tigerwolf’s Gundam Jiyan Altron. Daniel fires a barrage of missiles, but they cause no damage. Tigerwolf then performs the Ryukorodo special attack and obliterates Daniel’s Gunpla. Riku asks Tigerwolf about that move, and he explains that by earning enough Diver Points to advance to Rank C, Riku can use special moves. He tells them to improve so they can create their own special moves. Magee has a drink and thinks that Riku and Yukki must be learning by now that there isn’t just one way to improve in GBN. The hooded figure tells a ninja girl to keep an eye on Riku because his strength has been acknowledged by Kyoya, Tigerwolf and Magee.


It’s time for an obligatory training episode, and this one fits the bill for that. Riku wants to get stronger and is directed to Tigerwolf on the Asian Server. Like so many stories, he has them train with useless exercises to teach them a lesson. This episode is full of references to G Gundam, down to the enemy at the end, but oddly enough, Tigerwolf’s Gunpla is from Gundam Wing. The hooded figure appears once more, this time issuing orders to the ninja girl to watch Riku. We also see Momo joining with her official avatar and picking a Gunpla that Yukki notes was used by girls in Turn A Gundam. You can expect her to be using a cute version soon, as Sunrise has deemed most newcomer female cast members must use (see in Gunpla Builders and Build Fighters). Overall, not a bad episode, but also not particularly exciting.

Overall Rating

Gundam Build Divers Info

Shinya Watada

Noboru Kimura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kanetake Ebikawa
Junya Ishigaki
Junichi Akutsu
Kenji Teraoka
Ippei Gyoubu
Naohiro Washio
Takayuki Yanase

Character Designer:
Shuri Toida

Musical Composer:
Hideakira Kimura

1 episode (prologue), 25 episodes (TV)

Japan 04.03.2018 – 09.25.2018
Streaming 04.03.2018 – 09.25.2018


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