Gundam Evolve 8: GAT-X105 Strike Gundam


In Cosmic Era 71, several GINN OCHER Types move through a ZAFT base, and workers discuss the recent defeat of Andrew Waltfeld. Suddenly the Aile Strike Gundam blasts into the base and drop kicks a GINN OCHER. While in the air, it kicks and blasts two other GINN OCHERs. The Strike Gundam then slices off the arm of a GINN OCHER and uses another one as a jumping point to boost itself deeper into the base. Several GINN OCHERs open fire with their machine guns, so the Strike Gundam ejects its Aile pack and lets it fly into the ceiling to cause an explosion. It then moves in to close range and blasts two more GINN OCHERs with its beam rifle. The one-armed GINN OCHER attacks, so the Strike Gundam fires its vulcans and picks up a dropped sword. It then throws a combat knife at the one-armed GINN OCHER and slices into two others with the sword. Later, a mechanic runs into the hangar and is shocked to find that everything has been destroyed.


Directed by Kenichi Suzuki, this is the second Evolve clip to explore the Cosmic Era universe of Gundam SEED. Based on what happens in this short, it might as well have been called The Guntrix. Why is that? Take any action scene from The Matrix, replace Neo with the Strike Gundam and Agent Smith with GINNs, and you have this Evolve. That slow motion style of combat first used in 1999 by The Matrix is really cliched now, so seeing it here is not very impressive. Also, the Strike Gundam moves in impossibly human ways that we’ve never seen C.E. mobile suits perform. Also, even if it could move that way, it’s completely outside of Kira Yamato’s skill level and combat style. If Sunrise wanted to do a bullet time Evolve sequence, it would’ve fit better on another G Gundam clip. However, despite this strange presentation, the computer animation is good, and the Strike Gundam itself is very nicely detailed.

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Gundam Evolve Info

Yuuichi Abe
Ryukow Masuo
Takashi Imanishi
Shinya Horii
Shukou Murase
Kenichi Suzuki
Yasuaki Matsuki
Masaki Kitamura
Kei Momose
Shigehito Kawada
Yoshitomo Yonetani


Mechanical Designer(s):

Character Designer(s):

Musical Composer:

15 shorts

Video Release:
Japan 09.26.2003 – 01.26.2007
U.S. 05.03.2016


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