Gundam Build Fighters Ep. 2: The Crimson Comet


Sei complains to Rinko during breakfast that Reiji didn’t want to wake up. Rinko thinks that Reiji’s odd, but since he likes her vegetable stir fry, he isn’t so bad. She asks Sei what he’s going to do about Reiji, but he answers that it’s her problem because she let Reiji stay over. Sei walks to school and recalls asking Reiji the night before to pilot the Build Strike in Gunpla Battle, but Reiji refused. He explained that he only did it the one time to repay a favor. Sei asked about repaying the food and bed, but Reiji said he owed those favors to Rinko, not him. Rinko tells a drowsy Reiji that Sei went to school, but Reiji doesn’t know what that is. At school, Sei is completely distracted and thinks to himself that he has to complete the Build Strike’s armaments and can’t rely on Reiji. When the teacher asks him to answer a question, he gives the wrong answer. At Iori Models, Reiji helps Rinko out, but he’s bored and complains about the lack of customers. Council President Tatsuya Yuuki arrives, but instead of coming to see class representative China, he wants to speak to Sei. Yuuki asks Sei to visit the Model Building Club during lunch, where Sei is impressed by the Gunpla. Yuuki doesn’t think his Gunpla construction is as good as Sei’s, and Sei wonders if he wants him to join the club. Yuuki does want that, but he’s also heard the rumors about Sazaki’s defeat. Yuuki wants to fight against Sei, but Sei knows he doesn’t have the talent to beat a tournament-level player like Yuuki. Two girls eat lunch with China when Reiji mysteriously appears and asks about Sei. A student on the council named Monta Gonda tells Reiji to leave since he isn’t a student, but Reiji refuses. Sei explains to Yuuki that it was actually Reiji who fought, but he’s not interested in keeping it up. China runs in and tells Sei that there’s trouble. Sei looks out the window and sees that Reiji has Gonda pinned to the ground. Rinko wonders where Reiji ran off to since he promised to help her out.

Gonda complains to Yuuki about Reiji’s presence, so Yuuki lies and claims he invited Reiji to visit the club. Reiji says that isn’t true, and Sei tells him to shut up. Yuuki mentions that Reiji beat Sazaki, but Gonda can’t believe it, so Reiji calls him a gorilla. Gonda suggests having a Gunpla Battle where he’ll fight against Reiji. Yuuki offers to let Reiji use what he wants, but Sei brought the Build Strike with him. Students gossip about the battle in the gym. Due to the wealth of Yuuki’s father, the school has its own Gunpla Battle machine. Reiji puts down the Build Strike for scanning, while Gonda uses a SUMO. Plavsky particles disperse, and Ral explains to China that they were developed 10 years ago and react only to the plastic from which Gunpla are made. The particles add beam weapons and other effects to make inanimate objects seem lifelike, but China wonders who Ral is. The battle begins inside a space colony level, and Reiji charges in with a beam saber. Gonda blocks with his heat fan and gets kicked away before losing his beam gun. Yuuki thinks to himself that Reiji is talented, but just then Gonda unleashes a large beam blast. Reiji manages to dodge it and come out unscathed, which impresses Yuuki. The level starts to change because Gonda blew a whole into the colony, so the rushing airflow is now a factor. Sei tells Reiji to attack before Gonda has a chance to recharge. Gonda tries to put some distance between them, but Reiji rushes in and stabs him in the chest, destroying him. Yuuki then appears in his Zaku Amazing and says the battle ended too quickly. Ral mentioned that Yuuki fought in last year’s tournament and came out as the best high schooler, earning the nickname “Crimson Comet.” Yuuki apologizes for stepping into the battle and attacks. He dodges Reiji’s saber and vulcans and uses his heat knives to knock down the Build Strike and pin it down. Ral comments that a victory can quickly turn into a defeat, and China still wonders who he is. Reiji can’t believe that he lost in a battle of toys. Later, Reiji is annoyed by Yuuki and insists they didn’t lose, because Yuuki stopped and said he wanted to fight the completed Build Strike. Reiji wants Sei to finish the Build Strike so he can fight and get back at Yuuki. Sei wonders if Yuuki barged into the battle on purpose to motivate Reiji. At school, the Zaku Amazing’s heat knives crack. Sei is shocked when Reiji suddenly glows red and vanishes into thin air.


The second episode picks up from the first and adds some new characters to the mix. We see that Sei’s excitement about Gunpla Battle has been deflated because Reiji doesn’t want to keep fighting. That changes when Reiji comes to school and picks a fight with “gorilla” Gonda. This, of course, leads to a Gunpla Battle at school, because why not? It was nice to see Gonda use a suit like Harry Ord’s gold SUMO from Turn A Gundam, which is something that I never expected to see in animation again. Yuuki must be the Gunpla version of Char Aznable since he’s highly skilled, pilots a red Zaku and is nicknamed the Crimson Comet. Getting defeated fires up Reiji to keep playing, which works perfectly for Sei. I was amused by Ral’s presence and China’s bewilderment over who he is. Is he a teacher at the school, or is he just some random old guy who appears whenever there’s a Gunpla Battle to provide exposition and commentary? The suspicions about Reiji’s otherness come through when he expresses complete ignorance about what school is, along with the whole teleportation/vanishing bit at the end. Is he an alien getting beamed back to his ship? A parallel world jumper going back to his Earth ala Fringe? Is he getting pulled out of a simulation like The Matrix? We’ll obviously have to keep watching to find out, but I’m entertained by the lighter tone and fanservice this series is continuing to offer.

Overall Rating

Build Fighters Info

Kenji Nagasaki

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kanetake Ebikawa
Junya Ishigaki
Junichi Akutsu
Kenji Teraoka

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Ohnuki
Suzuhito Yasuda

Musical Composer:
Yuuki Hayashi

Japan 10.07.2013 – 03.31.2014
Streaming 10.07.2013 – 03.31.2014


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