Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 13: Those Who Came From the Moon


Explosions rock the Gavial near Sankt Porto. On the Towasanga flagship Guinea-Bissau, Gen. Noutu Dorette is displeased that his soldiers actually hit the Gavial rather than just intimidate it. Klim’s Space Jahannam sends light signals to Mick’s Hecate indicating that he wants to move the Salamandra. Inside Sankt Porto, Bellri and the others follow Raraiya to the locker room where their normal and pilot suits are stored. After changing, Bellri and Aida are surprised to see Kerbes’ Recksnow in the hangar, so he explains that he came to save them and brought a backpack for the G-Self. Gusion tells Wilmit that the Amerian ships will head out to fight the Towasangan ones with the Capital Tower as a shield, which she thinks is among the worst of taboos. Gusion ignores Wilmit’s complaints and asks Aida if she can launch in the G-Arcane. When Gell and his companions arrive, Gusion suggests they seek shelter on his shuttle, but Cumpa insists that no one will ever fire directly on Sankt Porto. Bellri signals Kerbes that they’re leaving, and Raraiya struggles to break the tapes tying up the G-Self. Aida reports that Klim intends to take down the enemy leader to disperse their fleet. Bellri, Noredo and Raraiya board the G-Self, and Wilmit tells him that the Garanden was last spotted at Nut #143. Cumpa cautions Gusion against careless actions, but Gusion reminds him that the Towasangans started the conflict. Gusion then gets a call from Donyell on the Megafauna, who reports that the Garanden wants to form a common front as fellow Earthnoids. An emergency broadcast shows a Towasangan shuttle being escorted by Moran and Elmoran mobile suits, and Raraiya repeats Dorette’s name over and over. Moran pilot Rockpie Getty calls the shuttle to ask for instructions about the incoming ship, but he’s told not to worry about inexperienced Earthnoids. Bellri flies out of the hangar and finds Luan’s Grimoire waiting with the space pack. Kerbes asks Bellri to send over Noredo and Raraiya, and Luan replaces the G-Self’s batteries. Bellri spots the distant light of the Garanden, and Aida comments that a fleet from space is a common threat to all Earthnoids. Kerbes, Luan, Bellri and Aida take off and head for the Garanden. The ship’s captain wonders what continent the fleet is from, and Luin tells him it’s Towasanga. Luin joins Barara in the mobile suit hangar and secretly tells her that her team will stick to the rear so that their enemies fight each other. The ship’s mechanics begin checking out the suits, and Manny greets Noredo. Bellri is surprised to see Manny, who comments that she hasn’t found Luin yet. Luin speaks with Aida about Klim, and Barara reports that the Salamandra has launched mobile suits. Bellri asks Aida if she really thinks the Garanden will put up a united front with the Salamandra. He then asks Kerbes to watch over Raraiya and Noredo while he and Luan join the fight.

The Garanden deploys its Mack Knife team, followed by Bellri and Luan. They pick up light signals from Klim’s Space Jahannam, so Luin fires a wire at him for direct communication. Klim believes that if they take down the Guinea-Bissau it will cause the other ships to scatter because their soldiers are unaccustomed to combat. Bellri notes that the Towasangans sent out a negotiating party in a shuttle, but Klim answers that they just need to pretend they never noticed that. He then pulls out a white flag to be used in their deception, and Luin mockingly praises Klim for being a “genius.” The combined force takes off and heads for the Towasangan fleet with Klim waving the white flag. Rockpie reports to Col. Turbo Brockin that the Earthnoids are surrendering, but Turbo doesn’t buy it and orders Rockpie to drive them off. Col. Mashner Hume points out that they can use homing missiles to take down the enemies in one swoop if Minovsky particles haven’t been spread yet. The Guinea-Bissau and Knossos battleships immediately open fire, thus spoiling Klim’s “genius” plan. Bellri generates a light barrier with his shield that protects Klim and Mick. The rest of the team opens fire, and Bellri tells Klim that they have to retreat. Bellri grabs the Space Jahannam and leads the team back to Sankt Porto, which causes the Towasangans to cease their attack. Inside Sankt Porto, Dorette, Turbo and Mashner enter the cathedral and greet Gell. Bellri and the others return to Sankt Porto and uncomfortably cram into an elevator together. Bellri asks Klim what his intentions are, and Klim answers that seeing the enemy commander’s face will help him formulate the next plan. Everyone rents Shanks to travel to the cathedral, and Raraiya suddenly feels ill, so Luan points out a nearby house with a doctor’s symbol on it. Klim, Mick, Luin and Barara present themselves as guards for Gusion and Wilmit, but Rockpie mocks them for being late. Inside, Turbo accuses Earthnoids of abusing Universal Century technology like a child’s toy and says that Earth has recovered to its current state because of the taboo. Gusion notes that the Towasangans have built a fleet to invade Earth, but Mashner counters that they built the fleet in response to Ameria’s warmongering. Klim steps in and accuses the Towasangans of being tempted by Gondwan into invading Earth as part of a Reconguista to colonize the planet. Rockpie becomes enraged and attacks Klim, and Bellri steps in to stop them. Rockpie screams that the Earthnoids have only come as far as they have because Towasanga gives them photon batteries. Dorette comments that Towasanga’s participation is necessary for Earth’s reconstruction. Turbo adds that Ameria’s space fleet must have been built with help from people within Towasanga beyond just the Rayhunton family. Outside the cathedral, Aida asks Luin to contact the Megafauna and tell them to prepare to head to Towasanga. She tells Bellri that they can’t trust those people’s words and need to see things for themselves.


The threat from space finally has a face with the reveal of the Towasanga fleet and the introduction of new characters Dorette, Turbo, Mashner and Rockpie. I believe the opening shot of the Towasangan mobile suits and ships posed menacingly in front of the Moon is an homage to the opening shots of the original Gundam series and the Zeon fleet. The Towasangans have shown up in force, and their mobile suits and uniforms definitely have an aesthetic similar to Victory‘s Zanscare Empire. Klim finally gives the series’ title an in-universe mention to describe the intentions of the Towasangans. He gets that part right, but it comes on the heels of a stunningly stupid plan for a sneak attack. He seriously underestimated the skills of the Towasangans, but what’s worse is that Bellri was actually surprised when the plan failed. At least Luin saw how stupid it was and cleverly mocked Klim for it. However, the short engagement proved rather unnecessary. Interestingly, Cumpa made himself scarce the moment Dorette’s party arrived in Sankt Porto, so he’s up to something. A prior comment suggested that he wasn’t from Earth, so maybe he’s from Towasanga. Also, Raraiya repeats Dorette’s name multiple times, so it looks like her memories are returning. Aida has the right idea that the Towasangans can’t be trusted at their word, so it looks like the Megafauna will be starting another journey.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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