Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 19: The Venus Globe Gang


As the Crescent Ship and Megafauna head for Venus, Bellri and the crew run through the ship’s large corridors as part of Flaminia’s mandatory exercise regime. Aida and Noredo complain about having to run so much, and Flaminia explains that it’s to help protect from cosmic radiation and expel bodily waste. Lorucca stops running due to trembling legs and can’t believe that Flaminia is actually the Crescent Ship’s doctor. Ringo is also surprised and thinks she’s a spy for the Hermes Foundation, but Raraiya and Aida don’t think so. As they keep running, Aida tells Bellri that they should play squash tomorrow. Later, Bellri, Noredo and Raraiya suit up go into space with oxygen tanks for the Megafauna. Manny asks Aida if there’s something going on with them, so Aida explains that Raraiya has gotten closer to Bellri since her recovery. Manny then sees sparks of light hitting the ship, which Aida explains are plasma particles shining as they hit the ship’s beam shield, resembling an aurora. Manny cries and thinks about Luin, wondering where he is. In the hangar, Happa works on the G-Self‘s maintenance and ejects the Core Fighter. Bellri looks at it and sees that it can also function as an escape pod, which Happa supposes means someone wanted to keep him safe. Bellri starts to think about his birth parents and cries. Elle Kind, the Crescent Ship’s captain, addresses everyone on the intercom to announce that they’re going to fire a beam to hit a meteor in their path. Raraiya, Noredo and Manny stand on the deck in space and spot Venus Globe in the distance. Elle narrates to the Earthnoids that it was designed in Towasanga and constructed by the Hermes Foundation. Outside Venus Globe, Gaeon pilot Kia Mbeki is informed by Chickara Dual that the Crescent Ship is on course for the Ocean Ring. Pilot Kun Soon wants to test the mobile armor Grod‘s anti-Minovsky capabilities, and Kia announces that they’ll be seizing the Crescent Ship. Elle explains to the Earthnoids that the energy emitted by the G-Self when it entered the ship was captured and activated the engines, increasing efficiency by 10 percent. In response to a question from Noredo, he states that the whole ship had a photon reaction, which Happa adds is similar to the G-Self’s reflectors. Lorucca and Miraji elaborate that when they were building the G-Self, they were only concerned with sneaking in the Rayhunton Code and didn’t think too much about its energy systems. Donyell notes that the Megafauna was built according to Rose of Hermes blueprints, so none of their engineers understand it. Aida thinks that Venus Globe is a photon battery plant, but Elle corrects her and says the whole thing is a battery. When completed, it’ll be the size of the Moon and provide infinite energy for humanity. Bellri thinks it’s hypocritical of them to do this while imposing the Ag-Tech taboo to stop Earthnoids from developing energy sources. Elle notes that humanity nearly ruined Earth, which necessitated the taboo. Aida and Noredo argue about the Capital Tower’s energy monopoly, and Elle tells Aida that’s what she was taught to believe, which surprises her. Kia’s Gaeon, Kun’s Grod and Chickara’s Gastima prepare to attack the Crescent Ship.

The G-Arcane is towed through space from the Crescent Ship back to the Megafauna. Aida asks Bellri if he thinks what Gusion taught her was wrong, but Bellri thinks that he’s great as far as military guys go. He adds that Wilmit could be unrefined, but she was a good mother to him. A Grimoire helps pull the G-Arcane in, and Aida is told by Elle that the Ocean Ring has an ocean in it to show how precious life is. Bellri mentions that space fleets are dueling over the Capital Tower, which Elle supposes is due to increased economic affluence. Bellri becomes angered and says that for the sake of peace he wants Aida to meet the elites of the Hermes Foundation and find the dream of a sea in space. Elle states that President La Gu, the current ruler of Venus Globe, is very noble. Elle returns to the bridge and is informed that they’ll be greeted by the G-IT Corps, but just then their radio is jammed. Kia lands the Gaeon on the Crescent Ship’s deck, and Raraiya recognizes it as a G-type suit. As the Gastima and Grod fly around the ship, Bellri and Kerbes comment that they don’t look peaceful. Kia uses the Gaeon’s hand to make a contact link with the bridge and demands that Elle turn the ship over to him and send all the Earthnoids back to the Megafauna. Bellri approaches the Gaeon’s open cockpit and tells Kia that he can’t do this, but in response Kia kicks him away. Elle demands to know what the G-IT Corps are and says they can’t have come with La Gu’s permission. Elle lets him onto the bridge, and Kia gives him a card that names him as director of technology preservation at G-IT Laboratory. The Gastima pushes Bellri and Noredo into the Megafauna‘s hangar as the Grod and Re G-ITs patrol above. Everyone starts to head to their mobile suits, and Happa announces that the G-Self is being stolen. Bellri finds Flaminia and Yaan inside the cockpit, and he tells them that the G-Self is only for himself, Aida and Raraiya. Flaminia stabs Bellri with a needle and tosses him out of the cockpit while Chickara threatens to have the Grod attack them. Noredo asks if Bellri is dead, but Flaminia answers that he’s just knocked out. Bellri is taken to the infirmary, where the doctor diagnoses that he’ll wake up after a night’s sleep. The rest of the crew is bundled up in the infirmary so they can be watched with surveillance cameras. Kia announces that they have orders from the Hazm Government to deal with them. Elle demands to know if this mission has the approval of La Gu at Rosario Ten, but Kia knocks him aside. He states that the G-IT Lab got this job directly, and Elle declares that they’ll be cursed. The captured Crescent Ship comes closer to Venus Globe.


I wasn’t satisfied with the very rushed departure from Towasanga, but so far the transition to Venus Globe has been handled pretty well. However, I do have to note some annoyance at the sudden off-screen revelation that Flaminia is from Venus Globe and was in essence a spy. On top of this, she betrays everyone to try and steal the G-Self, so she’s basically a triple agent, but you wouldn’t know it from the previous episode. Why do important events like this keep happening outside of episodes? Couldn’t this have been fit into the previous episode somehow? The episode does open on an amusing note by showing how out of shape the Megafauna‘s crew are, and there’s some good character moments. It looks like Bellri has finally adjusted to the idea of Aida being his sister as they discuss their adoptive parents. A new threat is introduced in the form of the G-IT Corps, which has a bunch of advanced units and seizes control of the Crescent Ship. They’re rather like pirates, and Kia certainly cuts the antagonistic figure with his actions. He mentions having an agreement with the Towasangan Hazm Government, so Bellri’s group isn’t going to be getting the most welcoming of receptions.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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