Gundamn! @ MAHQ Ep. 9: Heavy Metal Queens (00: Mo. 4, Music & Women)

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Here it is! Blowing up your area!

Topics Featured in this Episode:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – Month 4: Review of Episodes 13-16.
  • What’s the Score? – favorite soundtracks, themes, and composers featured in the Gundam franchise.
  • Heavy Metal Queens: A look at several mecha series with female leads.

As I said in the main feedback thread, I’m really sorry I’ve been a no show as of late, and that the replies have been lax, but this weekend will be the time, where I take the time to answer posts and letters that we’ve received here and at our main address. I gotta thank Chris and Neo for fielding a lot of them so far, and I’ll do better to pick up slack in weeks to come. I could give a million excuses, but I won’t give any. Truth be told, I just need to manage my time better. Doing this show is helping with that.

BTW, during the second break this episode features the track “Jumping Onto White Base” by the champion of Gundam mash-ups himself, Kajmaster Kajet. Check out the link below for the video, and hit him up for some feedback. That clip is bananas, especially towards the end! 😛

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