Gundam Narrative


In January UC 0079, a young girl named Rita Bernal gets off a school bus and runs toward a cliff. She’s chased by her friends Michele and Jona Basta, who catch up to her at the cliff. She grabs both their hands, and they experience a terrifying vision of a space colony slamming into Sydney and destroying the city. Jona asks Rita if that’s going to happen and can’t be stopped, and she nods her head. Soon after, the Principality of Zeon drops the Island Iffish space colony on Sydney, which destroys the city and causes enormous devastation to the surrounding area. In UC 0097, Jona wakes up from a dream about Rita and Newtypes. In New Hong Kong, Vice Adm. Mauri Leho expresses concern about showing classified information to Michele Luio, who is now a prognosticator. After leaving, an aide asks Mauri if it’s wise to trust Michele and notes that she’s not Woomin Luio’s biological daughter. Mauri explains that Michele’s divinations are totally accurate and that in the postwar era, Luio & Co has never misread the political situation. He notes that they allied themselves with the AEUG during the Gryps Conflict, and they were the first to pull out of Lhasa during Char’s Rebellion. The aide points out that Michele would have been a child during the Gryps Conflict, and Mauri answers that she’s one of the Miracle Children. Michele and her assistant, Brick Teclato, examine the classified files, which relate to the Unicorn Gundam of the Laplace Incident a year earlier. Brick shows a video of the Unicorn Gundam hitting mobile suits from the General Revil with a pulse that incapacitated them. He explains that the way this happened is still unknown, but the result was that the mobile suits’ generators reverted to an earlier state in time before they were assembled. Brick explains that during the Laplace Incident, the Unicorn Gundam, now known as Singularity One, began to exhibit strange abilities that surpassed human comprehension. He wonders if that was due to the psychoframe reacting to the pilot’s Newtype abilities, but he says an uncontrollable weapon can’t be considered a weapon. He notes that the Unicorn Gundam and its second unit, the Unicorn Gundam Banshee Norn, were both disassembled in front of inspectors and sealed away. Michele looks at Woomin in a stasis capsule and vows that she’ll return after acquiring the power to manipulate time. Brick reads an article on Miracle Children Jona, Rita and Michele, who were credited with saving a town by having it evacuate before Operation British.

In Colorado, a squad of Ankshas, Gustav Karls and Jegan Escort Types provide security for an armored truck transporting prisoner Martha Vist Carbine. Martha thinks all this security is overboard, but a man points out that no one else knows as much as she does about the Earth Federation and Vist Foundation’s involvement in the Laplace Incident. The escort squad then comes under attack from several Dijehs, one of which is piloted by Jona. While Jona attempts to disable the enemy units, some of his allies go the lethal route. After all the mobile suits are defeated, Michele exits her Dijeh and offers to give Martha a new life in exchange for all the information about the Unicorn Gundam Phenex, a mobile suit whose existence was erased by the Earth Federation Forces. Jona thinks back to when he was a teenager and Michele pleaded with him that there was only one way for them to survive because Rita was the only real Miracle Child. Several weeks later, the Phenex is chased through Side 4’s shoal zone by custom Jestas from the EFF’s Shezarr team. Some of the Jestas attempt to snipe the Phenex, but it moves too fast and also dodges their capture nets. Shezarr commander Iago Haakana wonders where the Phenex came from and who is piloting it. Michele calls Iago and tells him his team should scatter in 10 seconds for their own safety. They scatter just before a beam cannon blast from Jona’s Narrative Gundam A-Packs causes the Phenex to stop momentarily. Jona fires missiles at the Phenex, and Michele and Brick monitor the situation from the civilian transport ship Rosebud. Michele tells Jona to fire the high mega cannon, but he thinks the Phenex could dodge it. He then fires a beam cannon and chases the Phenex through colony wreckage, hitting it with a barrage of missiles when it exits. He deploys the psycho capture arms to restrain the Phenex, but it breaks free and deploys a pulse that hits the A-Packs equipment and disassembles some of its parts. Michele again tells Jona to fire the high mega cannon, and he uses his remaining capture arm to attack the Phenex. He then discards the arm and charges the cannon, but instead of firing he shoots out a wire to the Phenex and calls out to Rita. The Phenex speeds away and drags the Narrative Gundam along, and Iago tells Jona to lead the Phenex to a designated point. Jona has a Newtype flash and hears Rita’s voice as a child asking if he thinks there’s a heaven. Michele and Iago also hear Rita’s child voice saying that she thinks a soul exists and people are reborn over and over. Jona cuts the wire and fires the high mega cannon, which nearly hits the Jestas. The Phenex then escapes, leaving Jona behind in the shoal zone.

