Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 4: Wild Dance of the Catsith


The Fry-Schop carrying Klim’s Montero and the G-Self arrives at the cove on Bequest Island where the Megafauna is docked. Klim extends his hand so that the G-Self’s passengers can dismount, and Bellri realizes he’s the president’s son whom Aida had mentioned. Aida comes down and cries to Donyell that her carelessness got Cahill killed. At the Capital Tower, Becker stands on a Catsith‘s hand and addresses a crowd of soldiers, stating that the Capital Guard focused on protecting the Tower and supervising photon battery distribution. However, in response to a war between Ameria and Gondwan, the Capital Army has been formed. Manny asks Luin about the Army, and he tells her that he knew about the buildup based on how many mobile suits they have. Dellensen leads a team of eight Catsiths that take off on Doubeys to find the pirates and rescue the hostages. Wilmit asks Cumpa if he got Gell’s permission for this operation and ceremony, but he answers that he got it approved as a nonmilitary hostage rescue. She then states that what he’s doing violates the Ag-Tech taboo against the advancement of science, but Cumpa comments that Gell has his own opinions about the taboo. Donyell tries to ask Bellri about his connection to Wilmit, but Bellri ignores him and keeps asking questions about the ship. Donyell sees that he’s Wilmit’s son, but Bellri says that he has no value as a hostage because his mother only cares about her work. Aida walks in and mentions to Donyell how advanced the Recten is, so Donyell concludes that even the Tower is violating the taboo. Aida thinks the Tower’s actions are delaying the world’s recovery, which set off the war between Ameria and Gondwan. She also believes that the world has regressed to the level of the AD era, and Donyell gets a call about the G-parts. Bellri has heard of them from the Roses of Hermes blueprints and thinks they’re trouble, and Donyell starts to mention that they drifted over from Towasanga. Aida angrily demands that they judge Bellri under pirate law, but Noredo blames them for starting the war. Later, Klim insists that Bellri pilot the G-Self and decides to keep Noredo and Raraiya as hostages. Raraiya notes that Klim has pretty eyes, which he says he hears all the time. Aida asks Klim if he has Donyell’ permission for this, but he asks her to take care of that. He wants to also test Raraiya, and Aida recalls when Cahill brought the G-Self to the island. The G-Self worked for Aida, and both Klim and Cahill noted its similarity to the Gundam G-Arcane.

The Catsiths fly over the ocean and break off from the Doubeys. Raraiya repeats the letter “G,” so Donyell gives her a fish in a bowl as a distraction, which she names Chuchumy. Noredo asks how he knew that’d work, and he explains that seeing watery things has a healing effect on people who go to space. Klim orders Bellri to test Minovsky Flight and tells him not to close the cockpit hatch. The ship goes on battle alert when Minovsky particles are spread following a message demanding the release of the hostages. Aida thinks they should release the hostages to avoid a battle, but Donyell says it doesn’t matter now because the Capital Army has found their hiding place. He orders the ship to take off, and Klim tells Bellri to get some weapons. Bellri offers to stop them and says neither he nor his mother know anything about the Capital Army. Aida tells engineer Adam Smith to give Bellri weapons, and Klim takes off in his Montero. Grimoires take off on Fry-Schops, and Aida discovers that the G-Arcane’s backpack isn’t ready. Klim opens fire on a Doubey from above and uses his javelin to take down a Catsith. Dellensen fights a Grimoire and sees the G-Self flying nearby. Bellri spreads his arms in a nonthreatening pose, but no one can hear him due to Minovsky interference. Dellensen touches the G-Self to speak via contact link, but he gets knocked away by Klim before Bellri can explain anything. Dellensen dodges Klim’s attack and uses his beam saber to cut off the Montero’s fingers. Bellri is surrounded by three Catsiths, and the G-Self emanates an energy field that pushes them back. He then pulls out a beam saber uses it to slice apart a Catsith rifle and incoming missiles. Dellensen drops signal flares for his remaining forces to retreat. Klim uses the contact link and tells Bellri it was impressive how he took on three enemies at once. Bellri asks why they retreated, and Klim explains that any commander who would make that decision in battle is a superb soldier. When a Catsith crashes into the ocean, Dellensen blames himself for the deaths of his men. Raraiya tries to play in the rain, but Noredo drags her back inside the ship. In the hangar, Bellri and Aida feel pain in their chests from the Iris Signs when the G-Self starts displaying a bunch of schematics. Bellri sees that the cockpit can function as a Core Fighter escape pod and tries it out. Aida asks mechanic Happa to replenish the G-Self’s photon batteries, but first he wants to copy the data the cockpit is displaying. Bellri mentions to Klim and Donyell that he didn’t know anything about the Capital Army, and Klim explains the Army was formed for fear of a threat from space. Klim heard about it from Inspector General Surugan, whom Aida reveals is her father. Noredo wants to return to the Tower, but Bellri is curious to learn about the G-Self and Raraiya.


Bellri hangs out with some not-pirates and ends up fighting his own instructor in a crazy turn of events. Dialogue in this episode adds some new pieces to the puzzle about the world of the Regild Century. We know the Tower has a total monopoly on photon battery distribution, which they use to keep a taboo on technological advancement in place. Based on things said in earlier episodes, it seems this is to stop technological advancement from going too far and repeating the tragedies of the Universal Century. However, as all past Gundam series have shown, the problem is with people, not technology. All sides are violating the taboo anyway, thus making it null. We also learn that Ameria and Gondwan (aka Europe) are at war, which has led to the secret formation of the Capital Army to protect the Tower’s interests. There are some interesting character moments, such as Raraiya interacting with her new fish friend. It looks like she’s slowly recovering from the catatonic state she was in during episode 1. For all of Klim’s boasting, he can show some humility and recognizes that Dellensen is a skilled opponent. Aida is still willful and behaves in conflicting ways, but I think she’s falling into the tsundere stereotype and will eventually soften up to Bellri when she stops moping about Cahill. Based on how this story has played out in the past by Tomino (particularly in Dunbine and Zeta Gundam), I’d guess that Bellri is eventually going to join with the “pirates” and fight against the Tower’s agenda. At the very least, he’s intrigued by the mysteries of the G-Self and the Iris Sign that he and Aida possess.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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