Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 16: Bellri’s War


Bellri and the others ride Shanks with Flaminia and hear news about Klim being captured by Gavan’s team, which will keep the Dorette Fleet distracted. The Shanks travel through agricultural land that Flaminia reveals belonged to the Rayhuntons. Flaminia takes them inside a house and Raraiya starts crying on her shoulders. The others are introduced to two older men, Miraji Barbaros and Lorucca Biskes. Lorucca greets Bellri and Aida as royalty and explains that they’re trying to stop the Dorette Fleet’s Reconguista. He then starts crying after noting that Aida looks exactly like her mother. Miraji says that while there are problems on Towasanga, a younger generation on Earth fascinated by war is also to blame. Lorucca explains that they constructed the G-Self for the purpose of being adopted by the Dorette Fleet. Miraji adds that they installed a secret function, and the two of them apologize. They then reveal that Bellri and Aida are Rayhuntons and wish to show them their birthplace. The group travels to an abandoned mansion, but neither Bellri nor Aida recognize the place until reaching the nursery. Aida opens a drawer and starts crying when she sees photos of herself as a baby with her parents. Bellri mentions that Wilmit told him she had thrown away all the data on his father, so he never knew who he was. Lorucca shows them another picture of their parents, which was the only one they had because the rest were destroyed by the Dorette Fleet. Lorucca tells them that a Capt. Piani Kaluta ordered that they be sent to refuge on Earth as children. To find them, Lorucca’s group installed the Rayhunton Codes in the G-Self to scan their DNA when they touched it. Aida comments that they’ve gone through a lot of things because of the G-Self, like Bellri having to kill Cahill. Aida then declares that she has a goal to strive for because the new era can’t be created by old people. In the evening, Bellri sits with Aida and laughs about how Klim was mad because he couldn’t use the G-Self. Aida wants to make use of Flaminia’s information, which is that the Dorette Fleet wants to ally with the Megafauna and Salamandra. Noredo tells them it’s time to go, and Donyell wants a word with Aida. On the Garanden, Barara talks to Luin about the large stretch of solar panels on the Moon’s surface. As the ship approaches Cyrano-5, Cumpa tells the captain that it’s named as such because its central meteor resembles Cyrano de Bergerac’s nose. Barara asks Luin if he trusts Cumpa, and he answers that his trust in Cumpa is precisely why he could leave the Capital Army surrounded by the Dorette Fleet. Manny asks Luin about rumors of their surrender, and he tells her he intends to temporarily ally with the Towasangans to get their technology.

Flaminia’s group informs Donyell that the Garanden is going to dock inside Cyrano-5. Gavan’s Zacks bumps Mick’s Hecate as a deliberate provocation before heading into space. Rockpie wonders if he should be launching, but Mashner tells him it’s their duty now to welcome the Earthnoids. Rockpie is concerned that the Amerian Salamandra is being treated as a guest of honor since they’re enemies with the incoming Capital Army ship. Mashner points out that if they allow both ships to dock they can seize them. Mick talks with Klim and is concerned about what could happen to their alliance if the Capital Army reaches an agreement with Towasanga, but Klim flippantly answers they can all be friends. He then says that the Hazm Government has its own problems, so Mick presumes that he intends to seize the Dorette Fleet before the Capital Army arrives. She also presumes that he intends to take control of Earth upon his return. On the Megafauna, Donyell argues with Bellri about arbitrarily launching in the G-Self. As Bellri flies under one of the colony’s rings, he has trouble believing that this is his home. He’s angry about the Garanden‘s approach and thinks about how weird its presence is. Gavan recognizes the G-Self as being part of Operation Reconguista and moves to intercept. Kerbes and Aida prepare to launch, and Raraiya discovers that Bellri sortied on his own without permission. Kerbes wonders why Towasanga is welcoming the Garanden, but Ringo explains that the people left behind hate those in the Dorette Fleet and would like to live on Earth. Aida takes off in the G-Arcane, followed by Kerbes in the Recksnow and Raraiya in the Moran. Gavan demands to know why Raraiya returned without permission, but the lack of response indicates that an Earthnoid is in the G-Self. The Zacks capture the G-Self in an electrified net, but Bellri uses his beam rifle, beam saber and vulcans to break free and disable his attackers. Bellri tells Gavan that he won’t kill them now, but he won’t show mercy next time. Gavan recognizes the G-Self as a Gundam and orders his men to retreat. The Zacks team pulls away just as Aida, Kerbes and Raraiya arrive. Raraiya is worried about showing the G-Self’s power to the Towasangans and asks Bellri if he’s ok. The Garanden enters the Apache Military Port and is formally greeted by Prime Minister Hazm. Mask asks Hazm about the Megafauna and is told it’s waiting to dock. Aida asks Bellri if it was necessary to fight, and he blames everything on Flaminia’s anti-war group. Lorucca explains that Towasanga is in disarray because of recent events, in addition to the descent of the Kashiba Mikoshi and the return of the Crescent Ship to Venus Globe. Bellri puts on his pilot suit and says that living in space is about survival and that being told Aida is his sister will drive him a bit crazy.


This episode follows up on a few threads we’ve seen before, namely Bellri’s heritage and the Rayhunton Codes. Noredo had previously told Aida that Bellri was adopted, but now we learn that they’re both siblings and Rayhuntons. This explains why they got the codes and can pilot the G-Self. We also learn that there’s internal division in Towasanga between the government and the Dorette Fleet. Things are starting to become more complicated as everyone tries to make competing alliances with each other. Ameria and the Capital Army are enemies, but both are trying to court Towasanga. We’ve seen this before in Zeta Gundam when both the Titans and AEUG sought to curry favor with the Axis Zeon. Speaking of Zeta, Bellri impulsively fighting on his own and complicating the situation is not unlike what Kamille and Katz used to do. It’s interesting to see the tables turn since Bellri doesn’t usually act so irrationally, but I guess he’s still in shock about the revelation that Aida is his sister. An old Gundam cliche is brought back here, namely the main character being electrocuted in battle. There also seem to be some design callbacks, as the Towasangan Zacks looks like something descended from Victory Gundam‘s Zanscare Empire. It’s also notable that Gavan is the first in this series to identify the G-Self as a Gundam, so that tells us that its legend continues even into the far future of RC. As confused as the current political situation is, it’s likely to get even more complicated from this point on.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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