At Side 3, Mineva Lao Zabi contacts Republic of Zeon Foreign Minister Monaghan Bakharov and comments that he’s playing a dangerous game by having Sleeves remnants intervene in an EFF operation. He doesn’t deny it and notes that keeping the Magallanica within the Republic of Zeon requires constant political effort. Mineva hangs up on him and summons Suberoa Zinnerman. Monaghan tells his assistant to warn Zoltan Akkanen about Mineva. The Rosebud rendezvous with the EFF cruiser Damascus to transfer the Narrative Gundam and other supplies. Iago complains to Capt. Abayev, who explains that these are reinforcements using experimental equipment. One of the pilots notes that the Phoenix Hunt is a top secret mission, and Abayev answers that the reinforcements were sent by Staff HQ. Iago asks if they’re from Anaheim, and Abayev answers that they’re from Luio & Co but were given the Narrative Gundam by Anaheim. As Jona exits the cockpit in his heavy pilot suit, the Shezarr pilots wonder if he’s a Cyber Newtype. Iago follows them to a room but is blocked by Brick, who tells him the area has been commandeered for their mobile suit maintenance. In the hangar, the damaged A-Packs parts are removed, revealing the stripped down frame of the Narrative Gundam. Jona’s heavy pilot suit is removed, and Michele slaps him. Iago taps into the room’s communications to eavesdrop. Michele asks Jona why he didn’t fire, and when he answers that Rita escaped, Michele calls him a liar. Jona thinks that Rita would’ve been shot down if they kept at it, and he says that if they can’t capture her alive, what’s the point? Michele yells at him that if the Phenex could be defeated that easily, she wouldn’t need it. She states that Rita isn’t human anymore and that she intends to claim that power for herself. Michele tells Jona to rest and adds that she plans to take the fight to the Phenex. Elsewhere, the Neo Zeon remnants cruiser Gulltoppr flies through space and transports the massive mobile armor II Neo Zeong. Pilot Zoltan loudly hums Mozart’s “Serenade in G” on the bridge as he watches footage of the recent Phenex battle.

In UC 0087, AEUG pilot Char Aznable gave a speech to the Earth Federation assembly in the capital city Dakar where he denounced the Titans. At the same time, Stephanie Luio met with Titans officer Escola Goeda and discussed the Miracle Children who saved many people, but lost their parents and ended up as orphans. They ended up in the Newtype Labs run by the Titans, and Stephanie asked that they be transferred to Luio & Co. He asked why the company would be interested in them, and she explained she was also interested. She then cited the wide destruction that New Hong Kong suffered because of a Titans weapon, the Psycho Gundam. She said Woomin was interested in real Newtypes, not the Cyber Newtypes created by the Titans. However, they believed only one of the three is genuinely the Newtype, and that their power was projected onto the other two. She wanted Goeda to find the real one before it was crippled by their experiments. At the lab, Jona, Michele and Rita watched as a fellow test subject went mad and bashed her head against a window repeatedly until she was a bloody mess. At a briefing on the Gulltoppr, pilot Ellic Yugo conducts a briefing and shows a video from UC 0095 of the Phenex going berserk and destroying an EFF ship. She explains that it vanished during that experiment, but it reappeared briefly a year ago after Mineva made the Laplace Declaration. She outlines that their mission is to get the Phenex, which may bring them into conflict with the EFF. Zoltan interrupts and proclaims that the psycho-monitor will allow them to pick up the Phenex’s psycho-waves before the EFF. He then says the EFF team is off-the-books, so anything could happen if they encounter them. Brick installs a psycho-monitor on the bridge of the Damascus, and Michele explains to Abayev that psycho-waves don’t experience any interference from Minovsky particles, so if the Phenex moves anywhere within the Earth Sphere, they can find it. Abayev has misgivings about psycho-weapons, and Michele thanks him for his help. As they leave the bridge, Brick tells Michele they can still stop this, but she doesn’t want to. Jona deploys in the Narrative Gundam B-Packs and conducts a mock battle with the Shezarr team. Iago recalls talking to Jona about his service record and not being impressed by it. He asked how Jona could be assigned to Luio & Co by Staff HQ, and Jona responded that he wasn’t at liberty to discuss that. Iago then told Jona that he didn’t like this mission because of all the military secrecy, and Jona yelled back that he didn’t know anything before accidentally letting go of a necklace, which he quickly grabbed and left with. Iago gets a call from the Damascus that they’ve picked up a hit on the psycho-monitor. Zoltan prepares to launch in the Sinanju Stein after the Phenex is located in Side 6. Ellic cautions Zoltan that they need to avoid combat in or around the colonies. The Damascus reached Side 6 Colony 18, Metis, and deploys the Shezarr team and Narrative Gundam. Abayev orders the suits to deploy outside the colony, but Michele tells him to mention Luio to the colony, which approves their entry. Iago tells everyone that weapons fire is prohibited and that they need to push the Phenex toward an exit.

