Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 5: The Enemy is the Capital Army


Wilmit isn’t happy about the Capital Army violating the taboo and her Crown being painted in military colors. An Elf Bullock rides a Doubey to a public event where Manny and other cheerleaders are supporting the Capital Army. Becker notes that the Elf Bullock is mass production design based on Dellensen’s Elf Bull. The pilot, Mask (aka Luin), reports to Cumpa, and Becker tells Dellensen that the mask is a monitor that helps with suit operation. Manny wonders where Luin is at since he wasn’t with the Capital Guard. Army Commander Jugan Mainstron observes that Cumpa has materials from the UC era and the Rose of Hermes blueprints, but Cumpa counters that if he’s being asked to violate the taboo, he’ll need more staff and resources than he has now. Wilmit intervenes and asks Cumpa to stop taking people from the Capital Guard, but Cumpa answers that the Army is working hard to rescue Bellri. The Elf Bullock takes off in flight mode with a booster, flanked by Catsiths riding on Doubeys. On the Megafauna, Bellri asks Aida what Klim was referring to about the threat from space. She thinks he should ask Klim, but Bellri explains that he won’t talk unless Bellri joins the pirates. A Hecate piloted by Mick Jack lands nearby with a supply container. Noredo sees that the ship is clearly a military unit, but Raraiya is too busy playing with Chuchumy and Nobell. Aida asks Klim if he believes Bellri’s statement about not knowing anything regarding Towasanga, and Klim thinks Guard students worry about little more than their schedules. Bellri says that Towasanga is a sacred place to the SU-Cordists because it’s where the photon batteries come from. Klim asks Bellri what he thinks about the G-Self being manufactured in Towasanga, and the name grabs Raraiya’s attention. Klim tells Aida that Donyell thinks Raraiya knows where the G-Self is really from. Klim signs a report for Mick and takes note of her new suit. Donyell announces that they’re going to suspend receipt of supplies from the cargo ship Azumacchi due to the main force moving up their schedule. As the Megafauna moves out on alert, Bellri is surprised to see that the Core Fighter still hasn’t been loaded back into the G-Self. A mechanic tells Bellri that their space fleet will be going into suborbital flight sooner than expected, and they’re supposed to be the diversion. Bellri runs over to ride the elevator with Aida, Klim, Noredo and Raraiya. He comments that the ship really is a military unit, and Klim asks him if he’ll enlist in the Amerian Army. Bellri answers that he will if he can be a lieutenant, but Klim notes that’s the same rank he has. Donyell tells Aida and Klim that the ship is moving in response to unknown units, which are presumed to be Capital Army. Aida thinks they can fulfill Cahill’s plan, which involved occupying the Tower. Bellri struggles with Klim, and Aida accuses him of always ruining Cahill’s plans. Bellri offers to defend the ship as payback since Aida doesn’t think an apology is enough. Mick flies on a Belay and spots the Capital Army force and decides to see what Klim is made of. Bellri puts on a pilot suit and tells Noredo that they can’t escape the ship yet because of the battle. The Capital Army force closes in as the Megafauna takes off and begins Minovsky Flight.

The Megafauna opens its hatches, and Bellri struggles with the Core Fighter’s controls. Klim takes off in his Montero on a Fry-Schop, followed by several Grimoires. Aida deploys on the ship’s deck in the G-Arcane with an anti-ship beam rifle. The crew plead with Aida not to use the rifle, but she fires it upward at the solo Doubeys. Klim destroys a Doubey and tells his men that the enemy will approach from below. The Catsiths all line up behind one unit to conceal their numbers and get in close to the Grimoires. Klim fires missiles and his rifle at the Elf Bullock, but its beam emitters destroy them. Luin destroys Klim’s rifle, but Klim stabs the Elf Bullock with his javelin. Happa tells Bellri to dock the Core Fighter with the G-Self, but Bellri is having trouble due to the high winds blasting the hangar’s interior. Donyell calls Aida and asks her to stick the Core Fighter inside the G-Self, but she says she can’t do it. Bellri takes off and fires machine guns at a Catsith. Luin tries to finish off Klim at close range while Bellri fumbles in midair. Luin rips off the Montero’s head, and Bellri drops water balls on the Elf Bullock as a distraction. Aida pushes the G-Self onto the ship’s deck so that Bellri can dock with it. Bellri dodges the anti-air fire, and the Core Fighter goes on autopilot to dock inside the suit. Happa is stuck inside the cockpit and tells Bellri he can jump for 45 seconds without a backpack. Luin fires his finger beam guns, and Bellri jumps into the air, using his spinning beam sabers as a shield. He then uses his beam sabers to cut into the Elf Bullock’s arms. The Capital Army forces retreat, and Happa tells Bellri to use thruster nozzles and slow their descent. Aida picks up the G-Self and tells Bellri that there’s another operation immediately after this. On the bridge, Donyell asks Aida to thank Bellri and says it’s her job as someone who will become a Princess. Bellri and Noredo watch as Klim argues with mechanics about repairing the Montero. Aida comes down to the hangar and thanks Bellri on the crew’s behalf. Klim offers to recommend Bellri as a second lieutenant, but when Bellri says he wants the full rank, Klim jokes it’ll have to wait until he becomes a captain first. Aida goes off into a corner and starts crying for praising Cahill’s enemy. Noredo asks Bellri if they’re going to escape when there’s a battle, and he tells her that’s why she and Raraiya have to wear space suits. Noredo mentions that she’s been spying on the ship, and Bellri says that addition to his duty as a Guard cadet, he wants to make the G-Self his suit. The Megafauna flies higher in the atmosphere and heads for space.


The mysteries behind the world of the Regild Century are starting to get a bit clearer. The Capital Army is pretty openly violating the technology taboo with advanced suits like the Elf Bullock, and the pirates/Amerian Army are moving forward with a plan to take over the Tower. Capital propaganda is explored yet again this episode, and it looks like they’re trying to get public buy in on a change to the status quo through the creation of the Army. Of course, people like Wilmit aren’t buying it. Bellri is caught right in the middle of this, but he clearly has his own agenda of spying on the Amerians and taking the G-Self for himself. Luin joins the long line of masked men who have been part of Gundam history for 35 years. His mask has a technical function, but I also wonder if it’s affecting his personality since he’s coming across way more aggressive than we’ve seen up to now. It definitely has shades of the crazy Cyber Newtypes of old. Bellri’s jump attack is a nice callback to the original series, while the 360-degree saber spinning is something we saw back in Victory Gundam. Although Bellri wants to escape the Megafauna, it seems like he might get drawn into events that are out of his control.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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