Gundamn! @ MAHQ Ep. 11: The MegaCon Contagion (00: Month 5 & Megacon)

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(*wipes sweat from brow*) Finally!

Without further ado, Connoisseurs, Neophytes, and Newtypes! The latest episode is finally here!

Topics Featured in this Episode:

  • Funimation Panel @ MegaCon 2008: Q&A Session with Adam Sheehan
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – Month 5: Reviews of Episodes 17-21 (Extended Segment)
  • The Main Event! Live Panel from MegaCon 2008 presented by Anime Sushi!!! (Extended Segment)

These eps just keep getting bigger and bigger, but given all the work that was put into this one, I’m amazed it wasn’t three hours. ^_^

Last but far from least, mad props go out to these folks, the coolest of cats that all helped make the live show possible (in alphabetical order):

  • Andrew Fitta (“DJ Megaplay”): Our contact at Anime Sushi that took a chance on us and gave us panel time at one of the largest conventions in Orlando when it was our first time podcasting “live”, period. the opportunity and experience was invaluable.
  • Stella O’Leary: Honestly, I don’t know how we could have done this without an engineer, and I’m so grateful we crossed paths at the right time, otherwise what was an awkward start could have been a full blown disaster. You’ve taught me so much and I hope we can do this again when the next live joint rolls around.
  • Devon Maxwell (“Boiwondr”) – Dude, you were a fuuuusionnnn of Peter Parker and Montel Williams that day! For those who don’t know, Neo, the Boiwondr and I are a part of the first podcast Shinjuku Station ever produced, “Flip the Script!” The stand-up cat that he is, Devon came through for us again by not only filling in as a wireless mic handler but also taking many pics of the event at the same time. He, and another FTS regular, Shoji Ramuro, have a video game podcast in development, and when it drops, you’ll definitely hear about it on Gundamn!
  • Dale & Tanya Rausch: Much props go to one of the founding fathers of and his wife, who I got to meet at the same time I met Chris in person. Their help during the live show really came through when I realized far too late that we needed wireless mic handlers to cover the larger than expected audience our live show amassed. You have no idea how dope you two are. 🙂
  • Quang & Debbie of “Florida Oriental Trading”: You’ll find their store at the corner of “Colonial Dr.” (S.R. 50) and “Mills Dr.” (S.R. 17-92) in Orlando, FL near downtown. Neo & I have been lucky enough to live in a town with several Anime merchandising stores, but FOT was the pioneering place for our (and many others) otaku needs! The couple that runs the store are beyond awesome and they came through for us by providing the top tier prizes for our panel (four $10 gift certificates), as well as equipment for future live performances. If your in the Orlando area, stop by FOT or if you plan on attending “JACON ’08” or “Anime Festival Orlando 9”, stop by their booth and tell them that “Gundamn! @ MAHQ” sent ya!

And everyone else:

  • The Whole Anime Sushi Gang!
  • Our Sponsors:, Namco Bandai, Shonen Jump, Florida Oriental Trading
  • All of the attendees of the panel, as well as the participants – Armando, Leif, Noelle, Robert, Kristina, Rebecca, Juan, Andrew M., Michael, Daniel Petersen, Rau, Hodimus “The Hod” Prime, Robert a.k.a “MBF-06/ZGMF-X12A Arbiter”
  • My girlfriend, Jenn, for putting up with me during that crazy weekend.
  • Our friends and family for coming out to support us: Edwin Ashley, Dr. Enclyclopedia Black & Lady J (hosts of the new Shinjuku Station joint, “The Weekly Cocktail”!), Shoji Ramuro, Rebecca Long, Trell & her son, and anyone I forgot
  • And even the lady clerk at Kinko’s that was doing her job, but was cool nonetheless!

Infinite thanks go to you guys as well as the listeners and now that the edge is off on doing this for the first time, I cannot wait to do this again at “Yasumicon” (August 1-3, 2008) later on this year! BTW, next episode is our long-awaited review of Code Geass Season 1 in preparation of the new season as well as its premiere on Adult Swim at the end of April! Support the Rebellion and Stay Tuned!!!

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