Jona breaks off on his own and stops when he encounters the Sinanju Stein. Zoltan rushes in to attack with his beam saber and then fires his beam rifle at Jona. Ellic tells her Geara Zulu forces to hold fire and curses Zoltan for his stupidity. Zoltan’s indiscriminate fire kills civilians, and he slams into Jona and knocks him to the ground. Zoltan yells at Jona that the EFF is after the same forbidden power, and Jona draws his beam saber and breaks free after smashing into a building. Ellic tells Zoltan to withdraw, but he ignores her and keeps chasing Jona. Jona deploys wire-guided incoms, but Zoltan dodges them, and his anger causes a reaction in both suits that triggers a psycho-frame resonance with the Phenex in space. Zoltan knocks Jona into the ground and accuses him of being a failed Newtype. He’s then attacked by the Phenex’s remote Armed Armor modules and knocked aside. The Armed Armors keep attacking Zoltan, so he calls the Gulltoppr and orders them to come closer to the colony to deploy the II Neo Zeong. Jona knows it’s too late to say anything to Rita, and he thinks of the necklace she gave him as a child. He recalls her saying that she wanted to be a bird in her next life. One of Jona’s incoms starts targeting the Phenex on its own, and the Narrative Gundam’s NT-D (Newtype Destroyer) System activates automatically. The Narrative Gundam deploys capture equipment, and Abayev accuses Michele of using them to lure out the Phenex. He says that people are dying, and she tells him that capturing the Phenex will let them conquer death. The Phenex is contained within the capture equipment, and the Narrative Gundam draws its beam saber on its own. Jona cries out for everything to stop, and the II Neo Zeong responds to him and smashes into the colony. The II Neo Zeong begins to glow due to the Narrative Gundam’s psycho-jack, and the suit sheds the B-Packs parts and docks with the massive mobile armor. As the II Neo Zeong glows more and repels mobile suits, Iago is reminded of the Axis Shock from UC 0093. Jona recalls how he, Michele and Rita stowed away on a transport plane that flew over the sea where Sydney once stood. They visited the ruins of the botanical garden they’d gone to on a field trip on the day that Rita predicted Operation British. Rita had asked if they believed in a heaven, and Michele said that if there was a God, he wouldn’t have allowed this to happen. Rita said she thought people would change in space and evolve. Brick tells Abayev to take the ship in the colony, but Michele wants to see how it plays out. In UC 0088, a scientist told Goeda that there were no identifiable differences between the Miracle Children, so they couldn’t know which was “real.” Goeda said that it wouldn’t matter who they send, but he still preferred to have whichever was “real.” News came in about the fall of Gryps 2, and Goeda wanted to use surgery to find out which was “real.” He wanted to feed the children false information that only the “real” one would be spared so that they’d give up the “real” one. Jona and Michele discussed this, and Michele said Rita would give herself up if she heard about it. Michele believed that the war would end soon with the Titans losing, so they had to testify and hope that Rita would come save them. In fact, Michele talked to Goeda on her own and was the one selected to be given to Luio & Co. Guards held down Jona to stop him as Rita was led away for experimental procedures.

