Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt (anime)

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Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt is an ONA series that streamed across two seasons from 2015-2017. It is an adaptation of the ongoing manga series of the same name by Yasuo Ohtagaki. The ONA adaptation was directed by Kou Matsuo, with mechanical designs by Hajime Katoki and Seiichi Nakatani, character designs by Hirotoshi Takaya and a score by Naruyoshi Kikuchi. Initially set during the later stages of the One Year War in UC 0079, the series focuses on the rivalry between Io Fleming of the Federation’s Moore Brotherhood and Daryl Lorenz of Zeon’s Living Dead Division. The second season jumps ahead to the post-war era in UC 0080 and features a conflict with a powerful Newtype leading a cult of the brainwashed. Collectively, the two seasons only adapt the first seven volumes of the manga, which is ongoing as of 2024. Each season is collected into compilation movies with new footage titled December Sky and Bandit Flower. The movies are available on home video in North America from Nozomi Entertainment.


NOTE: Units indicated with an asterisk (*) are available in Burke’s All the World’s Mobile Weapons or Burke’s Fighting Ships & Vehicles format.

Gundam Thunderbolt Info

Kou Matsuo

Kou Matsuo
Yasuo Ohtagaki (manga)

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Seiichi Nakatani
Morifumi Naka
Yasuo Ohtagaki (manga)

Character Designer(s):
Hirotoshi Takaya
Yasuo Ohtagaki (manga)

Musical Composer:
Naruyoshi Kikuchi

8 episodes; 2 compilation movies

Internet Release:
Japan 12.25.2015 – 04.22.2016 (S1); 03.24.2017 – 07.14.2017 (S2)

Video Release (Movies):
Japan 07.29.2016 – 11.18.2017
U.S. 07.11.2017 – 02.05.2019


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