Gundam Evolve 7: XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero


In After Colony 195, Doctor J tells Relena Peacecraft that the human mind has two problems: passing down the idea of revenge through the generations, and the tendency to classify people as groups instead of individuals. He says that Relena’s ideas about pacifism may have temporarily brought some change to the world, but it won’t stay that way. He then says that Heero Yuy exceeded his expectations and never gave up no matter what obstacles were in his way. Elsewhere, Heero plants explosives in a colony laser orbiting the Earth. He floats through the colony in a normal suit and is chased by several armed soldiers. He releases a mobile suit via remote control and escapes in the confusion. He then reaches his Wing Gundam Zero and uses its twin buster rifle to blast out of the colony. Heero leaves the twin buster rifle behind and is chased by several Virgo mobile dolls. He flies through the colony to evade them, and one is destroyed when it crashes into the colony. A beam cannon hits Wing Zero, and it breaks out of its casing and deploys its wings. Heero grabs a beam rifle and attacks the Virgos. As he flies over the colony, he blasts at it with his beam rifle. The countdown reaches the end, and the explosives go off. The colony laser explodes and breaks apart. Heero flies away now that his mission is accomplished. Doctor J remembers that he came up with Heero’s codename and thinks it was a good name.


This installment of Gundam Evolve was directed by Shukou Murase, the original character designer for Gundam Wing. Like many of the other shorts, this one seems to exist outside the continuity of the anime it’s based on. It’s obviously set at some point during the series, because Doctor J is still alive. He’s having a conversation somewhere with Relena, and it looks like he’s behind bars. Heero’s on some mission to destroy a colony laser, and he does it with the Endless Waltz version of Wing Zero. Like the other shorts, this is essentially just an extra treat that gives you another look at a Gundam series.

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Gundam Evolve Info

Yuuichi Abe
Ryukow Masuo
Takashi Imanishi
Shinya Horii
Shukou Murase
Kenichi Suzuki
Yasuaki Matsuki
Masaki Kitamura
Kei Momose
Shigehito Kawada
Yoshitomo Yonetani


Mechanical Designer(s):

Character Designer(s):

Musical Composer:

15 shorts

Video Release:
Japan 09.26.2003 – 01.26.2007
U.S. 05.03.2016


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