Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 15: Fly Forth! To Towasanga


The Megafauna and Salamandra fly for Towasanga while Kerbes and the Grimoire pilots spread a protective net behind the ships. Bellri wakes up and listens to Raraiya telling Aida and Noredo about the G-Self, which was originally only known by its model number, YG-111. Her scout unit was supposed to wait for the Dorette Fleet to arrive on Earth, and the G-Self was a rejected military unit handed down to them. Aida asks if Raraiya was ordered to find Rayhunton family members on Earth, and Raraiya answers that it wasn’t a primary objective because the people of the Dorette Fleet thought familial conflicts on Towasanga were just old stories. She explains that the Dorettes wanted to teach Earthnoids how to make photon batteries, but the Rayhuntons were against it. Noredo points out that photon batteries explode if you try to disassemble them, and Aida sees that the Rayhuntons wanted the Hermes Foundation to monopolize the batteries. Noredo also adds that the batteries and water/air balls are received during the Advent Festival. Elsewhere, Mashner gives orders to Rockpie, who has launched in his Moran with the Alincato support unit. Mashner wants to destroy the Megafauna and Salamandra before returning to Towasanga, and the Knossos‘ captain thinks they can do it with two Alincatos. Bellri launches in the G-Self Assault Pack, followed by Aida’s G-Arcane, Kerbes’ Recksnow and the Grimoires. Minovsky particles spread in advance of the Towasangan ships firing their cannons. Rockpie charges the Alincato’s mega launcher and vows that he won’t let the Earthnoids reach the Moon. Pieces of the blasted defensive net hit Bellri, and the Salamandra fires missiles at the enemy. Bellri targets the Alincatos and fires his beam cannons. Raraiya tells Noredo that she doesn’t understand what Ringo is saying. She’d been ordered by Donyell to get information from him about Dorette Fleet weapons. Happa paints Ringo’s captured Moran red so that Raraiya can use it. Bellri closes in since his beam fire didn’t land a hit. Mick launches from the Salamandra in her Hecate, followed by Klim’s Space Jahannam. Rockpie fires the mega launcher, but Bellri shoots his weapons to cancel out the blast. He then fires again and destroys one of the Alincatos.

Bellri fires missiles to fend off the attacking Morans and ejects from the Assault Pack to increase mobility. One of the pilots recognizes the G-Self as the rejected YG-111, and Rockpie attacks again with the Alincato. Bellri uses his beam saber to destroy the Alincato, but Rockpie assumes that Raraiya is the pilot. Bellri doesn’t want to use his beam rifle to kill anyone, and Rockpie realizes that an Earthnoid is piloting the G-Self. Aida and the others put up a curtain of beam fire to block incoming attacks while Raraiya launches in the Moran. Mick and Klim destroy two Morans, and Bellri reconnects to the Assault Pack to fire a warning shot against the enemy that ends up hitting a Moran. The Knossos increases its fire to support Rockpie, and he wonders if the Earthnoids have a legendary Newtype among their ranks. The Towasangans fall back, and Klim and Mick head to the Megafauna since it’s closer. Aida asks Klim to leave as soon as his suit is repaired. He asks why she wants to go to Towasanga, and she tells him it’s to stop the Dorette Fleet. Mick is surprised to see Raraiya now that she’s fully recovered. Donyell asks Klim why he brought the Salamandra out, and Klim answers that there’s no longer a reason for Towasanga’s existence to be kept taboo. Bellri asks if Klim wants an alliance with the Dorette Fleet, and Donyell assumes such a plan must’ve been conceived by Klim’s father. Klim assumes it must be Gusion’s doing, but Aida doesn’t know. Aida asks Bellri if he assumed that because of the conflicts within Towasanga. In lunar orbit, Towasangan Zacks suits surround the approaching Amerian ships. Aida thinks the Towasangans must be shocked by the arrival of Earth ships, and Ringo supports that theory because there are divisions between the government and the Dorette family. The ships clear lunar orbit and approach the colony Cyrano-5, so Raraiya directs them to the southern ring. Kerbes asks Donyell why Ringo was let out of confinement, and Donyell explains that he’s acting as a guide now. The Salamandra heads into a different dock, and Raraiya doesn’t recognize the old port that the Megafauna is docking in. Klim and Mick enter the colony with a mobile suit team and are immediately attacked by Gavan Magdala’s Zacks team. Elsewhere, Raraiya is overjoyed to return to her hometown, South Cyrano. She’s greeted by Flaminia Kalle, who suggests having the mobile suits crouch in the forest to hide. Flaminia tells Raraiya that they can talk after reaching safety because Towasangan suits are patrolling nearby. Flaminia is shocked when she sees Bellri and Aida and tells them that there’s someone they have to meet.


It takes a battle to get there, but Bellri and friends finally reach Towasanga. The place looks like a mix of meteors and old space colonies, kind of like the old mash up of Sweetwater from (by this point) very early UC. Speaking of which, behind Towasanga is a cluster of O’Neill type space colonies, and I wonder if they’re newer or some of the few remnants of the UC era. As far as the battle goes, Rockpie makes the mistake of thinking that Towasangans are inherently superior technologically to Earthnoids. This proves to not be the case when the G-Self’s Assault Pack out guns the Alicant. There’s also some exposition tossed in with more about the divide within the big factions of Towasanga, particularly the Rayhuntons and Dorettes. Although the episode was enjoyable as is, I felt it could’ve been better if the battle had been shorter and the arrival at Towasanga was moved up a bit earlier. As it stands, we’re left with the hook of this new character Flaminia who seems to recognize Bellri and Aida and wants them to meet someone. We’ll have to wait for more on that mystery.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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