Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Ep. 6: Hero on the Brink


Kazami watches the video of their last battle and sees that he didn’t do anything heroic, which means he can’t put any video on his G-Tube channel. Parviz reads up on improving Gunpla, and May reads a chat message from Magee stating that the administration couldn’t help, so he’s going to ask a friend instead. Kazami is annoyed to see his channel subscribers go down from four to three, and Hiroto arrives so they can start the next mission. In the village, Freddie informs the Build Divers that Jed wants them to come to the Resistance base. Kazami notes that the base is far away, and May thinks it might be the flag for the start of their next mission. Asha and the other children enter the hut and ask Parviz to show them the Valkylander in flight, and Maiya tells them not to pester him. She tells them they can see it fly if they finish their chores. Maiya and Tonoi then ask the Build Divers to take care of Freddie, but Maiya isn’t reassured by Kazami saying it’ll be fine. When he asks why, she answers that he’s a thug who thinks anything is excusable in war. Kazami grumbles to himself about it outside, and Stola asks to come along to the Resistance base so he can fight the One-Eyes. Kazami says it’s ok, and Maiya interrupts and asks if he’s kidnapping people now. The Build Divers take off, and Stola is annoyed that Freddie, who is younger than him, gets to go. Jed greets the Build Divers at the base and explains it’s an ancient building made by the Creator. In a briefing, Muran objects to any plan that involves Gunpla, but Resistance leader Gorus counters that the operation can’t succeed without them. Muran once believed in Gunpla and one person, but it didn’t turn out well. Jed and Freddie enter the room and introduce the Build Divers to Gorus. Kazami introduces himself as the Justice Knight, and Gorus confuses him with Parviz. Kazami asks about the next mission, and Gorus explains that they are gathering troops at the floating city Seguri. Their target is the distant Silver Tower, which they can’t even scout out due to it being surrounded by the One-Eyes. Kazami assumes the mission will be to wipe out the One-Eyes, but Gorus actually wants them to help with supply transport. Jed explains that they’re retreating because they’re counting on the Gunpla, and Kazami complains that he can’t increase his destruction count. May comments that they should prepare for a One-Eyes raid during the withdrawal operation, and Kazami excitedly wonders how many enemies might come. Muran pounds his fist on the table and tells Gorus that the Build Divers can’t be trusted and will probably betray them. May asks how it would benefit them to betray the Resistance, and Hiroto comments that they don’t have to trust the Build Divers. Freddie passionately explains that the Build Divers won’t betray them, and Jed tells Muran that he feels the same way. Gorus then mentions that the biggest threat to them is the Gundam Seltsam, which looks very similar to their Gunpla.

Back in the GBN downtown, the team discusses another Gundam being part of the story, and Hiroto notes that no other Divers can participate in their Story mission. May says there’s no sign of PvP battles, and Parviz wonders if the Gundam is a mini-boss. Kazami doesn’t care about any of that and wants to focus on the mission. May reviews the mission’s clearance conditions, which include protecting the Resistance while they transport their supplies to the new base. Parviz suggests that they do a rehearsal tomorrow in a Created mission, but Kazami doesn’t want to. May notes that in a Created mission they can’t make the timing or enemies unpredictable, so Hiroto suggests a PvP battle. The team goes to the lobby to register for a battle, where they run into Kazami’s former teammates, Gojo, Sagari and Yuri. They notice that Kazami’s new Force is called Build Divers, and he boasts that he’s the leader and they’re on a top secret mission only they can complete. Sagari wants to see Kazami prove that confidence, and Yuri suggests a battle. Gojo asks Kazami if he’s still a fan of Captain Zeon, and he then asks the Build Divers if they agree to the battle, which they do. Kazami then tells everyone he’ll see them tomorrow and leaves. Elsewhere in GBN, Kazami watches a Captain Zeon episode, but the next one involves him losing. He recalls his former teammates criticizing him for rushing out on his own, but Gojo said they failed as a team. Kazami doesn’t want to believe that Captain Zeon was cool because he lost. The next day, the Build Divers assemble in a foggy field with low visibility and radar jamming to fight Force Mu Dish. Sagari’s custom BuCUE goes after Parviz’s Valkylander, while Yuri’s custom AWACS DINN attacks May’s Wodom Pod. Against Gojo’s advice, Yuri advances and comes under attack from Hiroto’s Adzam Leaders. He sees that he’s being surveilled by one of Hiroto’s armors, which is connected by wire to the Earthree Gundam. Yuri fires through the fog, and Hiroto fires back in response. Gojo tells Yuri to fall back, and Hiroto estimates that the radar jamming will only last for 30 more seconds. Kazami’s Justice Knight rushes forward to attack Gojo, but only hits a decoy. Gojo sneaks behind Kazami with his custom Dagger and tells Kazami that he hasn’t changed at all. Kazami is taken down, and the battle eventually ends with Mu Dish winning. Back in the lobby, Gojo notes that Hiroto predicted how they would attack and prepared a support mecha. Hiroto explains that in a surprise attack on a field with unobstructed view it was likely they’d jam radar and visuals. Kazami grabs Hiroto by the collar and angrily demands to know why he didn’t tell them that beforehand. Gojo repeats his statement that Kazami hasn’t changed, which causes Kazami to storm off. Gojo comments that Hiroto doesn’t trust his teammates and asks what a team means to him if he thinks he should do everything. Gojo asks Hiroto what Kazami means to him, and with Kazami still in earshot, Hiroto says nothing. Back at home, Yuriko gives Hiroto a packed sandwich to take to Hinata, who is practicing archery at the dojo. Hiroto takes the sandwich to Hinata and notices that she isn’t talking much. She explains that competition is coming up, so the seniors are coming down hard on her, which makes her both happy and sad. It makes her happy because she feels like they’re encouraging her to improve, and she thinks it’s sad to feel ignored. In GBN, Kazami wonders why Hiroto didn’t say anything.


From the start of this series, the weakest links in the team were Parviz and Kazami – the former due to his inexperience and fear, and the latter due to his recklessness. It took two episodes, but Parviz finally conquered his fear and fought effectively as a team member. The same can’t be said about Kazami, who is single-mindedly obsessed with not having scored any kills in the previous battles, which just amplifies his already annoying arrogance and recklessness. This all comes to the fore when he runs into his old Force, most of whom mock him for his faults. Rather than putting in an effort to strategize against people who know his moves, Kazami rushes in as usual and gets destroyed. Gojo’s comment that Hiroto doesn’t trust his own team are certainly true, but with someone as incompetent as Kazami, can you blame Hiroto? At this point, Kazami is the most irritating member of the team, so here’s hoping he gets over himself soon and becomes a useful Diver.

Overall Rating

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Info

Shinya Watada

Yasuyuki Muto
Yasunori Yamada
Atsuo Ishino
Tatsuto Higuchi
Shogo Yasukawa

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Ippei Gyoubu
Fumikane Shimada
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki
Takayuki Yanase
Shinya Terashima

Character Designer:
Shuri Toida

Musical Composer:
Hideakira Kimura

26 episodes

Japan 10.10.2019 – 08.27.2020
Streaming 10.10.2019 – 08.27.2020


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