Gundam Unicorn Ep. 6: Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows


As the Unicorn Gundam transforms back to normal from Destroy Mode, the General Revil launches mobile suits and opens fire on the Nahel Argama. The General Revil‘s ReZEL Type Cs open fire on Full Frontal’s Sinanju and Angelo’s Rozen Zulu, but they’re all easily disabled. Angelo vows that this is the only time they’ll pull punches as he disables multiple Jegan Type A2s. He then bows and moves out of the way so that Full Frontal can fire at the General Revil directly. The ship fires missiles in retaliation, but Full Frontal moves in at high speed and disables multiple Jegans. He then adds a bazooka attachment to his rifle and fires off several rounds on the ship, forcing it to recall its suits and retreat. After the Unicorn Gundam is loaded onto the Nahel Argama, Mineva asks Banagher if he thinks the Federation and Neo Zeon can really work together. She says that she saw many things on Earth which made her realize how little she knew about the world. Banagher adds that he saw lots of things too and realized that even if people understand each other, it’s not easy to work together. He says that people can’t escape the obligations they’re born into, but despite that Cardeas wanted to open Laplace’s Box. Mineva says she wants to believe in people’s good intentions, so Banagher tells her the final coordinates. The Black Tri-Stars approach the Garencieres in their Jesta Cannons, but when they get no response Watts impulsively rushes in. He opens fire on the ship, which is on autopilot and set to self-destruct. Nigel thinks it’s too quiet and tells Watts to pull back, which he starts to do just as the ship explodes. Martha calls Bright on the Ra Cailum and blames him for losing track of the Unicorn Gundam. Bright responds that his decision backfired because he didn’t expect Full Frontal to act so quickly and seize the Nahel Argama. Martha asks how Bright lost track of a force that could disable the General Revil, to which Bright answers that no patrol fleets were nearby due to the ship’s secret mission. Bright asks Martha what Laplace’s Box is, and she mentions the Vist tapestry which shows the Box being guarded by a white unicorn and a black lion. If they can’t guard the Box, the Foundation will just destroy it. On Earth, Riddhe’s modified Banshee Norn is loaded onto a shuttle that launches into space. Flaste finds Zinnerman sitting with Marida in the infirmary and reports that the Garencieres has been destroyed. He laments the ship’s loss and notes that Marida fit into the ship too and had become like family to them. Zinnerman sees his daughter in Marida’s place for a second and thinks of his dead family. He says to himself that he had planned to take control of the ship, but that doesn’t matter as long as Marida is safe. In the hangar deck, Neo Zeon and Federation have tense interactions. Takuya, Mineva and Banagher watch as Neo Zeon mechanics conduct hasty repairs to the renamed Kshatriya Besserung. Takuya mentions that he has several ideas for improving the Unicorn Gundam, but Banagher isn’t listening. Mineva asks where Micott is, so Takuya explains that she’s running errands for Jonah Gibney in the engine room, but she’s been on edge the whole time. Banagher asks Takuya how he’s doing, and Takuya tells Banagher that he can’t keep the coordinates secret forever.

