Gundam Wing Ep. 38: The Birth of Queen Relena


OZ and White Fang forces engage in battle in space. White Fang pilots try to lure Taurus mobile dolls into the range of a space colony’s defensive armaments. Wufei appears in the Altron Gundam and starts attacking OZ. Noin flies nearby in a shuttle and is informed that a Gundam has shown up. She launches in her white Taurus and figures that the Gundam’s pilot must be Wufei. After destroying the mobile dolls, Wufei tells the White Fang pilots to drop their weapons. He starts destroying the colony’s cannons and says that weak people shouldn’t fight. A beam cannon targets Wufei, but Noin destroys it and lands nearby. Noin tells Wufei that he hasn’t changed at all and asks him if he remembers her. She tells him she doesn’t have any hard feelings toward him, and he says he thinks she didn’t come to fight. Noin tells him that she loves both Earth and space, and she needs the help of the Gundam pilots to create a peaceful world. She believes that a Gundam pilot can understand how she feels and asks Wufei to help her. Wufei points out that the Sanc Kingdom was destroyed, but Noin says that its spirit lives on. Wufei thinks that’s something a woman would say and states that he’ll follow his own path, so he takes off. At a colony, Hilde asks Duo if he’s still thinking about Trowa, and Duo says it’s depressing to think that happened to a Gundam pilot. Hilde tells Duo that he shouldn’t be depressed and has to live the life he believes in. Duo then decides to look for a job, and Hilde finds on a computer a job listing for a resource satellite owned by the Winner family. Duo concludes that Quatre must have come back to space. Elsewhere, Quatre supervises the business and is surprised to see Duo. Duo is impressed and asks if Quatre owns everything, but Quatre explains that his sisters are running the company. Quatre tells Duo that he was on Earth, attempting to figure out what they should fight for. He says there are kind people on Earth and in space, and he thinks they should fight for total pacifism. Duo is bothered that the colonies have started a war now, which will lead to more death. He wonders if peace is an impossible dream. Quatre comments that he made a terrible mistake once, but he wants to work to make up for it. Duo says goodbye and mentions who Quatre should see if he wants to look for Gundam pilots. On Earth, maids help Relena with her dress. Heero works on Wing Zero‘s maintenance in a forest. Quatre visits the circus and sees Trowa hanging around the lion. Quatre begins to cry out of happiness, but Trowa doesn’t know him. Catherine tells Trowa to go help the boss, so he leaves. She asks Quatre if he’s come to make Trowa fight again. She tells Quatre that Trowa lost his memories, and Quatre says it’s his fault. She asks Quatre to leave, and Trowa wonders who Quatre is.

Duo wonders what he should do, and if Quatre found Trowa. The ringleader tells Catherine and Trowa to put on a good show because they’ve got a big crowd, but Trowa’s thoughts are elsewhere. Quatre prepares to leave the colony in his shuttle and is informed that White Fang and OZ are fighting near the colony. The colony is damaged during the fighting, and the circus attendees begin to flee. Catherine jumps and knocks Trowa aside to save him from falling stage lights. Quatre comes back to the circus and tells Catherine and Trowa to get to a shelter. Catherine wonders how many more people have to die and says she’s tired of losing the people who are important to her. Trowa tells Catherine not to cry and promises to protect her. Quatre says he doesn’t want to lose anyone else either and says that Trowa saved him, so now it’s his turn to save people. As the battle continues outside the colony, Quatre appears in the Gundam Sandrock and destroys several Tauruses. Trowa decides to leave the circus, and Catherine asks him where he’s going. Trowa says that he can hear Quatre crying out, and Catherine reminds him of all the pain he experienced the last time he fought. Trowa says he has a vague memory of someone telling him the best way to live was to act on his emotions. Catherine tells Trowa that he’s stubborn and crazy, but he promises to come back alive. Quatre finishes destroying the mobile suits and is surprised to see Trowa flying toward him in a shuttle. On Earth, Dorothy asks Relena if she’s ready to go and comments that Relena is now becoming the leader of the world. Relena isn’t pleased at the idea, and Dorothy advises her to have a graceful smile on her face. Addressing the foundation and the entire world, Relena announces that she has become Romefeller’s chief representative, and she views this as a positive step toward building a better world. She asks everyone to discard their weapons because she believes everyone is wishing for a peaceful future. Relena then announces to applause the abolishing of all national borders that have been the cause of wars, thus establishing the World Nation. Treize watches the announcement and concludes that Relena has the charisma to attract people to her, but he doesn’t think Romefeller understands how big a risk it’s taking. Heero sits inside Wing Zero’s cockpit and watches Relena’s broadcast.


The situation across the Earth Sphere continues to be chaotic. White Fang is creating new battles in space just as the Earth fully comes under the sway of Romefeller. Now, Relena is the puppet for Romefeller to put a nicer (and more attractive) face on the organization so that it doesn’t quite look like a bunch of rich, old white men who are merchants of death. All five Gundam pilots manage to show up in this episode, although Heero has the least screen time. Wufei makes an appearance to destroy things, and in his usual stubborn and mysoginistic manner, rejects Noin’s plea for assistance. Quatre is finally reunited with Trowa, and his appearance finally leads to Trowa to take action and leave the circus. There isn’t too much going on here, but a few story elements are put into play to set things up for the future.

Original Review: February 6, 2001

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Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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