Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 8: Mother, Father and Mask


Elf Bullocks and Catsiths try to dodge beam attacks from the Armorzagan, which is piloted by Mick. Klim calls Bellri and tells him to land the G-Self on the island behind where the Armorzagan emerged from. Bellri lands on the beach next to his abandoned Jahannam and is joined by a Belay carrying supplies. The Ladle carrying the G-Arcane lands nearby, followed by the Montero. Inspector General Gusion Surugan tells Klim that he’s brought him new supplies. Bellri, Aida and Raraiya come down to the beach as the battle continues overhead. Aida tells her father that she hasn’t fully learned to control the G-Arcane yet, and Gusion introduces himself to Bellri. Ladle pilot Goetz takes off in the Jahannam on Klim’s orders to scout ahead. Klim grabs new armaments to rejoin the fight while the large Tricky Pack is connected to the G-Self. The mechanics tell Bellri that he has to manually activate the connection, and he checks the armaments of beams, missiles and a flash attack. One of the mechanics slips off the G-Self and hits his head on the cockpit hatch before landing in the sand. Bellri quickly scoops up Raraiya and hands her over to Gusion to watch over. Bellri gets a new rifle from Aida and tells her to protect her father, but she clumsily crashes into the G-Self. Goetz and Mick fight the Elf Bullocks, and Klim tosses his javelin at Arbokas’ Elf Bullock to heavily damage it. Luin fires beams and missiles at the G-Self, but the Tricky Pack scrambles the beams. Luin flies in close and punches the Tricky Pack, but it swivels and flips the Elf Bullock upside down, allowing Bellri to shoot its arm. Nearby, Wilmit’s glider continues its descent and she spots the light of the battle. A Doubey opens fire on Mick while she fumbles with circuit boards to adjust the beam focus, but she transforms and rams both arms into the Doubey to toss it away. Luin pulls away and spots a nearby Catsith that helps him attach a flight booster as a backpack. Bellri is unable to properly control the Tricky Pack and crashes into the balloon Megafauna. Aida grabs him and tells him that an unknown object is approaching. She asks a Grimoire and Fry-Schop to help and takes off on her own. Luin approaches the balloon ship and destroys it. A Belay pilot informs Gusion that the unknown is a glider, so Gusion sees no need to intercept.

Luin destroys two attacking Grimoires and comes under fire again from Bellri, who uses the Tricky Pack to fire a projection of the G-Self that temporarily makes the Elf Bullock go haywire. Bellri punches Luin away, and he barely misses crashing into an island before escaping. Klim lands the Montero on the Armorzagan and thanks Mick for a job well done. Bellri recalls that Aida went off on her own and quickly ascends after her. He picks her up on his monitors as she does an uncontrolled ascent. She realizes that she’ll fly above the incoming object and picks up the G-Self. When the glider approaches, Bellri is shocked to hear Wilmit’s voice. Aida is still unable to control her movements and fires her beam rifle, but Bellri yells at her to stop shooting at his mother. The glider crashes into the G-Self and loses a wing. Aida looks at the unarmed glider and realizes that she almost became a murderer. She tells Bellri that they should return to the Megafauna now. He asks what she was doing, and she lies that she was scouting for additional unknown. On Bequest Island, Noredo runs over to see Raraiya when she returns. Soldiers aim machine guns at the glider, but Donyell orders them to stand down. Gusion greets Wilmit and mentions that he hasn’t seen her since the Mettabal International Conference. In a conference room, Gusion tells Wilmit that Ameria has taken technology from Gondwan, but they have no connection to the Rose of Hermes blueprints. Wilmit then asks about the Nick Space, a spaceship that was condemned by the SU-Cordists for violating the taboo. Klim explains that the ship was dismantled, but Bellri posits that it was instead disguised as the Megafauna. Aida asks what makes him think that, and Bellri mentions that there are clues in the manufacturer names and production dates all over the ship. Wilmit puts it together and sees that the Amerians put the ship in the field as a pirate ship to gather data and build a space fleet on the mainland. Gusion counters that it’s necessary if the threat from space increases. Aida shows Wilmit satellite photos of the Moon, which Noredo notes is a violation of the taboo. Gusion makes note of the heavy human activity on the Moon, and a shocked Wilmit mentions the Kashiba Mikoshi, which provides the photon batteries to Earth. Gusion adds that it’s necessary to revive UC era technology to fight the threat from the Moon. Wilmit believes the Capital Tower will never fall and asks Bellri, Noredo and Raraiya to return with her, which Gusion approves of. Elsewhere, Luin crashes his damaged Elf Bullock on the Garanden‘s deck and is mocked for being a Kuntala. An undercover Manny picks up damaged parts and spots “Mask,” who she recognizes as Luin. Luin angrily shouts about the others cursing him for being a Kuntala and using him as a guinea pig. Manny says that she’s a Kuntala too, and Luin vows to recover from the shame of his defeat. Aida tells Bellri that the Capital Army borrowed a spaceship from Gondwan, and she realizes that Cumpa must know about the Rose of Hermes blueprints. Bellri tries to cheer up Wilmit, who believes the Tower can never be destroyed.


The battle from the last episode continues here with the reveal that Mick is serving as the Armorzagan’s pilot. The mobile armor doesn’t seem quite ready for prime time yet and proves less effective than it probably should. Bellri uses the ungainly Tricky Pack, which can disperse beams and cause enemy suits to go haywire. The G-Arcane seems pretty wasted on Aida, who so far has demonstrated no skills in piloting it but stubbornly insists on fighting anyway. She also blindly rushes off on her own and nearly kills Wilmit without even being aware of what her target’s intentions are. If this had been Zeta or Victory, it’s likely that she would’ve ended up killing Wilmit. However, at least she’s aware of what her actions could’ve caused. After being mentioned for multiple episodes, Gusion finally gets some screen time and dispenses some information. Unsanctioned development has been happening on the Moon, which is the vague threat from space the Amerians have been referring to. It’s enough to shock Wilmit, who seems to have blind faith in the Tower’s power and the influence of SU-Cordism. Gusion and the Amerians clearly believe that what’s happening in space is a threat, but is it? Finally, Manny returns with a new haircut serving on the Garanden (a Gondwan loaner) to find out what happened to Bellri and the others. Luin is showing some rage and a desire to beat the G-Self, which may or may not work out well for him.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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