An announcement comes in on the speakers about an emergency situation in the engine room. Old man Sydow Omoki sits in front of the door and tells Liam that he refuses to work with the Neo Zeon, so two Neo Zeon soldiers pull out their machine guns. Gibney and an officer step in to support Sydow, and Liam notes that cooperating with Neo Zeon was their only choice when the General Revil was trying to destroy them. Tensions rise when Gibney demands that the Neo Zeon leave the ship. Conroy and his ECOAS underlings show up, and Angelo asks what the crew will do if the Neo Zeon refuse to leave. Micott shouts that they’ll throw them out if they have to, and she says that under the pretext of defending them they downed lots of Federation suits. Angelo explains that they were defending the key to the Box and that he couldn’t care less about what happens to the Nahel Argama. Mihiro steps in and thanks Angelo for saving them, but adds that she can’t welcome the Neo Zeon with open arms since they killed so many of their comrades. Mineva arrives and tells Angelo that she won’t accept any rude behavior. Micott angrily asks Mineva what she did on Earth and says the situation is now worse. Otto addresses the entire ship and explains that while they’ve found themselves in a weird situation, they haven’t surrendered and the Neo Zeon aren’t occupying the ship. He says that they have to work together for the time being to survive, so he expects both sides to show restraint. Full Frontal thanks Otto for his help, but Otto responds that he won’t side with Neo Zeon, even if it means being fired at by his own forces. He vows that he won’t let them get the Box and plunge the Earth Sphere back into chaos. Full Frontal counters that Otto has no choice because the Ra Cailum was lured out to Luna II by the Garencieres and won’t be able to help before they reach the coordinates. Those coordinates are in the shoal zone created by the Battle of Loum, so Full Frontal thinks the coordinates are designed to make them retrace mankind’s mistakes. Otto says they probably have the coordinates already since they’ve been intercepting data from the Unicorn Gundam, but Full Frontal explains that they only know the general area and nothing more. Liam asks why that is, and Full Frontal answers that the Unicorn Gundam won’t let them and is displaying new abilities now that Banagher is its pilot. Otto demands to know what Full Frontal’s intentions are, as does Mineva, who has changed into a Neo Zeon uniform. Full Frontal takes off his mask, and Mineva activates the ship wide speakers. Full Frontal states that Spacenoids want independence, but the Federation won’t grant it because it depends on space for resources. He states that space can easily sever its ties with Earth, which Zeon Deikun failed to take advantage of. Because military conflicts haven’t worked for the Zeon, Full Frontal intends to create a Side Co-Prosperity Zone that economically ignores Earth. He says only the Republic of Zeon can administer it due to its autonomy, which it will relinquish to the Federation in UC 0100. Full Frontal suspects that Cardeas acted because he wanted to prevent the Federation’s power from becoming more entrenched. Mineva sees that Full Frontal intends to buy time by threatening the Federation with the Box so that he can establish his economic zone.

Mineva says that Full Frontal’s plan is far removed from both Zeon Deikun’s ideas about reforming humanity and Char’s mad passion to decimate Earth and force humanity into space. She says that Full Frontal’s plan will just cause a generation of Earthnoids to grow up hating Spacenoids and perpetuate the cycle of conflict. Full Frontal counters that as a vessel he has no will of his own and just acts in accord with the collective will he’s been filled with. Banagher comments that Full Frontal speaks in a cold and detached manner as if the future doesn’t affect him. He says that the light that enveloped the Unicorn Gundam felt warm, as though it contained the feelings of everyone he knew. Full Frontal responds that he’s seen that light before, during the Axis Shock three years earlier, but even that light of possibility didn’t cause people to change. He adds that Banagher’s “possibility” is a poison that has caused wars, and Mineva says that the Char she knew is really dead. She then announces that the Colony Builder at Industrial 7 is the final set of coordinates. Full Frontal decides to return to the Rewloola and leaves Angelo in charge. The shuttle reaches space and deploys the Banshee Norn. Riddhe recalls Alberto telling him that the Box must be destroyed rather than allowing the Neo Zeon to have it. He mentioned that the Unicorn Gundam was designed for Cyber Newtypes, but Riddhe said that if Banagher could master it, so could he. Alberto also asked him to recover Ple Twelve and added that if he failed to destroy or recover the Unicorn Gundam, the Foundation would be forced to use its final option. Riddhe asked Alberto if he was ok with killing his half brother, but Alberto said his family has traveled a bloody road. He explained that his aunt Martha wants revenge against a world ruled by men. Marida visits Banagher in his room and asks him to help her with the nasty drinks from the infirmary. Banagher asks what kinds of food she likes, but she’s never thought of it. Haro shouts out dessert, so Marida mentions ice cream. Banagher stops himself when he starts to mention a place on Industrial 7 and says that no matter how hard he fights, everything blows up in his face. Marida puts her arm around him and says it’s because of that that she’s still alive. Marida tells him that the way he feels isn’t wrong and that he should trust in what he ought to do. Marida says that Cardeas was lucky to not have to entrust his dream to a stranger, and she thinks that this is how the world slowly improves. She tells Banagher not to hesitate when his chance comes. Marida runs into Mineva in the corridor, and when Mineva tries to apologize, Marida asks her to follow her heart. Takuya brings a case of handguns to Sydow, Gibney and Micott, but they’re immediately caught by Angelo. On the Rewloola, Zinnerman notes that the new machine being built for Full Frontal doesn’t have legs. Full Frontal comments that Zinnerman would’ve probably taken the Nahel Argama if the General Revil hadn’t shown up, and Zinnerman asks if he brought him there just for that. Full Frontal asks if it’s meaningless to have clung to his hatred for so many years now that he’s dreamt of other possibilities. Zinnerman answers that he’s tired of giving up on everything and being in the darkness, and he wonders if Char felt the same way when he wanted revenge against the Zabis. Full Frontal states that if Char were alive now, he’d possibly no longer be human. He then is informed that a Federation patrol ship is contacting the Nahel Argama.