Michele claimed that after the labs shut down, she had come back looking for them, but Jona had scrubbed his history and joined the EFF. By the time Michele had tracked down Rita, it was too late because the Phenex incident occurred. Jona dismisses all of this as lies and prepares to fire the II Neo Zeong’s weapons. The Phenex makes contact, and Rita’s voice tells Jona that being consumed by anger won’t change anything. He has a Newtype vision of her reaching out to him, and the Narrative Gundam disengages from the II Neo Zeong. The mobile armor leaves the colony, and Rita’s voice says that it shouldn’t exist and she’ll need Jona’s help to get rid of it. The Phenex then escapes from the colony through the breach and accelerates to near light speed. Abayev tells Michele that he wants her to start talking because it’s clear there’s a lot she hasn’t told him. Stephanie watches the news about the battle and calls Mauri. In space, the Garencieres Jr. monitors the situation, and Zinnerman has them change course. Michele explains to Abayev and his crew that the psychoframe mirrors human will in its control system, but she adds that if it could also store human will, it would prove that humans could exist without physical bodies and become immortal. She says humans become a form of energy when they die, and a psycommu system can sometimes gather that energy and convert it into physical force. Newtypes can harness that unknown energy to affect physical reality. If the reaction from the Newtype pilot and that energy happens long enough, the psychoframe emits a field that draws in more of that energy. That gives them access to a higher plane that humans can’t understand and becomes a mechanism to manipulate time. Abayev sums that up as the Phenex being sent from that world to eliminate the singularity, and Iago notes that the Unicorn Gundam was already dismantled. Michele looks away, and he asks if that was a lie. Jona enters the room and says it’s either that, or a threat on par with the Unicorn Gundam still exists in the world. On the Gulltoppr, Ellic calls Monaghan and apologizes for the incident at Metis. He wonders what a reject from the Char Reincarnation Project like Zoltan was doing, and he thinks they probably are expecting too much from a failed Cyber Newtype who couldn’t become Full Frontal. Ellic wonders if there might be a problem with the II Neo Zeong since it uses the same parts as Full Frontal’s original Neo Zeong. She notes that much of its technology was black boxed and they’ve never been able to fully analyze it. Monaghan wonders if Full Frontal was possessed by the ghost of Char and built the Neo Zeong using knowledge not of this world. He concludes that their plan won’t work, so it’s time to end things and keep the Republic of Zeon out of it. She asks if that includes the II Neo Zeong, and he says it’s just a prototype the EFF confiscated and they got from an illegal sale by Luio & Co.

Michele explains to the Damascus crew that her company sold the II Neo Zeong to the Republic of Zeon. She adds that the psycho-monitor is a lie and that they planned to draw out the Phenex by bringing the Sleeves and the Narrative Gundam into combat. Abayev angrily grabs Michele by the collar and asks how long she’s going to play games. Brick pushes him away and proclaims that if they capture the Phenex, humanity can conquer death. He says that if they can figure out how to translate a human soul into a psychoframe, no one ever has to fear dying. He adds that this was Woomin’s dream, and Iago asks how many she’s killed to accomplish that dream. Michele says this was also her dream, because if humans didn’t have to die, there’d be no more lies. She then says a cleanup will happen soon to erase the EFF’s ties to the incident. Monaghan tells Ellic that the EFF is going to destroy her ship to publicly end the matter, which will be written off as the fault of Sleeves remnants. Monaghan wants her to get off the ship now and says any other survivors would make it harder to maintain the secret. Zoltan enters the room and catches Ellic off guard, making a comment about his being a “failure.” She awkwardly attempts to cover things up and then tries to shoot him. On the Damascus, the Narrative Gundam is fitted with the C-Packs parts that include a psycho-package. Iago asks pilot Fransson if he would want eternal life, and Fransson answers that he isn’t sure. After shooting Ellic in the head, Zoltan launches in the Sinanju Stein and docks with the II Neo Zeong. Brick asks Jona if he knows why Michele brought him into the operation, and he explains that Jona is the ideal bait to lure Rita out because of his connection to her. He then says that Michele wants to prove something to Jona, but they’re interrupted by a battle alert. Nearby, Zoltan attacks the helium-3 storage base and orders the Gulltoppr to hide behind gas tanks as a shield. The General Revil and a Clop cruiser approach and deploy their mobile suits in response. The General Revil‘s Jegan Type A2s and ReZEL Type Cs make contact with the II Neo Zeong, and many are immediately destroyed. The General Revil opens fire on the gas tanks and destroys the Gulltoppr. The II Neo Zeong’s psychoframe glows and moves a helium-3 tank, which Zoltan crushes, causing a massive explosion that destroys the General Revil. Watching from the Damascus, Jona has a Newtype reaction and hears Rita’s voice saying she needs his help. Jona encounters Michele, and she asks him if he thinks he’s the only one who can hear Rita. He responds that Rita is dead, and only her consciousness resides within the Phenex. Michele gives Jona her piece of the necklace and tells Brick to jettison the container that the Narrative Gundam is in. The container is released from the Damascus, and Jona blasts his way out. Stragglers from the General Revil attack the II Neo Zeong and hit it on the weak spots of its I-field, and Zoltan realizes they’re being controlled by the Phenex. He then fires wires at those suits to psycho-jack and gain control of them.

