Gundam Build Fighters Ep. 22: Meijin vs Meijin


Allan asks the Meijin if he foresaw Sei and Reiji making it so far, but the Meijin comments that he’s not that gifted. Allan recalls their time at the Gunpla Academy and mentions that he was inspired by the second Meijin’s words that Gunpla Battle is all about victory. The Meijin also sees the second Meijin as an inspiration, but as a bad example. Allan then notes that their next opponent, 78-year-old John Ayers Mackenzie, fought the second Meijin several times. Ral runs into Mackenzie on the street and starts talking about Gunpla Battle until Mackenzie suddenly suffers a heart attack. Rinko and China bring lunch and are surprised to see Aila there wearing only a towel. Sei tries to explain the situation while Aila eats food. Rinko decides to let Aila stay with her until the tournament ends, and Aila mentions Reiji’s promise to let her live with them. Aila decides to stay with Reiji, but he says his home is in Arian. Rinko, China and Aila laugh at Reiji because they don’t believe he’s from another world. After they leave, Nils shows up and asks what caused the glowing light during his fight with Aila. Reiji shows Nils the gem on his bracelet and lets him borrow it for analysis. Sei asks if there’s a connection to the secret of the Plavsky particles, and Nils answers that it’s possible. Julian Ayers Mackenzie rushes into the hospital room and finds Ral visiting his grandfather. The elder Mackenzie states that he doesn’t have much time left, so he asks Julian to take his place and fight the third Meijin as his final wish. John shoves a shoebox with his Gunpla into Julian’s hands. Later, Julian opens the box and is surprised to find the Gundam F91 Imagine. Ral asks John if it was right to trick Julian into fighting, and John notes that there’s no way he could fight the Meijin. At the inn, Rinko and China cry after hearing Aila’s story, and Rinko decides to let Aila stay with them. Mao runs into Julian and offers to be his opponent in a Gunpla Battle. Mao hopes to blow off some steam and launches his Gundam X Maoh. Nils’ results are inconclusive due to his limited equipment, and he walks into the free battle room where Mao is shocked from a total defeat. Allan tells the Meijin that the Gundam Amazing Exia is only 80 percent complete, but the Meijin thinks that’s enough. A PPSE employee reports that Julian is substituting in the fight, and the Meijin thinks it’s possible they might lose.

Sei and Reiji are shocked to see the Gundam X Maoh smashed to pieces, and Mao tells them that Julian is fighting in the semifinals tomorrow. Allan reads over Julian’s record, which included being first in his class at the Gunpla Academy and a potential candidate for the third Meijin. The Meijin thinks that Julian would’ve made a good Meijin, but he quit the academy suddenly and abandoned Gunpla Battle. He then notes that he fought Julian seven times at the academy and lost every battle. Julian is shocked to hear from Ral that Yuuki is the third Meijin, and he wonders if he’s adopted the second’s ruthless beliefs. The Meijin recalls asking Julian why he was leaving the academy, and Julian explained that he didn’t want to live like the second Meijin. The Meijin vows to fight in his own way to preserve his love of Gunpla. The next day, the battle begins in a desert stage. Reiji is surprised to see that the Meijin is using a new mobile suit in battle. The Amazing Exia and F91 Imagine stand still, but Reiji comments that they’re attacking each other in their heads. The F91 Imagine starts moving around with its after images, which Sei explains to Reiji. Ral recalls that Julian’s move is famously called the Back Jet Stream. Julian asks the Meijin if he’s yielded to the second’s philosophy, but the Meijin counters that he’d never become Meijin for that reason. The Meijin tells Allan that he’s temporarily resigning so he can beat Julian as himself and not Kawaguchi. Julian tries to corner the Meijin with the Back Jet Stream, so the Meijin activates Trans-Am to move at high speed. With the increased speed of Trans-Am, the Meijin is able to dodge Julian’s attacks and maneuver in a way that Julian can’t keep up with. The Meijin uses his GN Sword Kai to slash into the F91 Imagine and deal the final blow. Julian realizes that the Meijin is fighting in his own way and not following the second’s ideals. Reiji tells Sei it’s exciting that the Meijin will be their final opponent. Allan mentions that it was reckless for the Meijin to use the unadjusted Trans-Am, but the Meijin notes it was the only way to win. The Meijin asks Julian to come back to Gunpla Battle, and Julian agrees to fight him again in the future. John watches and is happy that Julian is into Gunpla again. Sei explains Trans-Am to Reiji, but adds that they’ll counter it with the RG system. Nils conducts more research and concludes that Reiji’s gem is a Plavsky particle crystal.


The semifinals reach their conclusion here as the Meijin fights an old classmate who could’ve been the Meijin in his place. This episode definitely sheds some light on the Meijin’s background. We learn that the second Meijin had a ruthless, victory at all costs attitude, which the Meijin is clearly disdainful of. That attitude caused Julian to walk away fro Gunpla Battle for three years, but he’s pulled back into it when his grandfather cons him with a “last wish.” Throughout the entire series, the Meijin has been completely untouchable thanks to his high skill level, so it’s interesting to see there’s an opponent he fears. In the end, he has to use a gimmick like Trans-Am to win. I found his battle with the Renatos to be a better one, but it was good to see a battle between two famously high speed suits. Watching the near stock Amazing Exia fight made me almost feel like I was watching a Gundam 00 episode. On a separate note, Nils’ Plavsky investigation reaches a new phase as he discovers things about Reiji’s gem. Finally, it was amusing to see how quickly Rinko and China take to Aila after hearing her sad story of poverty and forced Gunpla Battles.

Overall Rating

Build Fighters Info

Kenji Nagasaki

Yousuke Kuroda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kanetake Ebikawa
Junya Ishigaki
Junichi Akutsu
Kenji Teraoka

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Ohnuki
Suzuhito Yasuda

Musical Composer:
Yuuki Hayashi

Japan 10.07.2013 – 03.31.2014
Streaming 10.07.2013 – 03.31.2014


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