Gundam SEED Phase 46: A Place for the Soul


The Archangel dodges fire from the Dominion, and Kira and Athrun continue to engage the three Gundams. Twelve GINNs launch from the Nazca class ships, followed by Yzak in the Duel Gundam and Rau in his CGUE. Rau orders that Flay’s escape pod be launched after he leaves the ship. Rau tells his forces that their target will be the Eternal. On the Eternal, Andy asks Murrue to take care of the Dominion while the Eternal and Kusanagi fight the Nazca class ships. The Dominion detects the escape pod, and Azrael wonders what is going on. Kira is momentarily distracted, which allows Orga to sneak in close. Kira pulls back, and Athrun tells them they are in a bad situation. Kira dodges Orga’s attacks and uses his beam saber to destroy Orga’s bazooka. Nearby, the M1 Astrays hold off the GINNs. Yzak tries to attack an M1 Astray, but he is blocked by a shot from Dearka. Kira shoots at Orga, but he misses and hits a destroyed M1 Astray. Lacus asks Andy to concentrate their fire on the Vesalius so that they can use it as a breakthrough point. Andy calls Murrue and tells her the plan. Flay panics and sends out a distress call, which causes everyone to stop. Azrael asks Natarle who that is, and she says that Flay is the daughter of the late Vice Minister George Allster. Kira freezes when he hears Flay’s voice, and Clotho sneaks up behind him and blows off the Freedom Gundam‘s left wing. Natarle orders Orga to pick up the escape pod, and Flay says that she has the key to end the war, which piques Azrael’s interest. Kira blindly chases after Orga, and the Freedom Gundam’s head is damaged by Shani and knocked off by Clotho’s hammer. The Eternal and Kusanagi fire at the Vesalius, and Andy tells Murrue to breakthrough. Kira calls out to Flay, and both she and Natarle are shocked to hear his voice.

Flay begins to cry when she hears Kira’s voice, and Clotho fires at Kira with his machine guns. Athrun steps in and uses his beam boomerang to slice off the Raider Gundam‘s right leg. Athrun asks Kira how he plans to fight in his state, and Kira says that Flay is someone he hurt and has to protect. The Kusanagi and Eternal continue to fire at the heavily damaged Vesalius. Dearka shoots at Shani to provide cover for Athrun and Kira to escape. As Athrun and Dearka pass the Vesalius, they salute it and see Ades saluting back as the ship explodes. On the Dominion, Flay is brought to the bridge and Azrael asks her if she has the key. She gives him the disk and tells him it was given to her by Rau. Azrael leaves with the disk, and Flay is shocked to see Natarle. Natarle asks Flay if she’s ok, and Flay begins to cry in her arms. In his quarters, Azrael reviews the contents of the disk and laughs maniacally when he sees he has the specs for the N-Jammer Canceler. On the Eternal, Kira tells Athrun that he’ll be ok now. Lacus comes in, and Kira thinks he sees Flay and passes out. In the Archangel‘s infirmary, Murrue tells Mu that Kira collapsed, and Mu says things have been hard on him lately. Murrue looks at the album of Mu’s pictures, and he tells her his father was a domineering and distrustful man. He says that Rau is a failed experiment because his aging process is being accelerated. He says that Rau plans to bring about the end of the world and he vows not to let him do that. Kira wakes up and imagines that Lacus is a naked Flay. Cagalli wonders why Kira has a framed copy of her picture, and Athrun takes her outside. Kira tells Lacus he vowed not to cry, and she tells him he can cry when he feels like it. On the Kusanagi, Erica supervises preparations for the Strike Rouge. Murrue kisses Mu and leaves, and Lacus holds Kira in her lap.


The revelations of the last few episodes are definitely having an impact on Kira since he’s unable to fight properly. The mighty Freedom Gundam even takes some heavy damage due to his emotional condition. Both he and Flay thought the other was dead, so hearing each other was quite a shock. It also seems that after all this time he still has feelings for her. There’s some casualties in this battle, mainly Ades and the Vesalius. However, Rau doesn’t even seem concerned by it. That’s not surprising given his mysterious plans to bring about the apocalypse. That may well happen now that he’s handed the data on N-Jammer Cancelers to Azrael. With this technology, the Alliance will be able to use nuclear weapons again, and they’ll surely go after PLANTs and make the Bloody Valentine seem like nothing.

Overall Rating
Gundam SEED Info

Mitsuo Fukuda

Chiaki Morosawa
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Shigeru Morita
Akinori Endo
Yuuichi Nomura
Akemi Omode

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kimitoshi Yamane
Junichi Akutsu

Character Designer:
Hisashi Hirai

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

50 episodes (original); 48 episodes (HD); 1 short; 3 compilation movies

Airdates (Original):
Japan 10.05.2002 – 09.27.2003
U.S. 04.17.2004 – 04.15.2005

Airdates (HD Remaster):
Japan 01.xx.2012 – 11.xx.2012

Video Release (SE):
Japan 08.27.2004 – 10.22.2004
U.S. 07.11.2005 – 11.22.2005


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