Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 20: Space Inside a Frame


Kun uses one of the Grod‘s claws to tow the G-Self into one of the Crescent Ship‘s hangars. Noredo tells Bellri that the G-IT Corps people are on edge, and Raraiya tells Donyell that the Megafauna will be invaded if they don’t do something soon. Donyell asks Miraji if they can trust the map they have of Venus Globe’s Ocean Ring, and Miraji answers that Flaminia went pale when she saw it. G-IT’s lab is in the area near the sea, and Lorucca speculates they must need an ocean to test their machines. Kun informs that the Rosario Ten police have sent Poligit mobile suits after them. Bellri thinks they should just go straight to where La Gu is, but Aida points out that they’re currently heading for the G-IT Lab. Donyell thinks that if the Megafauna can break free and head for the Rosario Ten that they won’t be attacked by beams. Raraiya theorizes that the G-IT Lab must be a research facility and won’t expect outsiders to come, much like what happened at Towasanga. The G-IT suits pull back to the Grod’s position, and Chickara tells Kia that they still can’t get the Crescent Ship to move. Kia isn’t worried because he’s more concerned about learning how the Crescent Ship improved its performance so they can do the same to their Full Moon Ship. Aida tells Bellri that she’ll bet on La Gu being a good person. She asks Bellri if his pilot suit has a leak from where Flaminia stabbed him, and he happily notes that his big sister is concerned for him. Noredo asks Bellri if he’s going to head into another mobile suit battle, but he answers that he’s going to try and avoid it. Kerbes launches in the Recksnow, and nearby Kia has attached a bomb helmet and camera to Elle’s head. He intends to destroy the incoming Poligits and then take the Crescent Ship directly to the G-IT Lab. He threatens to destroy the ship’s bridge if Elle does anything stupid. The Poligits arrive and demand to know why the Crescent Ship isn’t heading for Rosario Ten, so Kia cooks up a lie about it suffering a malfunction. However, his men prematurely attack the Poligits and commit them to battle. Kun deploys the Grod’s claws to attack, and Kia is surprised to see the Ten Police actually firing their weapons at them. The Megafauna and launches Bellri in the G-Arcane and Raraiya in the Neodu. Bellri lands on the Crescent Ship and forces Flaminia and Yaan out of the G-Self’s cockpit. He then tows his suit back with Raraiya’s help as the Megafauna heads for Venus Globe. A Re G-IT pilot reports to Kia that the G-Self was taken back from them. Kun deploys funnels to destroy Poligits and vows that she won’t let even the Ten Police interfere with Operation Reconguista. Three more Poligits approach, but Chickara decides to fight them with the Gastima. Bellri opens the G-Arcane’s cockpit to jump over to the G-Self.

The Gaeon fires at the Poligits, and Kun decides to go back after Kia tells her they lost the G-Self. Bellri manages to get back to the G-Self just as Raraiya is attacked by Kun. After attaching the space pack, Bellri flies off to make contact with Rosario Ten. Raraiya brings the G-Arcane back to the ship while Kun heads for Venus Globe. Bellri sees that he’s not being fired at and wonders if it’s taboo to fight at Venus Globe. Lorucca tells Donyell that the Crescent Ship isn’t sending any transmission other than to say they’re heading for the Ocean Ring. Manny gives Aida supplies as she prepares to launch in the G-Arcane. Ringo and Kerbes get too close to Raraiya out of a desire to protect her, so she pushes them away. Kia contacts the Megafauna, but his transmission is cut off by a magnetic storm. Kun brings him the big arm unit to dock with, and he orders his people to take down the Ten Police. Kia vows to show Rosario Ten that you have to fight for what you want, and he intends to clear the parasitic Earthnoids out of Earth. Bellri sees explosions from the Gastima’s saber and the Grod’s claws destroying Poligits. Kia deploys the big arm unit’s beam sabers and asks Bellri to surrender, but Bellri responds by asking how many of his own people he’s killed, which angers Kia and makes him attack Bellri. Chickara joins the fight and slices apart Bellri’s shield before coming under fire from Aida. The Gastima’s barrier blocks her beams, so Chickara switches focus to her. Flaminia returns to the Crescent Ship’s bridge and asks what’s happening. Bellri and Kia keep shooting at each other, and Kia intends to slice apart the G-Self’s appendages so he can get easy access to the black box. Bellri creates a beam barrier to block the attack from Kia’s multiple beam sabers. Kia chases Bellri through the underside of Venus Globe and continues to fire, which surprises Bellri. The Megafauna is given instructions by Rosario Ten to head for the Seadesk. Kia uses his long beam sabers to attack Bellri and slashes into Venus Globe, causing the outer wall to break and hemorrhage water. Bellri follows Kia inside and finds himself in an Earth-like environment. Below him, a fast-spinning whirlpool causes more water to rush out into space.


The arrival at Venus Globe coincides with the start of another battle as Bellri and friends fight back against the G-IT Corps. They’re in on the Reconguista of Earth with the Towasangans, and Kia expresses a pretty low opinion of Earthnoids, referring to them as parasites. That’s certainly not an uncommon view for Spacenoids in the old UC era. The G-IT Corps have some pretty advanced suits like the Gaeon and Gastima, although the Grod looks like a throwback to something that Zeon could’ve produced. It’s interesting to see two G-type suits fight each other for the first time, especially since the Gaeon is heavily armed and menacing looking. The fight is well-staged, which I’ve usually come to expect from Tomino shows. Bellri weaving back and forth around the underside of the Ocean Ring reminded me of the end of Zeta Gundam and the fight inside Gryps 2. It’s pretty shameful that Bellri, an Earthnoid, fought more carefully to protect Venus Globe than Kia did. In his overeagerness to show up Bellri, he stupidly sliced around with six large beam sabers and cut a big hole directly into the Ocean Ring. In the old days of UC colony breaches, you could at least try to temporarily patch them with that emergency gum-like substance, but I don’t see how Kia recovers from such a big mistake that will put a lot of things at risk.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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