Michele thinks back to a call where she told Stephanie that she was not really a Newtype and only pretended to be one so Woomin wouldn’t kick her out. However, Stephanie said she didn’t care and wanted Michele to come back home, vowing to not kick her out even after Woomin’s eventual death. In a Base Jabber cockpit, Brick tells Michele that although they used the Zeon to lure out the Phenex, something like this would’ve happened eventually as long as men like Monaghan were around. Michele tells Brick he doesn’t have to come with her, but he insists on doing so. Fransson argues with Abayev about letting them use the ship’s only booster, and Iago asks about the simulation results. Abayev explains that if all the helium-3 tanks go critical and explode, the resulting blast will destroy multiple colonies and create a debris cloud that will rain down devastation on Earth. Zoltan chases after the Phenex and senses that Rita is a Cyber Newtype. He thinks she might’ve died and become more human – a real Newtype – so he wants to claim that power for himself. Zoltan grapples onto the Phenex, but Jona arrives and opens fire to set it free. Jona gets in close enough to destroy the Sinanju Stein’s bazooka before grabbing onto the Phenex and escaping. The physical contact between the two suits causes the psychoframe shards on the Narrative Gundam to change color from red to green. Jona flings a psychoframe pulse at the II Neo Zeong, and Rita’s voice tells him to target the core because that mobile armor shouldn’t exist in this world. Zoltan causes a gas tank to go critical and sets off an explosion, but the Phenex deploys its Armed Armor to defend itself and Jona. The Garencieres Jr. approaches the battlefield, and Banagher Links tells Zinnerman that he plans to launch in the Silver Bullet Suppressor. Zoltan captures the Phenex again and decides to set off all the gas tanks. Michele’s Base Jabber flies by, and she tells Rita to use her life because it’s always belonged to her. Jona thinks back to when he was a kid and a bully broke a necklace that belonged to his father. Jona wakes up gets a call from Iago. Zoltan grabs onto the Base Jabber and says that Oldtypes can only accept physical phenomena and never try to understand anything, so they’ll never change. Another gas tank is destroyed, and Jona grabs the Base Jabber. Iago attacks Zoltan with booster rockets and says that if the tanks are in pre-critical state as just gas, he’d rather destroy them than let Zoltan use them. Iago tells Jona that he and the Phenex have to stop Zoltan just like the Axis Shock, when he saw human will become power to change the world.

