Gundam Reconguista in G Ep. 9: The Megafauna Heads South


The Megafauna sails out of Bequest Island, and Klim leaves with Mick on the Armorzagan. Bellri and Noredo chase Raraiya to the bridge, and he asks Wilmit if she spoke to Gusion about entering Capital Territory with the ship. Aida asks Bellri what he’s thinking, and he answers that if there really is a threat from space, then the Capital Army and Ameria must cooperate. Gusion thinks they can get that information from Gell, but Wilmit interjects that she’s never heard him say anything about a threat from space. Aida mentions that SU-Cordists periodically travel to Sankt Porto to get photon batteries, and Gusion asks Donyell to travel at low altitude with Minovsky Flight. Wilmit tells Donyell that once they reach land she can make a phone call and request an escort. Bellri suits up and hears mechanics discussing how they can’t use the Montero since Klim is gone. Wilmit wonders if Klim will be ok, and Donyell notes that he and Mick agreed to act as decoys for them. She asks if Klim left due to pressure from his father, but Gusion answers that it’s related to an operation. The Megafauna flies low over a coastal town as it enters the Izanellian continent and approaches Capital Territory. After the ship lands, Wilmit, Bellri, Aida, Noredo, Raraiya and nurse Kiran Kim leave on Shanks to find a phone. Noredo confides in Aida that she heard a rumor about Bellri being adopted, but she doesn’t know the truth. After reaching a farm, Wilmit pays the owner to make a long distance phone call while Aida and Kiran buy chickens and fish. The ship takes off again and prepares for a test launch of unmanned mobile suits, but it experiences heavy turbulence from the wind. Gusion asks Wilmit if they can avoid the Capital Army on this course, and she explains that she specifically called for an escort from the Capital Guard. While Noredo and Raraiya suit up, tailor Anette Sola notes how strange it is to have them and Wilmit on board now. Aida walks in and says it’s to be expected in enemy territory, but Noredo is upset about her homeland being referred to as enemy territory. Gusion tells Wilmit that Cumpa has to be familiar with the Rose of Hermes blueprints. Bellri tells Aida that the waterfalls they’re passing shield them from the Capital Army, and he then immediately apologizes for explaining something any proper pilot would know. They then immediately go on alert when a Doubey flies by carrying two Elf Bullocks. The G-Arcane and G-Self take off as Minovsky particle jamming begins. Luin’s Elf Bullock opens fire on Aida and hits her, which causes her to crash into a mountain. A Grimoire takes off on a Belay takes off and joins the fight, followed by the unmanned Montero. Luin kicks the Montero away and turns his attention to the G-Self, but Bellri kicks him away. Aida opens fire and destroys one of the Elf Bullock‘s legs. The Doubey fires its machine cannons at the Montero and destroys it.

Luin opens the hatch to his cockpit, and the sight of a human pilot causes Bellri to hesitate. Luin jumps out of the Elf Bullock and is caught in a gust of wind, but Bellri gives him a tap with his beam rifle to push him downward. Luin descends in freefall toward the Doubey, which presses its brakes so that he falls safely into it. He thanks subordinate Barara Peor and orders her to call Cumpa for backup and take them back to the Tower. With the battle over, several Recksnows land on the Megafauna‘s deck and immediately surrender. Thanks to the direct contact link, Bellri recognizes Kerbes as one of the pilots. Wilmit asks Kerbes about the Doubey, and he tells her it was from the Army. Kerbes asks Bellri if he’s become part of the Amerian Army, and Bellri answers that he’s still with the Guard because the Amerians won’t make him a full lieutenant. Kerbes instructs them to follow several F-Rugs until they reach the destination: an ancient hangar. Bellri, Wilmit, Aida, Gusion, Noredo and Raraiya travel to Biclover and reach the city at night while the residents are partying. Gusion comments about the freewheeling atmosphere, and Wilmit explains that people need a weekly outlet due to the Tower being such a hard place to work at. Wilmit signs papers that allow the Guard to issue ID cards to Gusion and Aida. Cumpa gets a call while at a party about the Megafauna and is angry that no one was monitoring because it was the weekend. He thinks Earthnoids belong on a list of animals that should go extinct. Wilmit and the others meet with Gell at the SU-Cord church, and she asks him about the threat from space. He instead greets Noredo and spouts rhetoric that no one will ever destroy the Tower. Aida asks again about the threat from space, but Gell again answers with rhetoric. Gusion asks about the photon batteries, which explode if Earthnoids try to disassemble or repair them. He states that Ameria wants to liberate the world from the Tower’s energy monopoly, but Gell believes that kind of thinking is the real threat. Cumpa walks in and asks what’s going on. Aida asks him if he knows about the Rose of Hermes blueprints. Kerbes and several other men arrive to take Bellri and Aida away and are followed by Noredo and Raraiya.


Bellri and his comrades return to the Capital Tower, but not before an accidental run in with Luin and his new subordinate Barara Peol. If Luin felt disgraced before about losing to the G-Self, he’ll feel it even more now after having his Elf Bullock destroyed. I guess Noredo is softening up on Aida since he randomly confides in her about a rumor that Bellri is adopted. If that’s true, then obviously his parentage will come into play down the line. Gusion and Wilmit expect straight answers from Gell, but I’m not surprised that he deflects and responds only with dogma. He knows more than he’s saying, but of course his interest is maintaining the status quo, particularly in regards to SU-Cord’s energy monopoly. Interestingly, the paintings seen inside the SU-Cord church indicate that the faith is an amalgamation of elements from multiple old Earth religions. It’s good to see Kerbes return, and Wilmit highlights that there’s tension between the Capital Guard and Army. It’s hard to know who can be trusted, but Cumpa most definitely can’t be trusted. His dismissive attitude toward Earthnoids points to him not being one himself, so it’s possible he’s a double agent from space.

Overall Rating

Gundam Reconguista in G Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Shigeto Kawata (short)

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Ippei Gyoubu

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Yuugo Kanno

26 episodes; 5 compilation movies

Japan 10.02.2014 – 03.27.2015

Theatrical Release:
Japan 11.29.2019 – 08.05.2022


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