Gundam Wing Ep. 35: The Return of Wufei


Trowa wanders through a street soaking wet when he bumps into Catherine and doesn’t recognize her. Elsewhere, Wufei practices martial arts at his home in Colony 0200. He defeats his opponent and thanks Master Long for giving him a place to train. Long thinks that the new Altron Gundam will welcome Wufei, but Wufei isn’t sure that he deserves Nataku’s strength. Long says that a person’s strength comes from the mind, and the mind is a battle against oneself. He points out that they have survived the evils of space for 100 years, but their colony no longer has the strength to support them. The colony’s interior suddenly comes under attack from several Tauruses. Wufei tells Long that he’s fighting evil, and Long says that Wufei isn’t defeating evil itself, but people who are evil. Wufei hops into the Altron Gundam and attacks the Tauruses, which was their goal. One of the Tauruses rushes toward Wufei, but he destroys it with his dragon fang. He then heads to space, where several squads of Tauruses are launching from Taurus Cruisers. Wufei destroys several Tauruses, but an OZ soldier in the Taurus Cruiser calls and threatens to destroy the colony unless he surrenders. Long walks into a temple and tells his men to set off explosives across the colony. He then calls Wufei and tells him to continue fighting for his own justice. Wracked with grief after the colony’s explosion, he destroys the Taurus Cruiser. On the Peacemillion, Howard tells Zechs that there was a large battle in the L5 area where Wufei is. Zechs states that Wing Zero alone isn’t enough to fight Romefeller, so he wonders if he should invite Wufei to join him. Howard doesn’t think that’ll be easy, but Zechs points out that they’re fighting the same enemy. Dermail tells Tubarov that Operation Nova is ending because almost the entire world is under Romefeller’s control. He says they need overwhelming power to maintain peace because the mobile dolls are only good for local battles, so he wants Tubarov to build a Peacemillion-class space battleship. Quatre walks through the desert and recalls speaking to Noin before taking off in a fighter jet. Noin told him that the Sanc Kingdom was in danger following the destruction of the Treize Faction. Quatre told her that was why he needed to get back the Gundam Sandrock. His jet came under fire over the desert from several Aries suits, but he ejected before it crashed.

Relena meets with several foreign representatives who complain about Romefeller sucking up war funds and escalating battles. She tells them that true peace can come if Romefeller gives up its military activities. After the meeting, Relena asks Pagan if it was out of line to promise peace to other nations when she’s having trouble in her own country. Pagan tells her that Romefeller’s promises of peace are empty, and that Relena has to make her beliefs a reality. Noin returns to the underground hangar and is greeted by several former soldiers from the Treize Faction. Heero tells Noin that increasing the kingdom’s military power will draw Romefeller’s attention and asks why she took in the Treize Faction. She shows him a map of Romefeller forces gathering around the kingdom and tells him that this was their plan after Luxembourg, so Romefeller never intended to overlook the Sanc Kingdom. She says that at this rate they’ll fall like the previous kingdom, so they need help from former Treize Faction and Alliance members. Heero thinks Noin is being laid back, and she answers that they have a Gundam on their side. He tells her not to rely on him because unlike Quatre, he sees no point in defending the country. Noin tells him that Treize’s Gundam Epyon has drawn in many soldiers because it’s a symbol of opposition against Romefeller. Heero looks at the Gundam Epyon and wonders why Treize gave it to him. Wufei destroys Taurus mobile dolls and wishes someone would fight him man-to-man. The Peacemillion then appears over Wufei, and Zechs calls Wufei. Wufei flies onto the ship’s surface and finds Zechs in Wing Zero. Zechs says he wants to make Wufei an offer, but Wufei ignores him and attacks. Wufei says he’ll fight any evil that chooses to fight in space, and Zechs responds that they should fight together against Romefeller. Wufei says that Zechs is part of OZ, and when Zechs says he isn’t any longer, Wufei counters that he doesn’t trust traitors. Zechs asks how he can get Wufei to listen to him, and Wufei answers that Zechs has to defeat him. Zechs pulls out his beam saber and begins fighting Wufei at close range. Zechs grabs the twin buster rifle and has a vision of destroying the Peacemillion, along with a vision of Wufei destroying Wing Zero. He wonders what these images are and who his enemy is. Wufei declares that Zechs is his enemy, and Zechs fires a shot that grazes the Peacemillion. Howard calls Zechs and tells him that the Zero System is messing with him. Wufei then flies away, and Howard says that there’s nothing sadder than a man being toyed with by a machine. Elsewhere, Catherine asks the circus ringleader why they’re leaving the colony, and he tells her a Gundam was sighted nearby. A confused Trowa asks Catherine about putting away something, believing she’s his sister. She tells the ringleader that she pities Trowa having amnesia, but he’s better off like this. Trowa hears the name “Gundam” and begins to shiver. Catherine vows not to let him fight.


As the title indicates, this episode marks Wufei’s first appearance since his escape from the Lunar Base. He’s returned to his home colony to train and complete his newly renamed Altron Gundam. Unfortunately, OZ comes looking for him and attacks the colony. The colony ends up destroying itself, and I wonder if all its residents agreed to let some kooky old man blow them up. Given that Wufei easily disposed of all the attacking mobile dolls, I think the colony would’ve come out alright. Zechs wants to build a force to counter Romefeller and approaches Wufei, but unfortunately that doesn’t work out well. Wufei proves to be stubborn as usual and decides to fight on his own. Zechs also gets his first taste of the Zero System and its mind-altering effects. Back on Earth, it’s clear that Romefeller has its sights set on the Sanc Kingdom now that Operation Nova has concluded. They certainly have the superior numbers to take down the Sanc Kingdom, even against Gundams.

Original Review: February 5, 2001

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Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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