Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 10: Escape From the Territory


Kerbes, Bellri, Aida, Noredo and Raraiya load onto Shanks and leave as alarms sound throughout the city. Gell sits down after clutching his chest in pain, and Gusion discusses the last time he met Cumpa at the Mettabal Conference in a dispute about Ameria building mobile suits and a space fleet. Gusion points out that Towasanga is on the far side of the Moon, and Cumpa notes that Ameria started violating the taboo and planned to take Gell hostage in Sankt Porto with their pirate ship, which Gusion denies. Wilmit asks about the fleet, but Cumpa answers that he’s being called in by Jugan. Kerbes tells Bellri that the Army wants the MegafaunaG-Self and Raraiya since she came from space. Their Shanks are loaded onto a Doubey that flies out of the area. Capital Prime Minister Bilgiz Sheba announces the debut of the new mobile suit Wuxia, but he’s quickly overshadowed by Becker, who tells the crowd how the Army must prepare for action. Bilgiz tells Cumpa and Jugan that they have to win battles to maintain senate funding, but Cumpa asks him not to worry since they now have a spaceship. Aida thanks Kerbes for his help, and he in turn thanks her for helping Wilmit. Donyell mentions that the Guard people in space have assured their same passage, and Bellri comments that it looks like there really is a threat in space. Donyell tries to argue with Aida about piloting the G-Arcane and loses. Bellri asks Happa where the G-Self is, and Happa explains that it’s in the middle of being prepared. Kerbes steps in and explains that the High Torque Pack was created for the Wuxia but doesn’t work with it, so he brought it along for the G-Self. Gusion meets with Wilmit and Gell and offers to speak to Amerian President Zucchini Nichini about canceling the space fleet’s launch. Wilmit suggests riding a Crown up to the Under Nut and taking an atmospheric entry glider as the fastest course. Gell decides to take the last Crown of the day up to Sankt Porto, which is a week long trip. Aida gets ready to launch and finds Bellri arguing with Kerbes while Raraiya runs away from Noredo. An alert is sounded when several Recksnows arrive, but Donyell informs the crew that they’re allied Guard units and will wear headbands to distinguish themselves. Donyell asks Happa about the G-Self’s status and is told that the High Torque Pack is proving troublesome. At the Army event, Jugan orders Becker’s Wuxia team to capture the G-Self with the support of a Catsith team. The Wuxia team then launches on F-Rugs.

Wilmit, Gell and Gusion take the last Crown of the day as Becker’s team closes in on the Megafauna. Becker jumps in front of the ship and comes under fire from Aida, so he gives chase and slams her into the ground. He then grabs onto the ship’s bridge and demands that they cease all resistance and hand over the G-Self, Bellri and Raraiya. A Jahannam threatens him while he hangs out of his cockpit, so he kicks it away. Kerbes comes under fire and uses the forest as cover, while Aida confronts Becker. He points his rifle at the bridge and threatens to fire, but another Wuxia jumps in and kicks Aida away. Bellri watches the battle and tells Happa to hurry up his preparations. Becker grapples the G-Arcane from behind and rips off one of its tail wings. The G-Self is finally ready, so Bellri takes off and searches for Aida. Aida flips Becker over her shoulder, but he in turn flips her. A Catsith shoots at Bellri from above, but he uses the High Torque Pack’s hover abilities to flee. He then disables a Wuxia and finds Aida trapped in Becker’s grip. Bellri has the pack fly toward Becker on its own, which allows him to sneak up and land some punches and kicks. The Wuxia starts sinking into a bog, and the Catsiths retreat. Becker climbs out of his cockpit and signals a Catsith with a flare, but its thrusters almost knock him into the open jaws of an alligator. Aida is surprised that Bellri didn’t get caught in the bog, and he explains that his leg sensors can detect the firmness of the terrain. With the High Torque Pack’s boosters, he makes several jumps to bring the G-Arcane back to the Megafauna. Bellri lands on the forward deck and sees Raraiya hugging the G-Self’s foot. At the Under Nut, Wilmit sees Gusion off as he prepares to launch in an atmospheric glider. Just before launching, he hears that Zucchini is holding a news conference about the space fleet. Wilmit is surprised to see that Cumpa came up to the Under Nut and asks what he’s doing there. He mentions that since he procured the Garanden from Gondwan, he must supervise its operation. Cumpa then joins with Luin and Barara on the Crown as it departs. The Megafauna reaches space, and the Garanden ejects its atmospheric boosters to take off as the Space Garanden.


After running around on Earth for a bit, the assembled parties are finally heading for the stars to confront this mysterious threat from space. The story taking shape here is a very linear one, and not unlike Turn A Gundam‘s journey from Earth to the Moon. As such, there’s certain stops you have to make along the way with this kind of story, but it doesn’t mean every stop is as interesting. We get a new Capital Army mobile suit and another gimmick in the form of the High Torque Pack, which didn’t seem worth the trouble to prepare it. On the political front, Cumpa is being as sneaky as usual, and it looks like events in Ameria are moving out of Gusion’s control. There was also a nice bit of physical humor near the end when a Catsith’s thrusters nearly push Becker into the eagerly waiting jaws of an alligator. Overall, I hope the story picks up the pace and just gets to the threat from space sooner rather than later.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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