Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Ep. 13: Somewhere in This Universe


On TV, an expert theorizes that the communication disruptions across Earth were likely caused by a hyperspatial discharge of unknown antiparticles generated by cosmic-scale supergravity and ultrahigh pressure. He adds that it will take several days or even months to analyze the event and restore systems. A TV host asks about the phenomenon originating from a distant planet, and the expert identifies it as Planet 1G1202C, located 30 light years from Earth. Phone service is restored, so Hiroto starts getting a flood of backlogged messages. He gets a call from an unknown number belonging to May, who wants to meet in person to discuss Eldora. Hiroto heads to a shopping center and is escorted to a cafe where May is waiting in her Gunpla body. Hiroto is surprised because he’s never seen an EL-Diver in real life before. A loud boy is escorted over to them and introduces himself as Kazami Torimachi. Kazami comments that Hiroto seems the same in real life as he does in GBN, and May comments that Kazami seems smaller in real life. A butler escorts a boy in a wheelchair over to their table, and the boy introduces himself as Patrick Alexandre Leonard Arge. May apologizes for bringing Patrick all this way, and he comments on how beautiful May and her outfit are. Outside in the rain, May tries to hail a taxi and gets frustrated because she’s too small to be noticed. Kazami saves her from being splashed by water, and Patrick says it would be bad if she was stepped on. Patrick suggests using his car, so they take a ride in his large limo to the General Hospital. Outside of a room, a young woman asks if they’re friends of Masaki’s, and May whispers to them to answer that they are. Patrick lies that this is their first time meeting in real life, and the young woman assumes they’re his friends from GBN. She introduces herself as Masaki’s sister, Mizuki Shido. Mizuki accompanies them into the room and explains that half a year ago Masaki fell into a coma while logged in to GBN. She says that doctors have told her there’s nothing wrong physically, and Patrick starts to ask something before catching himself. He asks what Masaki is like in real life, and Mizuki answers that the loves Gunpla and always helps people in need. She mentions that he said he was doing something great in GBN, and she pulls up a picture on her phone of Masaki in Eldora with the Resistance. He had told her they were going to be able to protect someone by capturing something. Back in the limo, May explains that Masaki’s Diver name was Shid and that he’s the pilot of the Gundam Seltsam. Originally, he was an S-ranked Diver who piloted the Gundam Tertium who fought solo battles, taking on missions like defeating 1,000 Death Army units or 500 Leos. But then he disappeared several months ago, with no sign of having ever logged out of GBN. May explains that she was asked to investigate GBN’s Dimensions and see if there was any trace of Masaki, and that’s how she found him in their Story mission. She says that Masaki’s consciousness is trapped in GBN and that the disruptions felt on Earth were the result of the satellite weapon’s attack on Eldora. Kazami thought it was just a game event, but May explains that the administration confirmed there’s no such missions in GBN. Patrick and Kazami wonder what that means, and Hiroto answers that everything they’ve done is real. May thinks she should’ve told them earlier even though it wasn’t confirmed, and Kazami asks how it can be real when they were just logged in to GBN. May doesn’t have any solid evidence, and Hiroto concludes that she had them meet Masaki because they could end up like him. May says she thought they should know the risks and asks what they intend to do. Kazami notes that they don’t know if they can ever come back, and May points out that the risk was always real. Kazami says he just wanted to be a hero in GBN and that he can’t take the burden of real lives being at stake. May concludes that this is the end and leaves with her escort.

Patrick holds the Valkylander Gunpla and can’t believe that he was really piloting it. He thinks about the children in Eldora and wonders if he’ll never fly again. Kazami fishes in the rain and thinks about how anyone could possibly answer May’s question. He then thinks about Maiya and the realization that she wasn’t an NPD. He decides that there’s nothing he can do because he’s not a Gundam protagonist. May meets Magee in his bar to discuss the situation, and he wonders if there’s any way to help Masaki. Magee thinks that May has found her mission, but she’s not sure and says she just has to do this right now. The next day, Hiroto heads to The Gundam Base and finds it full of people waiting to login to GBN due to connection limits. He sits alone at the G-Cafe and looks at the Core Gundam Gunpla until Hinata comes over to talk to him. She apologizes for what she said earlier and says that everyone has things they want to keep to themselves. Hiroto also apologizes because he knows Hinata said what she did out of concern for him. Hinata comments that she likes working at the G-Cafe and that the customers look like they’re having fun, just like Hiroto used to. She disagrees with what Hiroto said earlier and believes all his experiences in GBN were more than records because they helped shape him into who he is now. Hiroto thinks about Eve’s disappearance and the destruction of Seguri, along with her last words of hoping that he’ll always be someone who helps others. Hinata tells Hiroto that he’s always been someone who moves forward for the sake of others. Hiroto thanks Hinata and runs home, where he turns Eve’s picture face up and starts sketching out upgrade plans for the Core Gundam, which he prints out at The Gundam Base. Hiroto creates the upgraded Core Gundam II and logs on to GBN once the connection problems are resolved. He returns to the alley where the Build Divers first met and finds May there. Hiroto asks May why she’s risking her life, and she tells him that as an EL-Diver, Earth and Eldora are each just extra worlds to her. But as long as people cherish those worlds, she wants to help them. Parviz runs over to them and says he doesn’t want to stop flying, and Kazami joins them and says he doesn’t want to leave Maiya crying. Hiroto notes that they can’t get to Eldora on their own, and May says they’ll have to find another way. Suddenly, a screen appears in the alley with Freddie’s voice calling out to them. Parviz notes that If they reply, they might not be able to come back, but Hiroto says he doesn’t want to lose anything else precious to him because the pain in his heart is real.


The first season ends with the explanation that every mission on Eldora up to now has been real, not just a weird mission in GBN. That’s quite a shock for most of the team, who are just civilian teenagers. Of course, they’re all in the same age demographic as all of Gundam’s civilian teenaged pilots, so now they carry their own burdens. The team meets in real life, with a disguised Nanami serving as May’s escort. Surprisingly, Parviz is a rich kid in a wheelchair, and his teammates don’t realize that he’s the younger brother of Shahryar from the first series. They also learn that Masaki Shido is a Diver whose mind is trapped in GBN while his body is in a coma, much like in .hack//SIGN. After some soul searching, the Build Divers all return to the alley where everything started, knowing the risks that await them if they go back to Eldora. It probably would’ve helped the pacing of the first half if it hadn’t taken so long to get to this revelation, but the second half of the series should play out differently now that everyone knows the stakes are real.

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Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Info

Shinya Watada

Yasuyuki Muto
Yasunori Yamada
Atsuo Ishino
Tatsuto Higuchi
Shogo Yasukawa

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Ippei Gyoubu
Fumikane Shimada
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki
Takayuki Yanase
Shinya Terashima

Character Designer:
Shuri Toida

Musical Composer:
Hideakira Kimura

26 episodes

Japan 10.10.2019 – 08.27.2020
Streaming 10.10.2019 – 08.27.2020


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