Zoltan fires a wire into Iago’s Jesta and seizes control of it, using it to attack Jona. Iago tells Jona to shoot him, but Jona only wants to shoot the wire controlling the Jesta. Michele pulls out a gun and tells Brick to get out of the Base Jabber, but he refuses. The Narrative Gundam suffers damage, and Brick tells Jona that he never finished saying what he wanted, which was that if a soul could be transplanted into a psychoframe, death was not the end and they could see Rita again. Michele wanted to make that happen in the hopes that Rita could forgive her. Zoltan forces Iago’s Jesta to fire his beam rifle at the Base Jabber, destroying it. However, the explosion destroys the wire connecting Iago’s Jesta to the II Neo Zeong. Zoltan fires more shots at Jona, but the blasts are deflected by a psychoframe barrier surrounding the Narrative Gundam. Jona wonders what the point of any of this was and why Michele and Rita had to suffer in experiments. He says it’d been better if they were never born, rather than suffer as they did. Jona looks at the necklace pieces and recalls Rita saying they should each take a piece. Jona feels like Michele has reached out to him, and he rushes in to attack Zoltan. The II Neo Zeong’s attacks destroy the Narrative Gundam piece by piece, forcing Jona to eject in the Core Fighter. One of the II Neo Zeong’s large hands is damaged by an incoming beam magnum blast from Banagher’s Silver Bullet Suppressor. Jona ejects from the Core Fighter just before its destruction, and he purges the heavy normal suit and floats over to the Phenex. Rita’s necklace fragment floats inside the cockpit, and the entire necklace reunites. The Phenex then activates Destroy Mode and slices off the II Neo Zeong’s arms. The Phenex then destroys the II Neo Zeong’s psycho-shard generator ring. Zoltan bleeds out of his eyes, nose and mouth, but he tells Jona that he refuses to give up because people never change. Zoltan ejects the Sinanju Stein to attack the Phenex directly, but the Phenex stabs its beam saber through his cockpit and slams his suit into the II Neo Zeong. Zoltan’s spirit tells Jona that human egotism and karma gave birth to this machine and to them. The psychoframe energy from the II Neo Zeong engulfs all the gas tanks and starts making them go critical. Jona sees himself as a child who has nothing, and Rita apologizes to him and Michele for dragging them into this. She says she couldn’t take on the II Neo Zeong herself and knew it would take all three of them. Rita tells Jona that she’s glad they met and she wants to be reborn again and again, as long as she can meet him. The Phenex’s psychoframe turns green and creates wings of light that start spreading through space. Jona is ejected from the Phenex’s cockpit and grabbed by Banagher. The light vanishes, and the gas tanks return to normal. Monaghan calls Mineva and tries to play dumb about what happened, but she tells him he got lucky. She says that she hopes he lacks the nerve to use this as a pretext to invade Earth, and he ends the call. Mineva wonders if the psychoframe is too much to handle and pulls up an image of the Unicorn Gundam, which is still intact. Jona wakes up in the hand of the Silver Bullet Suppressor, and Banagher tells him to take it easy due to the G-forces he endured. Jona tells Banagher that he has nowhere to go because everyone left him, and the Phenex flies by. Banagher tells Jona that he probably couldn’t catch up to the Phenex even at the speed of light, but there’s always “someday.” Banagher flies away as the Shezarr team picks up Jona and returns to the Damascus.


Although Gundam Narrative was presented as a new entry in the Universal Century saga, it feels more like it’s episode 8 of Gundam Unicorn. That’s because it was adapted, in part, from the Unicorn epilogue novel Phoenix Hunt. Because of this, Narrative is closely tied to Unicorn, so its story makes little sense if you haven’t watched Unicorn. Taking place in UC 0097, Narrative touches on some of the fallout from its predecessor and introduces the third Gundam Unicorn unit, the Phenex. Running about 90 minutes, the movie feels pretty disjointed at parts. None of the new characters are particularly interesting, including protagonist Jona, a bland character whose defining trait is being haunted by his past. As an antagonist, Zoltan is one of the most one-dimensional characters I’ve seen in all of Gundam. The “failed experiment wants revenge on the world” bit has been done before in Gundam X and Gundam SEED, and both of those series did it better. Zoltan has no depth beyond being yet another mentally unstable Cyber Newtype. It also seems to defy reason that Sleeves remnants, who are basically remnants of remnants, would have the resources to acquire and deploy the II Neo Zeong. Also, it does feel repetitive that the final battle here comes down to a Unicorn Gundam fighting the Neo Zeong, repeating the end of Unicorn. Despite being a theatrical release, the animation quality of Narrative is noticeably lower than its predecessor. Characters lack detail, and this is most apparent when looking at returning characters from Unicorn. One of the things working to Narrative‘s benefit is how it discusses the way that psycommu and psychoframe systems translate willpower into energy, so it gives some insight into the bio-sensors previously seen in Zeta Gundam and Gundam ZZ. Some characters from Unicorn return, including Banagher, Mineva, Zinnerman and Martha, but their appearances are brief. This movie answers some questions while raising others. For instance, we know that the first two Unicorn Gundams still exist, but to what end? They obviously can’t have any impact on the pre-existing stories set in the second century of UC. Perhaps some day we might see a series set after Victory Gundam that will feature the return of these Gundams. For now, we only have Narrative, which can be best described as above mediocre. If you enjoyed Unicorn, give this a watch. If you didn’t enjoy Unicorn or haven’t seen it, this movie definitely isn’t for you.

Overall Rating

Gundam Narrative Info

Shunichi Yoshizawa

Harutoshi Fukui

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Eiji Komatsu

Character Designer(s):
Kumiko Takahashi
Se Jun Kim

Musical Composer:
Hiroyuki Sawano

1 movie

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.30.2018
U.S. 02.19.2019


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