Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 18: Ride the Crescent Moon


In the space near Towasanga, Bellri and the others lash supplies from Lorucca to the G-Self. Noredo sees the Kashiba Mikoshi in the distance, and Raraiya explains that it’ll head to Sankt Porto next for the Advent Festival. Raraiya then points out the massive Crescent Ship nearby. Gavan addresses his Zacks pilots and tells them they have to defeat the Earthnoids to restore their reputation. Mashner wants Rockpie to stop Gavan before things get out of hand, but his Gaitrash isn’t ready to deploy yet. Cumpa tells the Garanden‘s captain that negotiations with the Dorette Fleet should go more smoothly if they can capture the G-Self. Rockpie launches with orders to capture the G-Self and decides to test his beam manteau. Kerbes uses the Recksnow‘s camera to get a close look at the Kashiba Mikoshi, which Aida thinks forces Earthnoids to respect it with its gaudy design. Ringo and Kerbes discuss the Crescent Ship, which needs to idle its engines for three days before it can make the return trip to Venus Globe. Kerbes asks about getting aboard, but Ringo tells him it’s restricted to members of the Hermes Foundation. Kerbes picks up the Gavan Team, and Ringo thinks they’ll attack once the Megafauna is clear of Sakunsoon. Bellri has a look at the two massive ships, and Noredo tells him he’s been working too hard. Raraiya thinks he’s just trying to be a good little brother. Donyell reviews the tactical situation and decides that if they leave Cyrano-5 from above and approach the Crescent Ship they can avoid attack. Lorucca explains to Raraiya that the Crescent Ship can be enhanced if the G-Self comes into contact with it. Raraiya asks if they have similar systems, so Flaminia answers that they’re all based on the Rose of Hermes blueprints. Rockpie addresses his Moran pilots and warns them not to let any stray shots hit the Kashiba Mikoshi. Luin’s Mack Knife suddenly lands on the Megafauna‘s deck, and Barara’s Bifron pins Ringo’s Moran to the deck. Manny exits the Mack Knife’s cockpit and manually opens the front hatch. Luin flies through the hangar and pushes Bellri into the G-Self’s cockpit while Noredo confronts Manny. Luin insists that Bellri hand over the G-Self, and Manny tells Noredo that the Towasangans promised to let all their ships return to Earth in exchange for the G-Self. Bellri refuses and kicks Luin outside of the cockpit. Outside, Mick’s Hecate and Klim’s Space Jahannam fight Barara. She ejects one of her leg thrusters and rams it into Klim. Luin returns to his Mack Knife and tells Barara that the Towasangans are approaching. The Knossos approaches with its mobile suit forces, and Mashner vows to not let the Kashiba Mikoshi get damaged in the battle.

Gavan tells his pilots that they can’t let the Earthnoids do as they please. Bellri launches in the G-Self, and with the help of Raraiya’s Neodu they place dummy meteors in front of the ship. However, this blocks helmswoman Steer’s view, so crewwoman Gisela hooks up a monitor to allow her to see. Barara bounces off one of the dummy meteors and slams into Mick. Gavan also attacks Mick, but he is kicked away by Rockpie’s Gaitrash. Klim breaks things up and declares that the Towasangans won’t use rifles to avoid damaging the Kashiba Miikoshi. Gavan digs the Zacks’ claws into the Gaitrash, but a Moran cuts his legs off and allows Rockpie to escape. Luin fires missiles and destroys a Zacks to save Barara. The Megafauna accelerates and gets course corrections from Flaminia to approach the Crescent Ship. Bellri decides to make himself a decoy so that the ship won’t get attacked. Luin opens fire and destroys another Zacks. The Knossos arrives and fires its cannons, but the captain begs Mashner to stop. Gavan, Luin and Klim all try to take the G-Self and start shooting at each other. Rockpie activates the beam manteau, but Bellri spins his beam sabers to block the attack. The Knossos fires its cannons to stop Rockpie, and someone returns fire from the Megafauna without authorization. The Gaitrash shines as its energy expands, and it’s completely shielded from all attacks. An Elmoran pilot pleads with Mashner to not hit the Crescent Ship, but she refuses to stop because she wants to save Rockpie. The Crescent Ship detects the Rayhunton Sign from the G-Self, and Bellri damages the Gaitrash before knocking it away. Steer maneuvers the Megafauna so that it flies through the Crescent Ship without hitting it. The Megafauna‘s ejected dummy meteors then crash into the Knossos. The Rayhunton symbol on Bellri’s necklace shines when he faces the Crescent Ship, so he wonders if this is what Lorucca meant. He flies the G-Self toward a mobile suit-sized door that opens for him. He then flies into the engine room, where he recognizes the symbol on his necklace. He exits the cockpit and uses the Rayhunton sign to activate the ship’s engines. The G-Arcane enters the engine room, and Bellri tells Aida that he didn’t do anything special. When Bellri asks about the Megafauna, Aida explains that they’re all safe. The Crescent Ship’s captain thanks them for unlocking the Higgsroot Capsule, which cut down their idling time by two days and allows them to immediately start their engines for the return trip to Venus Globe.


Bellri and friends set off for Venus Globe in an episode that’s a confused mess. The G-Self was originally a Towasangan reject, but suddenly the Dorette Fleet wants it very badly, as does everyone else. Even Klim wants to get his hands on it for whatever reason. The end result is that everybody is attacking each other in an ill-advised battle near two ships that are considered holy. Luin comes up with the lamest plan to steal the G-Self, so it’s no surprise that it fails. Gavan is just a prideful idiot who hails from a long tradition of such men in Gundam. Rockpie is ineffective, and Mashner is flat out incompetent because she worries more about her boy toy than the operation. It doesn’t say much that one of the few women in power in this series is a love-blind fool. In the end, Bellri activates a Rayhunton system on the Crescent Ship that allows it to turn on its engines early and depart for Venus Globe. I would’ve preferred some more explanation about this beyond just a throwaway line at the beginning by Lorucca. It remains to be seen whether this trip to Venus will be worthwhile.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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