Otto orders Mihiro to get rid of the ship so that the Neo Zeon don’t act up, but it’s already too late because the patrol vessel has picked up the Neo Zeon ships and their fake Federation IFF codes. Angelo tells Otto to destroy the patrol ship, but Otto refuses to fire on an ally. Angelo points out that the patrol ship might call for reinforcements, in which case they’d all be destroyed. Angelo then shows them video of Takuya and the others held hostage, and Liam realizes they’re the ones who sent the distress signal. Angelo says their own ships could open fire, but he wants Otto to clean up his own mess. He says that if Otto refuses, it means their alliance is dissolved. Angelo pulls a gun on Otto, but Otto yells that he doesn’t ally with terrorists. At that moment, Conroy and the ECOAS troops drop gas grenades into the communications room and bridge. Angelo escapes from the bridge, and Otto orders Mihiro to explain the situation to the patrol ship. Flaste tells his men that they need to get to their suits, and Conroy tells Banagher to use the Unicorn Gundam to smash the Neo Zeon cockpits. He also tells Banagher to not get carried away and waste the life that Daguza saved. The crew starts to reclaim the ship, and Banagher tries to float over to the Unicorn Gundam until Full Frontal grabs him by the arm and twists it behind his back. Full Frontal tells Banagher to not resist because now that the coordinates have been revealed, they can kill him. He asks Banagher what he’s fighting for since he’s just helping to continue the same twisted world, counter to Cardeas’ wishes. Full Frontal asks Banagher what he would do with the Box, and Banagher answers that he’d use it for everyone. Angelo gets into the Rozen Zulu, and Full Frontal tells Banagher that one man can’t be the voice for all of humanity unless he becomes a vessel. Full Frontal asks Banagher to come with him since he has power like that of a Cyber Newtype. Marida tells Banagher to keep fighting and attacks the Rozen Zulu with the Kshatriya Besserung. Mineva addresses Full Frontal from inside Marida’s cockpit and orders him to stand down. She declares that Full Frontal isn’t Char because the Char she knew believed in human possibility. Angelo tries to attack with his incom claw, but it’s deflected and smashes into the ceiling. Marida presses the replacement leg against Angelo’s cockpit, and Mineva tells everyone that the Box will mark a turning point, whatever it is. She asks if the Box can really be the future, since the future is supposed to be different from the present. Zinnerman asks Marida to open the cockpit, and Angelo uses the opportunity to break free and stick his incom claw up against the cockpit.

