Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 12: Capital Tower Occupied


Workers conduct repairs on the Megafauna as it continues on course for Sankt Porto. Raraiya flees from Noredo and grabs a wrench to smack the G-Self’s Assault Pack because she doesn’t like it. She believes the G-Self isn’t free, and Aida helps stop her. Happa tells Bellri that he is preparing the Assault Pack based on his past experience in the intercontinental war. Happa explains that the Assault Pack was built at the Caribbean Laboratory for the G-Arcane and Grimoire, but neither of them could use it. Happa gives Bellri the Assault Pack’s instruction manual, and Raraiya hugs Chuchumy while Noredo and Aida get her out of her normal suit. On the Salamandra, Klim and the captain discuss the next plan, which involves sending the Gavial ahead to feign distress and get a crew into Sankt Porto. Klim speaks briefly to the Gavial‘s captain and tells him to make sure his men put on a good performance. Klim tells his pilots about the destination of Sankt Porto, which leads to them bickering about curses. Klim reassures them that they’re going to occupy Sankt Porto, so they can’t be cursed. He orders everyone to defensive positions and warns them not to spread Minovsky particles until they know the enemy’s situation. Luin’s Mack Knife team and several Elf Bullocks approach, so Klim prepares to launch in his custom Space Jahannam. Bellri skips past the last pages of the manual and launches alongside Aida. Aida comments that although her father has come to space on the Rattle-Python, he can’t keep Klim under control. The captain of the Salamandra wants to have Sankt Porto in their line of sight soon so that the enemy can’t initiate any long-range attacks from the rear. Klim is informed about the launch from the Megafauna and Mick comments that he should be excited about fighting alongside Aida, but he notes that she’s not a particularly good pilot. Luin asks Barara about the Mack Knife‘s photon eye in its missiles, which she explains allows them to reach a target even with Minovsky jamming. Bellri sees that he can use the Assault Pack for long-range attacks, but when Aida asks about Sankt Porto being in the same line, he answers that it’s further away. The Mack Knife team fires a volley of missiles, and Bellri fires the Assault Pack’s cannons and missiles to intercept them before they reach the Salamandra.

Klim and Mick fall back and return to the Salamandra when they see that it’s under fire. Bellri ejects from the Assault Pack and gets behind it to push it with his thrusters. Luin and Barara open fire on the Salamandra and its escorts, but just then Klim, Mick and their team return. Mick’s Hecate opens fire on the Mack Knives, and Klim’s Space Jahannam lands a kill. Luin fires at Klim and changes his focus when he sees the G-Self and Assault Pack closing in. Bellri starts to panic when he sees people fighting near Sankt Porto, and Barara tells Luin to stop being so impulsive when fighting Klim. Luin advises the Garanden to proceed according to plan to stop the Salamandra before it reaches Sankt Porto. He then flies off, and Aida tells Bellri that they should enter Sankt Porto on the Megafauna, but Bellri points out that even Capital Guard ships can’t enter directly. Aida then suggests entering through Nut #144 which is right underneath, and Bellri recalls that there’s a wharf there where they can get clearance through Kerbes. Luin returns to his ship and is informed that the Gavial has already entered Sankt Porto. At Nut #144, Kerbes argues with officials about the Megafauna‘s passage, but he’s unsuccessful. Aida wants to enter Sankt Porto on her own, and Bellri decides to go with her because the officials won’t listen to them. Kerbes asks Donyell about the Salamandra entering Sankt Porto, and Donyell guesses that they must’ve used the Gavial as a pretext. Kerbes think they’ll be cursed, but Donyell counters that Ameria is trying to free the Capital Tower for all mankind. Aida follows the Tower’s cables with the tied up G-Self in tow all the way up to Sankt Porto, where they’re scanned by several Space Jahannams. A hangar opens for them to dock in, so Noredo and Raraiya get out of the G-Self. Aida hears that her father came up on the Rattle-Python and asks Bellri if his mother will be with the Pope. They take an elevator up to the colony level and rent Shanks to travel to the cathedral. At the cathedral, Wilmit criticizes Gusion for allowing Klim to create the current situation. Klim states that the appearance of the Amerian fleet shows that they’re able to manage the place. Aida walks in and reminds Gusion that he came up to deal with the threat from space. Klim wants to take control of the photon battery distribution system, and Wilmit interjects that managing the Tower is a duty given to her by SU-Cordism. Gell mentions that Klim wants to use Towasanga’s power, and Klim interrupts that Towasanga is made up of Universal Century survivors who created the Hermes Foundation. Their conversation is interrupted by an emergency live broadcast showing the destruction of the Gavial. A Towasangan fleet then appears from the Moon, and everyone concludes that the attack was a warning.


The story finally reaches the destination of Sankt Porto at the top of the Capital Tower, but only in the closing minutes of this episode. Before this, we have some back and forth movements between the Capital Army and the Amerians, with the end result being short engagements that don’t accomplish much. While Tomino has certainly done this sort of things in past Gundam series, there at least were the occasional big events punctuating these journeys. These last three episodes have offered battles that don’t really change the situation. However, at least the situation changed in the end with the surprise destruction of the Gavial by the Towasanga fleet. This episode also debuts the gigantic Assault Pack, complete with an instruction manual that will look very familiar to anyone who has seen the original Gundam. The Regild world is apparently full of engineers who design special packs for mobile suits that prove unable to use them. We’ve heard this exact same background story for the reflector and High Torque Packs, so it’s rather tiresome to have it happen a third time that the G-Self can use these weird packs other suits can’t.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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