Gundamn! @ MAHQ Ep. 7: 00: Month 3, Macross Frontier, Super Tomino Wars I

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Gundamn! @ MAHQ header

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Wake your daughter up! Another episode of Gundamn! @ MAHQ has sortied!

Featured Topics in this Episode:

  • Gundam 00: Month Three – The saga continues with Eps. 9-12.
  • Return to Macross – Sneak-Peek of the pilot episode of Macross Frontier.
  • Super Tomino Wars I – finally we start our two-part roundtable on the “Bald Wizard” himself, Yoshiyuki Tomino, rapping about his Gundam series.

The ball is rolling on Japan’s favorite baldy. In episode 8, we’ll get into his non-Gundam works! Strap in!

Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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