Gundam Wing Ep. 10: Heero, Distracted by Defeat


Treize’s passenger jet lands in Europe and he’s impressed by what he sees with the Tallgeese. Une thinks it might be unwise to give Zechs special treatment, but Treize explains that he’s just giving a superior suit to a superior pilot. Une thinks that might give Zechs a bad attitude, but Treize tells her to not worry about it. Later, Treize personally thanks Zechs and Noin for their work, and Une wonders why Treize has to thank his own soldiers. She angrily orders Zechs and Noin to come with her to the strategy meeting, but Treize says he has to speak with Zechs. Treize asks Zechs if he has a better grasp of his feelings toward the Alliance now, and Zechs answers that he wants to keep serving Treize. Treize asks him if he’s going to take off his mask now that he’s gotten revenge, but Zechs answers that he still carries his personal hatred with him. Treize refers to him by his real name and says he looks forward to the day when the mask will come off. At the strategy meeting Une announces that the Tauruses will be transported to the Siberian Base to have a new mobility system installed. Taking a dig at Noin, she says the transfer was initiated because of a lack of confidence in Lake Victoria’s security. Une adds that a fake air route has been established, and the transport should make an attractive target for the Gundams. Zechs comments that heading through Siberia means the Gundams won’t be able to attack OZ territory, but Une says she wants the Gundams to come. One of the operation’s goals is to eradicate the Gundams, she says. She then begins to outline the known abilities of the Gundams, starting with the Wing Gundam. Heero is surprised to receive a video message from Doctor J, who outlines concerns about the Taurus. He explains that the Taurus has the ability to learn from its battle data, thus making it possible for the suit to ignore the pilot’s commands. He tells Heero to destroy the Tauruses, and Duo walks in to say goodbye. He has some misgivings about OZ’s transport plan and asks Heero to take the air route. Trowa plans his attack, and Quatre tells the Maganacs that they’ll attack OZ’s land route. He’s not sure which route is the decoy, but he believes the other Gundams will show up. Looking at the Shenlong Gundam, Wufei says that he’s in no state to fight and asks the Nataku to denounce him. Une wraps up her briefing by covering the Shenlong Gundam. She then asks Zechs to fight Heero one-on-one and appoints Noin to the headquarters under her. Noin objects, and Une says that fighting will give Zechs a chance for revenge. Relena hears that Heero and Duo have changed schools again. OZ radar picks up Quatre’s Gundam Sandrock and the Maganacs, so the Aries group attacks. A train appears nearby.

Quatre tells the Maganacs that with this amount of security it must be the real route. He tries to destroy the tracks, but the train’s cannon knocks him down. The Gundam Deathscythe then appears and uses its thrusters to force the train to derail. Quatre thanks Duo for the help, and Duo tells him that this route is the decoy. Suddenly, Leos begin to emerge from the crashed train cars and surround Duo and Quatre. The air group picks up Trowa’s transport plane, which is destroyed by several Aries. He ejects in the Gundam Heavyarms and begins combat on the ground. The Taurus carriers arrive at their re-supply point, and Zechs launches in midair with the Tallgeese. Heero is engaged on the ground by several Leos and picks up the Tallgeese on radar. Zechs dodges a buster rifle blast and attacks from above with his dober gun. He then drops his dober gun and uses his beam saber because he wants to fight for recognition of superiority. Heero responds by dropping his buster rifle and drawing his beam saber. Zechs feels no fear and thinks he can destroy the Wing Gundam. Trowa notices their fight and returns to his mission by mowing down several Tragos and Leo units. Noin prepares to give the Taurus transports launch clearance and is countermanded by Une. Une contacts space fortress Barge and orders it to prepare for a missile attack on the colonies. Une addresses the Gundam pilots and orders them to surrender and hand over their suits. Heero presses his attack and damages the Tallgeese’s left arm. Une orders a random missile launch, and Zechs tells her that what she’s doing is against Treize’s wishes. Une insists that Zechs is wrong, and Noin backs him up by saying Treize doesn’t want to involve civilians. Une slaps Noin and says that the colonies are insignificant worlds for the pathetic. She orders the launch and is interrupted by a video transmission from Doctor J at Colony C1013. He says that the colonies have no intention to attack Earth and that this is his personal war against OZ. Doctor J says that for OZ the ends justify the means, so he has to surrender. Heero exits is cockpit, and Zechs is surprised to see that a young boy is the Wing Gundam’s pilot. Doctor J declares that he will surrender, but he won’t hand over the Gundam. Heero presses the self-detonation switch, which causes the Wing Gundam to explode. Heero is knocked away by the explosion, and a pool of his own blood forms when he hits the ground. Everyone is surprised by Heero’s sacrifice, and Trowa picks up Heero. Quatre and Duo are forced to fall back, and Zechs tells Trowa that he won’t attack him like this. Noin relays a message from Treize telling Une to be more graceful. Trowa drives away in his suit carrier, with Heero seemingly lifeless in the Gundam Heavyarms’ hand.


With world conquest mainly taken care of, OZ turns its attention to destroying the Gundams once and for all. Surprisingly, Treize puts Une in charge of the plan, even though he knows that she’s bound to use brutal methods. Her unlikeability isn’t limited to her enemies, as she needlessly antagonizes both Zechs and Noin. But she gets her comeuppance when they prove her wrong about her strategy to blackmail the Gundams by threatening the colonies. Unfortunately, this forces Doctor J’s hand, and he has to reveal himself and surrender. In response, Heero self-detonates the Wing Gundam and is caught up in the explosion. While others might die from that, the star of the show isn’t going to die 10 episodes in. While the Gundams have been able to operate with a free hand until now, Une’s tactic changes the game and puts a constant threat against the colonies into play.

Original Review: December 1, 2000

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Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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