Gundam Evolve 9: MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam


AEUG pilot Yuri Ajissah conducts a test on the psycommu Zeta Gundam 3P2 Type. With the new control system, Yuri can control the Zeta Gundam with her own movements. In the hangar, Shin Matsunaga complains to an Anaheim Electronics employee about the yellow coloring on his Zeta Gundam 3B Type. Matsunaga thinks the yellow stands out too much and wants a new unit painted gray. Workers suddenly come to attention when Amuro Ray arrives, and Yuri thinks about how she met him years earlier on Side 6 after her mother’s funeral. Young Amuro nearly ran her over when she ran out onto the road, and he offered to help her up, but she didn’t take his hand. Amuro and Yuri then have a Newtype reaction, and a battle alert is sounded. The AEUG fleet has encountered the gigantic mobile armor Genmeth, which is on its way to the Chakra research facility. Amuro launches in his space booster equipped Zeta Gundam 3A Type, followed by Shin. In space, the Genmeth destroys several AEUG Irish and Salamis class ships. Amuro and Shin fly through the wreckage of the AEUG fleet, and Shin spots the Genmeth hiding behind an Irish ship. The Genmeth unleashes its Hasfur psycommu mobile suits and attacks Shin and Amuro. With adjustments completed, Yuri launches in her Zeta Gundam and heads for space. Shin asks Amuro if they should wait for Yuri and her psyco neutralizer, but Amuro doesn’t think it’ll be of any use. Yuri arrives and feels pressure, thinking that Shin won’t last. The Hasfurs attack Yuri, and the Genmeth transforms from pyramid to mobile suit mode to attack. The Genmeth pilots hack into Yuri’s Zeta Gundam and steal information about the AEUG and Karaba. The Genmeth then fires down at the Chakra base on Earth. The base fires missiles in response, and Shin slams into the Genmeth with a kamikaze attack. Amuro destroys several Hasfurs and dodges the incoming ground fire against the Genmeth. As he gets sucked closer to the Earth’s atmosphere, he calls out to Yuri and tells her to wake up. Yuri imagines herself reaching out to grab Amuro’s hand and is able to take control of her Zeta Gundam again. The Genmeth begins firing in all direction, but an energy field surrounds her Zeta Gundams and deflects everything. The Genmeth tries to attack with a detachable hand, but Yuri seizes control of it and turns it back on the Genmeth. The damaged Genmeth falls into the atmosphere and crashes on the Chakra base.


Directed by Yasuaki Matsuki, this installment of Evolve takes us back to the Zeta era with a story involving Amuro. We’re introduced to three Zeta Gundam variants, although Amuro’s first showed up years earlier in Green Divers. This short features Shin Matsunaga, a former Zeon ace pilot from MSV, but unfortunately his appearance is entirely wasted. He doesn’t really get to do anything and almost instantly sacrifices himself. Amuro gets to fight a bit, but most of the battle falls to Yuri. The Genmeth is a pretty oddball design and is basically a Psycho Gundam with a pyramid mode. Still, it’s nice to see a brief story showing something else that Amuro was doing during Zeta Gundam. This entry is also notable for running much longer than everything before it. With a length comparable to a STARGAZER episode, it means that it actually gets a rating.

Overall Rating

Gundam Evolve Info

Yuuichi Abe
Ryukow Masuo
Takashi Imanishi
Shinya Horii
Shukou Murase
Kenichi Suzuki
Yasuaki Matsuki
Masaki Kitamura
Kei Momose
Shigehito Kawada
Yoshitomo Yonetani


Mechanical Designer(s):

Character Designer(s):

Musical Composer:

15 shorts

Video Release:
Japan 09.26.2003 – 01.26.2007
U.S. 05.03.2016


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