Gundam Breaker Battlogue Ep. 4: RE:venger


The masked man’s pilot figure takes control of the Gundam Barbataurus. He then destroys multiple Gunpla trapped in the Runner Prison. This forcibly logs the players out of the game, but they’re all shocked to discover that their Gunpla data has been erased. The masked man boasts about how any Gunpla that are destroyed while in Runner Prison will lose their data forever. Even if a player rescans the Gunpla, the data is lost. The masked man then turns his attention to Ryusei, Sana and Touma, but he then comes under attack from Misa’s Blazing Gundam. The masked man dodges and says that Misa missed the opportunity of a lifetime, but she’ll respond that they’ll see about that. The masked man is then surprised to see that Sana and the others are free from the Runner Prison. He doesn’t understand how they broke free or how the Blazing Gundam is moving, and Misa explains that their computer engineer, Kadomatsu, examined the virus and developed a vaccine, which is in the Blazing Gundam’s new vaccine-infused mask. The masked man then realizes the attack just now was a distraction and that Misa was really trying to break the others free. Sana is excited to see Misa and asks how she’s doing, but Misa answers that this isn’t the time for chatting. The four launch a combined attack on the Gundam Barbataurus, but the masked man holds them off. He declares that if they want to stop him they should bring Takuma into the game, and Misa asks why he’s so obsessed. The masked man answers that the wound Takuma gave him itches, and Misa realizes that his Gundam’s V-fin is clipped on one side. She then realizes that he’s Kentaro, who was defeated by Takuma in the U.S. Championship. Kentaro blames Takuma for stealing his spotlight, so now he’s dedicated to making sure Takuma suffers even more. When he built the Gundam Barbataurus, he deliberately clipped the V-fin in the same spot that his Gundam Barbaric was damaged to serve as a mark for his vow of vengeance. Sana comments that this is a stupid grudge, and Kentaro attack her in response. Misa is annoyed that she can almost relate to Kentaro because of her issues with Takuma, but she says there are things that people shouldn’t do. She tells Kentaro to release all the trapped Gunpla if they beat him, and he rejects the premise that they can beat him. He does like the idea of beating up Takuma’s teammate, so he summons four new custom Gunpla: the Wing Gundam Sky ZeroGouf Crimson CustomGundam Astray Red Frame Inversion and Gundam Ground Urban Combat Type. Kentaro notes that these Gunpla are on a totally different level, as they’re controlled by AI based on Mr. Bushido, Four Murasame, Yuu Kajima and Zeheart Galette.


Misa finally arrives to lend the trapped players a hand and team up against the mediocre villainy of Kentaro. We learn more of his utterly pathetic backstory and how he vowed to get revenge against Takuma for beating him fair and square. It’s good that Sana notes how ridiculous this is, because it’s really laughable that someone would go to such lengths to carry out a wholly illegitimate grudge like this. Kentaro throws another curve ball at the team by introducing four AI-powered bosses, and I expect they’ll be dealt with in the next episode, leaving Kentaro as the final boss in the conclusion. At the very least, this next boss battle should be well animated and will feature some interesting custom mobile suits.

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Gundam Breaker Battlogue Info

Masami Obari

So Mayumi
Yuichiro Kitaoka

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kyoshi Takigawa
Kunio Okawara
Naohiro Washio
Kotaro Ando
Kyoryu Kuramochi

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Ohnuki
Shuri Toda
Yuriko Chiba

Musical Composer:

6 shorts

Internet Release:
Japan 10.19.2021 – 11.23.2021
Global 10.19.2021 – 11.23.2021


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