Gundam Build Metaverse Ep. 3: TRY & FIGHT


In a large stadium inside the Metaverse, emcee Mellow introduces the large-scale 200 vs. 200 player battle. She explains the rules of the game, which involve each side trying to claim more enemy territory, and the side with the most wins the game. Additionally, the computer will select one player from each side to serve as supreme commander, and defeating them will result in a huge flip of territorial control. On the night before the battle, Seria told Rio over the phone that she had taught him everything she was able to right now and that he was capable of facing Maria. After hanging up with Seria, Rio called his grandfather. During the battle, Hiroto’s Plutine Gundam destroys several enemies before facing off against Sekai’s Shin Burning Gundam. Ogre is challenged by the four Sazaki siblings and leads Force Hyakki in battle against them. The Meijin feels the twitch of excitement and gets into his Gundam Amazing Barbatos Lupus to join the battle. A Gundam Wing-themed team attempts to take down Kyoya Kujo’s Try Age Gundam, but he easily destroys them all. Rio’s Lah Gundam flies through space and he sees that Maria has been selected as the enemy supreme commander. He’s then shocked to receive a message from Sei Iori, who heard about him from Mr. Ral, who heard about him from Fumina. Sei wants to join with Rio, but his Build Strike Exceed Galaxy is immediately attacked by the Meijin. The Meijin was itching to join the battle and didn’t expect to meet Sei, and Sei wants to settle their rivalry. Sei tells Rio to proceed on his own and begins fighting the Meijin. Rio reaches Libra and spots Maria’s Typhoeus Gundam, and she comments that it took him long enough. Rio declares that Seria isn’t the person she thinks, but Maria refuses to listen unless Rio can beat her. Rio opens fire with his beam rifle, but she dodges and gets in close to punch and kick him repeatedly. Rio combines his naginatas and attacks again, but she is still able to easily dodge and retaliate. She knocks Rio away and is surprised when a crack forms on her shoulder. She then docks with a support unit to form the massive Typhoeus Gundam Chimera.

Mellow announces to the crowd that the battle has reached the halfway point and will only get more intense from here on. Magee comments that so many Gunpla being eliminated early on lets them see who the real contenders are, and Seria adds that it’ll be a race for survival. Magee asks if Rio has what it takes to survive, but Seria doesn’t answer. Maria uses reflector bits to block Rio’s attacks, and he wonders what he should do. Several players appear and attack Maria, but she easily destroys them and grabs onto Rio to crush him. Sei has trouble against the Meijin and realizes that he hasn’t caught up to his opponent. The Meijin tells Sei to bring his full effort and he’ll respond with the same and win. Sei activates the EG System and attacks with his build blade, but the Meijin docks with a support unit and fires at Sei. He lures Sei in close and then punches him away. He moves in to strike the final blow, but Sei is saved at the last moment when the Universe and Galaxy Boosters dock with his Gunpla. Reiji appears in the Star Burning Gundam and urges Sei to keep fighting. Sei asks Reiji how he can be there when he’s on Arian, and Reiji answers unconvincingly that he was able to connect somehow. The Meijin is happy because he’s wanted to fight against both of them. Maria knocks Rio into Libra and says that’s annoying and needs to learn his lesson. Seria wonders if she made another mistake by entrusting this to Rio, and Sarah urges her to keep watching the fight because Rio and his Gunpla haven’t given up. Rio stands up and avoids Maria’s attacks, and he moves quickly to destroy her reflector bits. He recalls the phone call with his grandfather, who noted that his being Japanese influenced Rio to be interested in samurai. Knowing that Rio had an important match coming up, he explained that Bushido wasn’t just about death, but about being prepared for death and being focused as a warrior. Rio uses his naginata to slice off piece after piece of Maria’s unit. He states that she’s a great fighter and that even if he loses, he wants to keep challenging her. Enraged, Maria says that Rio knows nothing about her and how she could never win against Seria no matter how hard she tried. The Typhoeus Gundam ejects from its support unit and falls down to the surface of Libra. Maria recalls the day of that fateful match and notes that Seria responded with scorn rather than anger. She couldn’t understand how Seria could give up what she worked so hard for and starts crying. Rio notes that Maria didn’t give up on Gunpla and asks if she hates it. Maria takes off her mask and answers that she could never dislike Gunpla. Kyoya interrupts the battle and declares that he’s always wanted to fight the Meijin, so the two of them go head-to-head. Reiji wonders what they should do now, and they decide to rejoin the battle, followed by Hiroto, Sekai, Ogre and the Sazakis. Rio holds out his hand and asks Maria to join him in Gunpla Battle, and she accepts. Later, at the Lotus Cup Gunpla Battle Tournament semifinals, Mellow announces that Fumina will be reporting from the field. Rio is excited to be fighting with Seria, and she comments on how much he’s grown as a player in the last few months. Seria notes that even if Rio does beat her, he’ll have to face off against Maria, who now holds the title of Lady Kawaguchi VII. Rio vows that today is the day he’ll finally beat Seria.


The final episode features a large-scale battle not unlike what we’ve previously seen in Build Divers. Even more legacy characters pop up in this episode, including Kyoya, Reiji, Ogre’s team and the Sazaki siblings. We also see silent cameos in the crowd from a variety of Build-related characters from anime and manga. Rio uses his martial artist grandpa’s advice to focus on fighting calmly, which gives him an edge against the very emotional Maria. In the end, there really wasn’t enough time to properly explore this story setup in just three episodes. At the start of the previous episode, Rio didn’t even know who Maria was, but now he’s facing off against her to try to heal the rift between her and Seria. Also, as times went on, it made less and less sense how all these characters from the different Build universes can interact. Even though this series is supposed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Build Fighters, the metaverse setup with an online world and large battles feels far more like Build Divers.  This series definitely appeals to nostalgia by having all these legacy characters, but it doesn’t have enough time to do anything new with these characters, other than just to remind you that they exist. My final thoughts on Build Metaverse are that it’s very slight – it’s totally inconsequential and inoffensive. It doesn’t really stand on its own, but it’s fine if you just want another serving of Build-related content.

Overall Rating

Build Metaverse Info

Masami Obari

Noboru Kimura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kunio Okawara
Naohiro Washio
Shinya Terashima
Takayuki Yanase
Kotaro Ando

Character Designer(s):
Ippei Gyoubu
Yoriko Goto
Hirona Okada

Musical Composer:
Yuuki Hayashi

3 episodes

Internet Release:
Streaming 10.06.2023 – 10.20.2023


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