Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 7: The Mask Corps’ Fierce Assault


On the battleship Garanden, Luin addresses his new underlings and reveals that he’s also a Kuntala like all of them. He asks what that means, and one of the pilots answers that Kuntala were inferior people used as food during the Universal Century. Luin promises his men that if they produce results, it’ll improve the position of Kuntalas in society. The Megafauna docks at Bequest Island, and several Grimoires fly out with a dummy balloon version of the ship. Bellri uses the G-Self to install a machine gun turret on the dock, all while Raraiya sleeps in the G-Self’s hand. From his Montero, Klim wonders about Raraiya and the G-Self. In space, Wilmit rides a Crown that arrives at the First Nut, Coriole. She takes a transport to the civilian area and isn’t happy to see a Catsith and Doubey, which she blames Jugan for. She meets Jugan in a hangar and tells him it isn’t a front line military base, but he answers that they’re just transporting rations, water and air balls. A soldier shows Jugan a blurry satellite image of the fake Megafauna, and Wilmit realizes that’s where Bellri is. After she leaves, Jugan signals for Becker to follow her. On the Garanden, Luin’s squad of Elf Bullocks with boosters and Catsiths riding Doubeys takes off. A Jahannam squad arrives at Bequest Island with several boxes of supplies, including the G-Self’s space and Assault Packs. The Assault Pack has never been tested, so Happa concludes that they’re meant to try it in live combat. Donyell and Aida discuss the ship’s changing schedule and the need to serve as a decoy. Aida notices that the G-Self and Montero are standing on a Belay, which is Klim’s doing. She wonders if the dummy balloon will fool the Capital Army. Klim has Raraiya and Chuchumy sit inside the G-Self’s cockpit because he wants to see her pilot it. Wilmit enters a hangar that contains an old style atmospheric entry glider. Becker and his men arrive in chase, so Wilmit gets into the glider and plays dumb while activating the start up sequence. Becker and his men are forced to run to the airlock before the launch bay opens to exposed space. Becker calls Jugan and tells him that the glider can’t return to the Nut once launched. Wilmit panics when she realizes that the glider doesn’t have a space suit inside it. Raraiya works the G-Self’s controls, and Luin’s Elf Bullocks eject their flight boosters.

The Megafauna‘s battle alarms are triggered when the Capital Army units are detected. With the Belay in flight, Klim has Raraiya test the G-Self’s movements. Having stopped to eat, Bellri is surprised to hear that the G-Self has already launched. Grimoires take off, and Aida prepares to launch in the G-Arcane. She asks if there’s a suit for Bellri to use, and Adam tells her he can have one of the Jahannams on a Ladle. Bellri climbs a crane up to the cockpit, and Happa tells him he should be able to pilot it thanks to the universal control system. The Ladle’s pilot, Ginger, asks if Bellri can pilot the suit, so Bellri fires the beam rifle into the water. Wilmit sets her re-entry angle and realizes that the forgot to bring the bananas and cinnamon biscuits that Bellri likes. Bellri hears from Ginger about Raraiya and Klim, and Aida makes a contact link to ask about the incoming enemy. Bellri criticizes her carrying such a large rifle and comments that the Capital Army doesn’t have maritime forces. Raraiya takes off when she sees the flashing lights of battle near the dummy Megafauna, and Klim follows her. The G-Self is hit by Luin’s Elf Bullock and falls into the ocean, so Klim opens fire on him. Luin uses his foot beam sabers to destroy Klim’s rifle and javelin. Raraiya panics at the idea of sinking into the ocean, but Bellri arrives and grabs the G-Self by the foot. The Ladle lands on a small island, and Bellri takes over on the G-Self while Raraiya sits in the Jahannam. Klim notices that the Elf Bullock can’t fly in mobile suit form and fires missiles. Aida flies by and fires to support Klim. The Elf Bullocks destroy a Grimoire, and Aida is forced down to the water. Bellri arrives and uses his beam saber to damage multiple Elf Bullocks. Through the contact link, Bellri tells Aida to use her booster so she can get out of the water. They land on a Ladle, and Bellri jumps to fire at an Elf Bullock. Luin focuses his attack on Bellri and slices into the G-Self’s Atmospheric Backpack. Bellri uses a barrier to repel Luin, but Luin decides to make another attack run. A beam attack from the mobile armor Armorzagan damages Luin’s units and places them on the defensive. Wilmit continues atmospheric re-entry and aims for Bequest Island.


Bellri seems pretty fully integrated with the Megafauna‘s crew now, but obviously that’s not by his design. To deceive the Capital Army, the crew resurrects the old UC tradition of dummy balloons, which is a nice little historical nod. We’re also introduced to the new battleship Garanden, which looks quite a bit like the UC ships of old. Although the term was explained in supplemental materials, the anime proper finally tells us what a Kuntala is, and it’s not pretty. You could infer from context that it was never a compliment, but now it’s known to be a sort of caste-based insult used to identify lower class people. Ouch. Wilmit continues to be in conflict with Jugan over his naked militarization of everything, and she plays dumb so as to escape his watchful eye and reach Bellri on her own. The continued interaction between Raraiya and Klim is amusing, particularly when she calls him “Mr. Pretty Eyes.” Too bad he picked the worst possible time to have her test the G-Self. Overall, Bellri and his allies didn’t perform so well against the Mask team, and Luin probably would’ve won if not for the lucky last minute intervention by the Armorzagan. I’m curious to see whether Bellri will still try to return to the Capital Guard, or if he’s going to cast his lot with the Amerians. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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