Mineva asks Zinnerman if he’s still a prisoner of the past and tells him to live up to his responsibility. Zinnerman pulls out a picture of his daughter and says that reason can’t make his hate and regret over not being able to do anything to away. Marida calls Zinnerman “father” and asks him to let her do things her own way this time. He agrees and states that his final order is for her to listen to her heart. Marida closes her cockpit, so Angelo fires his incom claw at Zinnerman. Banagher breaks free and gets into the Unicorn Gundam, while Marida smashes into Angelo to save Zinnerman. Angelo shouts out that Full Frontal has transcended humanity, but Banagher counters that humans will build humanity’s future. He transforms the Unicorn Gundam to Destroy Mode and says that people have to trust each other because they’re weak and flawed. He grabs onto the incom claw’s wires and causes them to glow, and Full Frontal gives Angelo a hand signal. Full Frontal gets into Angelo’s cockpit, and Angelo severs the Rozen Zulu’s right claw to break free from Banagher. Angelo then blasts the door open to fly out of the hangar; the Rewloola and its two Musaka escorts depart. At Dakar, Martha interrupts a meeting and tells Ronan that she has a solution for the situation. With the Nahel Argama on battle alert, Takuya supervises the upgrades for the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam. Flaste wonders what they should do now, and Zinnerman asks Flaste if he’d put him out of his misery if asked to. Flaste counters that that isn’t funny, especially since they both have so much they still need to do. Mechanics paint orange stripes on Zinnerman’s Geara Zulus to differentiate them from Full Frontal’s forces. Otto addresses the crew and announces that they’re on a mission to retrieve the Box from Industrial 7, but this is a mission to survive rather than an official one from the military. He adds that between the futures laid out by Full Frontal and Mineva he doesn’t know which one is correct, but they’ll be decided by the youth of the today and those who haven’t been born yet. At the colony, Gael watches over ailing Syam. Two Jegans connect the large propellant tanks to the Full Armor Unicorn, and Banagher activates the tanks as he takes off. He thinks to himself that he’s come home, and an alert comes in about an incoming mobile suit. Liam thinks it might’ve been dispatched by the General Revil, so Otto orders the dispersal of Minovsky particles. The ship fires missiles, but the Banshee Norn easily dodges them. Jegans and ReZELs open fire on Riddhe and deploy balloon dummies. They attempt to attack Riddhe in the confusion, but he easily disables them. Riddhe and Banagher pull out beam sabers and attack each other.


This episode opens by repeating parts of the battle that ended episode 5, although this time Angelo actually speaks. The crew of the Nahel Argama are thrust into an uneasy “alliance” with the Neo Zeon, and I use the term lightly because it seems more like an occupation that just isn’t called as such. This episode is more slowly paced and focuses mainly on plot and character development, which has been a source of criticism. However, if this had been the last episode as intended, all of this material would’ve been lost. The tension is palpable as Federation and Neo Zeon soldiers are crammed together into one ship. You can almost feel the power of decades of hate in the air as the two sides clash. Plot wise, we finally learn what Full Frontal’s objective is, which is to carve out a space-based economy that excludes Earth. It’s certainly not as flashy as Char’s plan to force space emigration, and it’ll certainly take a lot more time to develop. But in the end, I think it would still lead to war anyway. His plan seems to be predicated on the assumption that the Federation will just take this lying down and allow the Co-Prosperity Sphere to be established. They obviously won’t. There are some great character moments in this episode, particularly with Banagher, Marida, Mineva and Zinnerman. Everyone seems to be more sure of the path they have to take, based on everything they’ve experienced. I think Zinnerman really shines here, because we get to see that he finally abandons the hate that has ruled his life for so long. You can see that he’s tired of it and that it hasn’t made the loss of his family any easier to bear. Riddhe, meanwhile, is becoming more obsessive about the Unicorn Gundam, and I’m thinking piloting a suit meant for Cyber Newtypes is too much for him to handle. It’s been a long road following this series since the beginning, but based on how this episode played out, the long wait for the finale looks to be worth it.

Overall Rating

Gundam Unicorn Info

Kazuhiro Furuhashi

Yasuyuki Muto
Harutoshi Fukui (novel)

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki
Yoshinori Sayama
Nobuhiko Genma

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer:
Hiroyuki Sawano

7 episodes (OVA); 22 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 03.12.2010 – 06.06.2014
U.S. 03.12.2010 – 06.06.2014

Airdates (TV version):
Japan 04.03.2016 – 09.11.2016
U.S. 01.07.2017 – 06.10.2017


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