Gundam Wing Ep. 15: To the Battleground, Antarctica


Heero and Trowa leave their last stop after visiting Mrs. Noventa in Sicily. Trowa comments that Heero can’t forgive himself for being tricked by OZ into killing a pacifist, and Heero responds that it isn’t that simple. As they walk through town they notice that an OZ car is following them. Heero says he’ll take care of it, but Trowa tells him not to overdo things in his condition. Trowa grabs a motorcycle and speeds off so that the car chases him. The car chases him through a narrow alley and crashes into a streetlight after he jumps off the motorcycle. Trowa and Heero meet up again at the port, and Trowa comments that they’ll have to transport the Gundam Heavyarms by boat, which’ll be made more difficult with OZ watching them. Noin appears and offers to let them use her carrier for transport. Trowa pulls out a gun and she explains that Zechs, the pilot Heero fought in Siberia, wants a meeting. Trowa asks if he wants info from them, but Noin explains that he just wants to meet them as a mobile suit pilot and fight once more. Heero agrees and asks where Zechs is. Elsewhere, Relena’s butler Pagan explains to her that he can’t find out any info on Heero or get in touch with Zechs, who recently left from Lake Victoria. He reports that after Siberia, Zechs ordered a large amount of Gundanium to be shipped in from space. Relena comments that even she knows Zechs was ordered to destroy the Wing Gundam, but Pagan adds that there’s enough Gundanium to build two suits. Relena asks why Zechs would do that, and Pagan says Zechs wants a final match. He recalls a fencing match with young Zechs where his saber was broken, and Zechs rushed to get him a new one and continue the fight. Pagan says that Zechs hates to fight an opponent with a handicap. Relena thinks that if she can get in touch with Zechs, she might find a clue on Heero. Pagan then reports that Mrs. Noventa is trying to find Heero, so Relena asks him to contact her. Zechs thanks Noin for her help and apologizes for dragging her into the situation. Elsewhere, Treize considers the rumors of Zechs destroying a fake Wing Gundam and wonders if he should let Zechs run free. He comments that the Zechs issue is becoming a big topic within Romefeller, but he thinks people are worrying too much. Acht is informed about Noin’s SST in Italy, and he believes Zechs will show his true colors soon. Heero practices inside the Gundam Heavyarms’ cockpit and sees that Trowa doesn’t adjust for the extra weight from the Gatling gun. An OZ soldier comments to Noin that they could help Zechs by getting rid of the Gundam pilots, but Noin says Zechs would never forgive them. Heero has trouble gripping a control stick with his left arm.

As Relena eats, Pagan gives her a letter from Mrs. Noventa to deliver to Heero. Relena reads the letter, in which Mrs. Noventa states that she wasn’t able to express her true feelings. She thinks that Heero should stop blaming himself because Noventa worked to build a world where young men could live happily. She says she has no regrets and hopes that Heero can help to build a new future. Relena is glad that Heero is alive and tells Pagan she wants to meet Mrs. Noventa in Sicily. Noin gives coats to Heero and Trowa so they don’t get sick from the cold, and Heero still feels pain in his left arm. She explains that they’re heading for the South Pole because it’s the only place to have a battle unnoticed. Zechs tells Meiser to make the Wing Gundam fully operational because he wants to know more about the suit and Heero. Meiser explains that they have to completely rebuild the right arm because it needs power to handle the buster rifle and beam saber. Zechs tells him to at least repair the beam saber system using parts from the Tallgeese‘s left arm. Meiser wants to know what Zechs is trying to prove, but Zechs asks Meiser to indulge him. A soldier reports to Noin that they’re being followed, and Noin thinks they can sacrifice two Aries to lose them. Trowa thinks that Noin will be overpowered by the enemy’s numbers, and she answers that she’ll complete her mission as she sees fit. Noin and another pilot launch in their Aries, and Acht’s group responds by launching their Aries suits. Noin and her wingman take out several planes and Aries. Noin tells him to hide in the clouds as cover, but he gets shot down by Acht. Noin lands on the ground to check on him, but they’re quickly surrounded by a large group of Aries and Leos. The OZ suits open fire, and Noin’s SST turns around to provide cover fire. Noin decides to surrender and drops her rifle, but Acht says the normal rules don’t apply to people who betray Romefeller. He says he might let her live if she hands over the Wing Gundam as proof of Zech’s betrayal. Noin refuses and her carrier opens fire on Acht’s men. Trowa launches in the Gundam Heavyarms and opens fire on the OZ suits. He mows them all down until only Acht remains. Trowa then uses his knife to slice into Acht’s Aries. Acht crawls away and radios that he’s located a Gundam at the South Pole. Noin asks him to stop, but he slices Acht’s Aries apart. Noin comments that the Gundam pilots are too pure, and Trowa falls out of his cockpit. He tells Noin to reload the ammo for Heero, but she thinks he should worry about himself.


Heero’s quest to offer himself for judgment to the Noventa family ends off screen in this episode. None of them take Heero’s life, obviously. Furthermore, Mrs. Noventa writes a letter forgiving Heero and telling him he should move on and stop blaming himself. OZ catches on to Heero and Trowa, so they’re lucky to get some help from Noin. Relena is also on Heero’s trail, and it turns out that Pagan is quite the expert at finding important information on the computer. I wouldn’t have expected so much from a generic-looking old butler. It seems that suspicions are running high that Zechs destroyed a fake Gundam, and Acht is ready to use this as an opportunity to climb the ladder at Romefeller. He ends up getting killed by Trowa, but Trowa wastes so much time trying to flashily kill him that it gives Acht enough time to send out a radio message for help. He should’ve just ended it quickly when he had the chance. This’ll obviously affect Heero’s upcoming duel with Zechs.

Original Review: December 21, 2000

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Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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