Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 14: Space and Mobile Suit Battles


Inside a house in Sankt Porto, Noredo, Raraiya and Aida change into new outfits, with Raraiya disguised in case someone from Towasanga recognizes her. Nearby, Manny serves tea during a meeting with Cumpa, Luin and Barara about the Dorette fleet. Cumpa outlines Klim’s earlier failure and tells Luin he’ll have control of the incoming Capital Army forces. Luin asks if they can assassinate Dorette here, but Cumpa thinks it would look bad to do that at Sankt Porto. However, if Dorette dies an honorable death in battle, that’s a different story. Gusion acknowledges receipt of Towasanga’s list of demands and promises to deliver them to Zucchini while Wilmit takes care of other world leaders. He believes a Towasangan stowaway could’ve smuggled the Rose of Hermes blueprints down to Earth, but Wilmit immediately dismisses the possibility. Aida asks Raraiya if she recognizes the Towasangans, and though she does, she notes that her unit was independent. Gell announces that in half a month they’ll host the annual festival celebrating the advent of the Kashiba Mikoshi, which he thinks would’ve been a better time for the Towasangans to make their appearance. Dorette explains that their response was prompted by the sudden appearance of the Amerian space fleet. He also mentions that members of the Hermes Foundation are already in Sakunsoon, which is Towasanga’s largest port. Turbo dismisses the Foundation as being concerned only with the delivery of photon batteries. Bellri and the others leave, and Aida reiterates that they need to go to Towasanga to learn more. They get on their Shanks outside, and Aida asks Bellri if he likes Raraiya. They run into Manny, who tells Noredo that she’s returning to the Garanden. Bellri thinks Noredo should ride back down to Earth with Wilmit, and Aida gets a call that the Salamandra is on the move. Manny rushes to the port entrance and rejoins the rest of the ship’s crew on a shuttle that flies back to the ship. On the deck, Luin bumps into Manny and tells her that she should stay as deeply within the ship as possible during the battle. Gell, Gusion and Wilmit sit down for drinks with the Towasangan delegation. Mashner decides to leave and asks Turbo to draw the proceedings out. She calls Rockpie on the phone to give him orders, but the signal is interrupted by Minovsky particles. Luin asks the Garanden‘s captain where the Minovsky jamming is coming from and is told that Sankt Porto is the source. He then orders the captain to fire on the Guinea-Bissau once the mobile suits launch. Barara brings Luin’s Mack Knife so that he can board it directly from the bridge. On the Salamandra, Mick rides with Klim in an elevator and criticizes Luin for only being able to rush into battle. The Megafauna flies near the Capital Tower’s cables as it approaches the underside of Sankt Porto.

Mashner asks an underling why Rockpie’s team is moving slowly and doesn’t like his answer. Morans and Elmorans open fire on the Garanden‘s forces, but Luin confuses Rockpie by issuing a sudden retreat. At the same time, the Garanden emerges from behind Sankt Porto and fires at the Towasangan fleet. Luin breaks off on his own and charges toward the Guinea-Bissau with Sankt Porto as a shield behind him. He fires two message tubes onto the ship’s hull and immediately retreats. Manny overhears that Luin wants the ship to head for the Moon. The Salamandra and its escorts depart from Sankt Porto, and the Megafauna takes off after picking up Bellri and Aida. Kerbes points out that pretty soon they’ll be attacked by Dorette’s fleet. Klim’s Space Jahannam and Mick’s Hecate engage three Elmorans and destroy them easily. Bellri launches in the G-Self Space Backpack and disables several Morans. He then gives chase to the last one, but its pilot suddenly surrenders. Kerbes’ Recksnow tows the captured Moran back to the Megafauna, and Luin returns to the Garanden. Bellri sees that Raraiya has fully recovered, and she reveals that her real surname is Akuparl. The Salamandra‘s captain asks Klim if it’s ok for the Megafauna to go ahead first to the Moon, and Mick thinks he’s worried about Aida. The captain would prefer to have two ships, and Mick thinks that Dorette’s fleet would pull back if it looked like Towasanga was under attack. Klim thinks that there are people in Dorette’s fleet who would collaborate with them, and Mick notes that they did dangle the possibility of Earth citizenship as incentive. Mashner tells Rockpie about the three ships heading for the Moon and decides that they should meet up with reinforcements to launch the next Reconguista plan. Rockpie commends Mashner on her tactics, and she asks him if he’s falling for her all over again. Bellri, Aida, Donyell and Kerbes speak with the captured pilot, Ringo Lon Giamanotta. Ringo explains that the ship should be able to make contact with Towasanga because no one there would expect an Earthnoid ship to come and thus can’t react to the unexpected situation. Kerbes thinks they’re amateurs, but Aida notes that they raised a large fleet and therefore have defenses. She then flatters Bellri to try to get him to go along with what she wants. Bellri vows that he wants to see Towasanga for himself and study it.


The story moves forward as three Earth ships depart from Sankt Porto and head for Towasanga to learn the truth about what the Spacenoids intend. Mashner also names their plan as a Reconguista, so it looks like the Towasangans are falling back on that old desire of the Spacenoids of the Universal Century to conquer Earth. Of course, all the sides are negotiating here in bad faith. The Towasangans are planning to conquer Earth, and Cumpa is planning to take down Dorette. We also see that Raraiya has fully recovered and can speak normally again and has regained her memories. Her real surname is Akuparl, but it remains to be seen what her exact connection is to Dorette and the others. Ringo surrenders immediately when he sees the G-Self, so does he know Raraiya and was he expecting her to be its pilot rather than Bellri? I’m expecting that the next episode will start to provide some answers to long-standing questions.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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