Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 24: Space Kaleidoscope


On the Full Moon Ship, Barara addresses the pilots and declares that they can take out the Amerian fleet if they use the Yggdrasill. She personally thanks Manny for her help and then whispers that Luin gave her lots of good memories. Yaan asks about the naming of Luin’s new suit Kabakali, so Luin explains that Kali is the patron deity of Kaba, the land where Kuntala souls live in peace. Barara and her two copilots launch in the Yggdrasill, and Luin tells Flaminia that it’s ok for them to destroy the Bifron in a test battle. Manny comments that the people on the ship long to be soldiers, and Luin responds that people like them show up when things are too peaceful. Luin tells Manny that he can only go this far with her at his side and realized that once she had vanished. Manny asks Luin to be friends with Bellri, but he refuses due to Bellri’s privileged position. He thinks Bellri will become a dictator, so Manny reveals that he and Aida are siblings from the Rayhunton family. Luin thinks that’s even worse because it’s a more privileged position of power and points out that Kuntala are treated as lower than insects. The Yggdrasill deploys its deflector barrier and then destroys the Bifron in a test firing of its main weapon. Barara keeps dodging when Luin tries to create a contact link with the Kabakali as both a joke and mobility test. Raraiya and Noredo meet with Gell on the Kashiba Mikoshi and tell him about their trip to Venus Globe. They cross paths with Bellri and Aida, and he explains that Wilmit and Cumpa are waiting for them on the Second Nut, Hayyan. Gell asks about the Amerian fleet’s departure, and Aida answers that the Dorette Fleet has been slow to answer the armistice call. Bellri wonders if the two sides will stop fighting, but Gell thinks it’s possible if the Kashiba Mikoshi is returned. Aida thinks they’re in an age when people ignore that sort of power, and Gell mentions that the Rayhuntons were afraid people would forget the taboos of SU-Cordism. They part ways with the Pope when he boards a Launch that heads for Hayyan. On the Crescent Ship, Lorucca shows Klim the Dahack, a mobile suit encased inside the mobile armor Dharma. Mick is assigned to the Trinity, and Klim wants to test both units immediately. Aida thanks Klim for his help in rescuing the Pope, and he in turn thanks them for the new suits since their old ones took damage in battle. On the Guinea-Bissau, Dorette reviews the Amerian offer with Mashner, Turbo and his other commanders. In return for helping defeat the Capital Army, the Amerians will allow the Towasangans to settle in the Capital Territory. Mashner is angry and doesn’t want to make peace until after she’s avenged Rockpie, but Dorette dismisses her statements. Klim flies to the Rattle-Python and demands that Gusion explain why they’re partnering with the Dorette Fleet now. Klim thinks they can fly down to Earth and win the battle thanks to the new anti-heat coating on the Salamandra. Gusion reassures Klim by telling him that the Dorette Fleet is tired and can be dealt with later on Earth. Gell arrives on Hayyan and is disappointed to see it militarized. Cumpa meets with Jugan and disagrees with his plan to lead the battle from the front. Jugan boards a Doubey that launches ahead of the Bruzin.

On the Megafauna, Donyell is informed of the Bruzin‘s launch from Hayyan. Aida prepares to launch in the G-Arcane, which has been upgraded with the full dress laser cannons. Happa asks Bellri to drag the Assault Pack out with him, but Bellri doesn’t want to because long-range sniping kills pilots. Aida commends Bellri for choosing the right weapons that best fit a situation. She tells him he can forget about Cahill, and Kerbes points out that the Assault Pack is also useful for suppressive fire. Bellri and the other pilots head to the bridge to monitor the situation. Noredo thinks the movements of the Towasangan and Amerian fleets are weird, so Donyell orders the ship to move out. The Dorette Fleet can’t contact the Amerians, so Turbo thinks the Minovsky particles in the area were spread by a third party. Gusion wonders if it’s the Full Moon Ship, but Klim thinks it’s Luin. The Yggdrasill approaches the Amerian fleet, and Barara wants to take them down so she can win Luin’s favor instead of Manny. The Amerian fleet opens fire first, but the Yggdrasill’s tender beam blocks the attack and spreads tree-shaped beams throughout space. Luin is impressed by the Yggdrasill’s power, but he thinks to himself that Barara will die if she brings her jealousy to the battlefield. Flaminia tells Manny she thinks that with the Yggdrasill’s power, Kia’s ideals and the Kuntala’s hopes they can create a world where no one has to live at Venus Globe. The Yggdrasill’s warped tender beam causes more damage to the enemy ships while blocking their attacks. Mashner abandons Dorette by having the Knossos pull back, claiming that Rockpie is telling her to run. Raraiya uses the G-Lucifer‘s funnels to attack the Yggdrasill, and Aida fires the full dress lasers at Barara. Dorette orders his men to retreat to the Capital Tower and decides that they’ll have to carry out the Reconguista by slowly infiltrating Earth. His ship is then destroyed when it’s hit by the tender beam. Bellri fires the Perfect Pack‘s assault mode beam cannons, but they have no effect. Barara turns her attention to him, but he uses the G-Self‘s copy-paste shield to defend himself. He then moves in close and stabs the Yggdrasill’s cannon, causing it to explode. Aida falls back to the Rattle-Python and tells Gusion to put on a normal suit. A stray beam from the Yggdrasill breaches the ship’s bridge and sucks Gusion into space, unprotected. Aida cries as the Rattle-Python explodes, so Bellri and Raraiya pull her away. Bellri tells Aida that they should save their tears for later.


Carrying forward the momentum started last episode, more named characters are killed, mainly Gusion and Dorette. I didn’t include Barara in that list because a small escape pod launches from the Yggdrasil as it explodes, so it’s possible she survived. She takes on an insanity-tinged jealousy of Manny that’s fueled by the thrill of destroying things with her new unit, and that’s a bit reminiscent of older series. Gusion was a pretty likable character, and his death was the unfortunate result of not putting on a normal suit in time. Aida joins the ranks now of other Gundam pilots who have had their parents killed before their eyes. Dorette had a small role in the series given his position of power, so his death has little effect. Before dying, he decides on a slow infiltration of Earth for the Reconguista, which makes me wonder why he didn’t do that already. Gusion managed to convince Dorette to enter an alliance (for now), but that arrangement is short-lived since Barara takes down most of both fleets. The Yggdrasil’s tender beam creates tree-shaped beams, which are no surprise given its name. It’s a nicely animated effect and the mobile armor is certainly powerful, but a bit too Death Star-ish in its obvious weakness. Although the G-Self is still too overpowered now with the Perfect Pack, at least the faction is the underdog now against the combined power of the Capital Army and the G-IT Corps. Although the storytelling has faltered at points throughout the series, Tomino usually doesn’t disappoint with his final battles. But I’ll still wait and see if this one can measure up to past efforts.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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