Gundam Evolve 6: YMF-X000A Dreadnought Gundam & CAT1-X1/3 Hyperion Gundam


In Cosmic Era 71, Prayer Reverie’s Dreadnought Gundam is chased through space by a squad of ZAFT’s GuAIZ mobile suits. Prayer asks them to stop because he doesn’t want to fight, but they press their attack. One of the GuAIZs grabs onto the Dreadnought Gundam and slams it into a nearby asteroid. As he is surrounded, Prayer again says that he doesn’t want to fight. He imagines a ghost image of the DRAGOON-equipped Dreadnought Gundam rising out of the asteroid and attacking the GuAIZs. The ghost Dreadnought Gundam destroys the GuAIZs with its beam rifle and DRAGOONs. Prayer screams out for everything to stop, and after destroying the last GuAIZ, the ghost Dreadnought turns its attention to Prayer. It fires its weapons, but its shots are blocked by Canard Pars’ Hyperion Gundam. Canard then rushes in and attacks the ghost with his beam sub-machine gun. The ghost Dreadnought then attacks with its beam claw, and Canard blocks with the beam tip of his gun. Prayers asks himself what he is, and the ghost attacks Canard with its beam reamers. Canard slams into the ghost, but it deploys its DRAGOONs and beam reamers right behind him. Prayer stands up and fires his beam rifle between them, allowing Canard to disengage. The ghost then fires its DRAGOONs, but Canard deploys the lightwave barrier around himself and Prayer. Canard and Prayer then slash into the ghost to destroy it and turn their weapons on themselves.


Directed by Shinya Horii, this installment of Gundam Evolve came about a year after the fifth one. Whereas the previous ones focused on the Universal Century and Future Century, this one brought SEED‘s Cosmic Era into the mix. The focus this time is Prayer Reverie and Canard Pars, the stars of the X ASTRAY manga. The whole clip is rather abstract, and although the ghost Dreadnought was obviously imaginary, you wonder if the entire GuAIZ attack was imaginary too. Either way, the animation is pretty impressive, especially when the ghost Dreadnought goes on a killing spree against the GuAIZs. How Canard and the Hyperion fit into this is anybody’s guess, but it was nice to see the Hyperion in action.

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Gundam Evolve Info

Yuuichi Abe
Ryukow Masuo
Takashi Imanishi
Shinya Horii
Shukou Murase
Kenichi Suzuki
Yasuaki Matsuki
Masaki Kitamura
Kei Momose
Shigehito Kawada
Yoshitomo Yonetani


Mechanical Designer(s):

Character Designer(s):

Musical Composer:

15 shorts

Video Release:
Japan 09.26.2003 – 01.26.2007
U.S. 05.03.2016


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