Gundam Wing Ep. 20: The Lunar Base Infiltration


Heero tells Duo that a large amount of Gundanium alloy has been shipped to the Lunar Base, probably to build a new mobile suit. Heero tells Duo he’s going alone and that Duo should go to school in his place. Heero boards a shuttle for the Moon and debates whether he should steal or destroy the new mobile suit. Doktor S and Professor G lament that OZ has already succeeded in capturing control of most of space. They hope that their new mobile suit will keep OZ occupied. Doctor J, Master O and Instructor H perform tests on Mercurius and the half-completed Vayeate. The other engineers wonder what happens when OZ begins to select pilots from colony citizens, but Doctor J thinks Heero will come at OZ directly. Colony representatives debate OZ’s seeming desire to create a nation in space, including the directive that the main industries will be military technology and mobile suit development. Une tells Nichol it’s not surprising that the delegates are skittish because they would naturally view mobile suit manufacturers as merchants of death. Une meets with the colony delegates and asks them what they think about OZ’s proposal. The delegates object to the military industry and the expansion of military power. Une points out that the Alliance wanted peace without military power, but she says humanity’s desire to fight can’t be overlooked. On Earth, Sally plants explosives on the Gundam Sandrock, which is being rebuilt by OZ. Several Maganacs appear and ask Sally to hand over the detonator, but she refuses and sets off the explosives. The explosives have no effect on the Gundam Sandrock, but OZ is alerted to their presence. Sally then steals a Leo and uses it to destroy the other launching Leos. At the same time, the Maganacs load the Gundam Sandrock’s rebuilt torso onto a truck. Auda steals a Tragos and destroys several Leos while Abdul and Ahmed load the truck onto a transport plane. Ahmed then detonates explosives around the base as the plane taxies onto the runway. However, Sally blocks their path while holding two doberguns. Auda gets out of the plane and tells Sally that they aren’t enemies. Sally then gives them covering fire as they take off.

Duo walks through the colony’s streets and watches a live OZ video from space where pilot trainees fight against training minds. Nichol is impressed by one pilot’s ability to dodge all the mines and destroy them. Nichol calls the Leo and asks for the pilot’s name: Trowa Barton. Nichol calls Une and reports that Trowa is too skilled for an amateur and probably has previous training. Une thinks that he has natural talent, but Nichol suspects he might be a Gundam pilot infiltrating OZ. Une asks Trowa to personally destroy the next target: the damaged Gundam Deathscythe. Trowa tosses aside his rifle, which raises Nichol’s suspicions, but Trowa says he needs a Taurus beam cannon to destroy the Gundam. Duo watches in shock as Trowa fires the beam cannon and destroys the Gundam Deathscythe. Une decides that Trowa is the perfect pilot, despite the misgivings of some underlings. Trowa is surprised to see his own tears floating inside the cockpit. Heero breaks into the Lunar Base and checks the computer for information on the Vayeate and Mercurius. The gentler Une goes to meet with Trowa over Nichol’s objections. She asks him what he’s afraid of and says they should put an end to the fighting. Une meets with Trowa and tells him that his test results have surprised everyone. She hopes they work towards peace, and Trowa says he’s not interested in peace. He says he likes how OZ is appearing friendly to the colonies, which causes Une to have a panic attack. Nichol pulls a gun on Trowa and says he hasn’t fooled him. He then tells Trowa he’s been ordered to come back and test a new mobile suit. Une changes into her uniform and takes Trowa to meet with the engineers. They report to her that the Mercurius is 80 percent complete, while the Mercurius is 50 percent complete. She asks why they built two suits, and they explain that they designed them to emphasize on different aspects: offense and defense. The incomplete Vayeate suddenly activates and fires its beam cannon, but the Mercurius’ planet defensers block the attack. Heero jumps out of the Vayeate’s cockpit and is apprehended by Trowa. Doctor J is impressed that Heero has even come after him and the other engineers.


Heero makes his move in an effort to kill the engineers and Une, but he fails. Maybe he should’ve picked the completed mobile suit so that he could step on everyone. At the same time, Trowa has infiltrated OZ as a pilot trainee, but Nichol is completely on to him. However, both of Une’s personalities are impressed by Trowa’s skills. The conflict between her two personalities is definitely going to cause more problems, along with Nichol’s over eagerness in dealing with things. We see the Gundam Deathscythe bite the dust, but we also see that OZ is rebuilding the Gundam Sandrock for whatever reason. This causes Sally to cross paths with the Maganacs, as she’s out to destroy it while they want to steal it.

Original Review: January 30, 2001

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Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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