Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 2: G-Self, Start Up!


Col. Cumpa Rusita of the Research Division receives a report about the incident with the G-Self and Aida’s subsequent capture. He thinks about Bellri’s involvement and concludes that it must be just a coincidence. After class, Luin mentions to Bellri and other students that the G-Self is being hidden by the newly established Capital Army in Hangar 25 for study. Bellri asks what they’re studying, and Luin explains that they still can’t get the G-Self to move. Noredo, Manny and the other cheerleaders show up, and one of the students tries to trip Bellri, but Luin stops him. Bellri and Luin are surprised to see Raraiya among the cheerleaders, so Manny explains that she’s been assigned to the school until her memories return after suffering oxygen deprivation. Luin asks if Raraiya Monday is her real name, and Noredo says the “Monday” part is just from her being found on that day. Bellri spots some Army surveillance agents nearby, but then he and Luin are called to the principal’s office. Gell’s entourage passes by so that he can get a look at Raraiya. Fireworks are set off at night as part of a celebration, and Bellri gets a look at the Army’s Catsith. Luin knows that Bellri wants to see Aida, who’s being held in the Prisoner’s Tower. Bellri’s mother, Operations Director Wilmit Zenam, arrives and greets her son. Cumpa walks up and is impressed by Bellri’s skill in piloting a space pirate mobile suit. Inside the banquet hall, dancers perform for the guests from the Izanellian continent. Dellensen’s phone picks up a bunch of static, so he figures someone is spreading Minovsky particles. Manny, Noredo and Raraiya ride on a Shank walker, and Raraiya starts repeating “home.” The area then comes under attack from Grimoires riding Fry-Schop sub-flight units. A Catsith and Recten launch in response and are both shot down. Bellri and Zenam ride on a Shank and debate whether to head for the Prisoner’s Tower or Hangar 25 when they cross paths with Noredo. Raraiya panics and starts repeating “G,” but Bellri doesn’t understand. Bellri and Luin leave and jump over barges on the canal, followed by Manny and the others. Luin gets off to answer a call while Bellri sneaks around a Grimoire into the Prisoner’s Tower castle. Noredo joins Bellri as they make their way up the stairs while hiding from the guards. Bellri runs up a flight of stairs and crashes into a wall when the stairs suddenly end with no door.

A Catsith and Recten fight outside and crash into the Prisoner’s Tower, causing a part of it to fall off. Bellri spots hidden stairs and sees Aida hanging from her bed on the side of the smashed floor. Noredo shoots Aida in the butt with a slingshot while Bellri runs up the stairs to grab her. She ends up falling anyway onto Noredo’s level, and Bellri asks her if she called the pirates, which she didn’t. When he asks why she’s a pirate, she states that the Earth should be covered in solar panels, but the dictatorial Capital prohibits it. Aida slaps Bellri, and Luin arrives with news that the pirates demanded Aida’s release for the attack. Aida is happy to know that Cahill came after her. Luin has arranged for a boat to take them to Hangar 25, but the bridge out of the Prisoner’s Tower is smashed. Kerbes then arrives in an F-Rug sub-flight unit for everyone to ride on. Cahill’s Grimoire spots them, and he detects Iris Signs from both Aida and Bellri. He’s then knocked off his Fry-Schop by a Catsith and forced to engage. Kerbes lands inside the empty Hangar, and Aida runs over to the G-Self. Bellri asks why Aida calls it the G-Self, and she answers that she came up with the name. Kerbes orders Bellri to start up the G-Self while he prepares its Atmospheric Backpack. Cahill smashes through a Recten maintenance hangar while looking for the G-Self. Aida hops onto the lift and gets into the G-Self before Bellri does. Cahill searches another hangar and finds rows of old mobile suits from the Universal Century. Bellri starts up the G-Self, and Aida is surprised since neither Cahill nor Klim Nick could. The barge moves out of the Hangar, and Bellri tells Aida that the G-Self can use an Atmospheric Backpack because its design conforms to the International Standard. Cahill blasts through the Hangar, and Bellri takes off. He uses his vulcans to blast an attacking Grimoire in the head. Cahill repeatedly punches the G-Self’s shield, but he hesitates when he sees Aida hanging out of the cockpit hatch. Bellri uses the opportunity to blast the cockpit with his beam rifle, killing Cahill. Afterward, Aida cries and demands that Bellri give Cahill back to her, saying that his death was unnecessary and that he could’ve led the Amerian Army. Kerbes confirms that the insides of the Grimoire’s cockpit are fried. Aida keeps crying as Bellri tries to tell her that he can’t bring back Cahill. Kerbes gets a call that people from the Research Division are on their way. On the other side of the canal, Cumpa’s boats and Recksnows approach.


The second episode moves the action down to Earth and creates some new mysteries. The Capital Army has been recently established, so it’s not quite up to a proper fighting level yet. We know from the premiere that there’s some possible tension with Ameria. How the space pirates and the G-Self figure into everything is the big mystery. Based on Aida’s comments, she comes across as a naive idealist and has serious feelings for Cahill. However, we don’t know if he reciprocated, and given his short amount of screen time, his death has no impact. Some more connections to the past are shown when Cahill walks through a museum of old mobile suits, somewhat reminiscent of the scene in Gundam F91. You’ll see stuff like the Zaku II, Capule, Rick Dias, Guncannon and Jegan to cover Tomino’s old shows and movies. We’re also introduced to Bellri’s mother and see that she’s a big shot in the Capital, which should create some interesting dynamics. The episode moves in a pretty fast pace, but the momentum of the story plays out in a way that stays interesting.

Overall Rating
Gundam Reconguista in G Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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