Gundam Breaker Battlogue Ep. 6: Under the Mask


Kentaro charges toward Takuma with the Gundam Barbataurus and attacks, but Takuma blocks. Takuma then takes a punch to the head and activates the Awakening System, which makes the 00 Command Qan[T] glow red and move faster. Touma is impressed by its power since only the chosen one can use the Awakening System. An energy tendril comes out of the Gundam Barbataurus’ arm stump and reconnects the severed arm. Kentaro then attacks Takuma again and accuses him of being a cheater. Takuma accuses Kentaro of always looking outside for an excuse and not recognizing the opponent’s effort. Takuma unleashes a flurry of attacks and knocks Kentaro to the ground before putting a sword to his neck and declaring “checkmate.” Kentaro can’t believe that he lost after everything that he did, and he vows that he won’t let it end this way. The Gundam Barbataurus gathers parts from all the Gunpla in the Runner Prison and grows to a monstrous size. Touma tells everyone to scatter just before Kentaro fires multiple Dainsleif rounds as arrows from a bow. The game starts to glitch as an eerie purple light emanates from the Gundam Barbataurus. Sana and Ryusei fire their cannons at Kentaro, but it has no effect. Takuma then fires off multiple missiles that similarly do nothing. Misa and Touma attack head-on and are knocked into the ground. Misa asks Kadomatsu to do something, and he suddenly has an idea involving the AI programs. Suddenly, the four AI units that Kentaro created are reactivated as allies because Kadomatsu reprogrammed them. He also inserted a vaccine program in them, which allows them to get past Kentaro’s creepy aura. Zeheart stabs Kentaro from behind, and Four blasts him with the twin buster rifle. Yuu rushes in and fires two bazookas, and Kentaro fires another Dainsleif arrow at Ryusei and Misa. However, Mr. Bushido intervenes and slices the Dainsleif apart. Touma then attacks to clear the way for Sana to do a Perfect Full Burst and Ryusei to do the Sestet Cannon attacks. Misa performs a Blazing Kick that knocks off Kentaro’s arrow arm. Takuma then uses his sword to attack head on and stab the cockpit, destroying Kentaro’s pilot figure. The Gundam Barbataurus then explodes, and Kentaro complains about his spotlight being stolen again. Misa tells him to stop saying that and have a look at what’s happening at his feet. Kentaro turns off the virtual interface and sees the massive crowd at the foot of the Unicorn Gundam statute. Misa tells Kentaro that he inspired all this enthusiasm, although he did it the wrong way. Takuma says that the crowd recognizes his passion for Gunpla because he studied the system harder than anyone and built special Gunpla. He doesn’t think Kentaro could’ve done that just on a grudge alone. Sana says that Kentaro wouldn’t have done all this if love wasn’t involved. As site security lead him away, Kentaro presses a button on his phone and restores everyone’s stolen Gunpla data. As a result, people in the crowd start to assume that this was an official surprise event. Misa gets heated and asks Takuma if he’s at the venue, but he nervously answers that he’s online and abruptly logs off. Misa runs outside the event area, but there’s no sign of him. The stage reverts to normal and changes to a space level. Sana and Touma have had enough, leaving it to Ryusei to fight the Gundam controlled by an Amuro Ray AI.


This short series comes to a close, and while nothing at all about how it plays out was a surprise, it was executed well. Everyone’s teamwork finally brings down Kentaro, and he sees the error of his ways and how passion for something can be twisted into something dark. The audience watching is none the wiser and thinks this was all part of the festival, and given that Kentaro restored all their data, I suppose no lasting harm was done. We still never get any insight about what Misa was mad at Takuma about in episode 1, but I also never expected they’d come back to wrap that plot point up. Overall, this series has been fun for seeing some dynamic mobile suit animation supervised Masami Obari, but I feel that the Build concept (which this is a clear relative to) has kind of played itself out. I don’t know what more can be done with this kind of storytelling, so it would be fitting if Breaker Battlogue was the swan song for this concept, at least for a couple of years.

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Gundam Breaker Battlogue Info

Masami Obari

So Mayumi
Yuichiro Kitaoka

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kyoshi Takigawa
Kunio Okawara
Naohiro Washio
Kotaro Ando
Kyoryu Kuramochi

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Ohnuki
Shuri Toda
Yuriko Chiba

Musical Composer:

6 shorts

Internet Release:
Japan 10.19.2021 – 11.23.2021
Global 10.19.2021 – 11.23.2021


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