Gundam Wing Ep. 48: Takeoff into Confusion


Dorothy shoots Quatre’s gun out of his hand, and he tells her they shouldn’t be fighting and should instead get off the ship. She tells him that he’s the most misguided of all the Gundam pilots. In space, the World Nation’s Leos continue to fight against White Fang’s Virgo IIs. Wufei and Treize destroy multiple mobile dolls on the surface of Libra before attacking each other. Treize comments that mobile dolls and Libra hearken back to the days when wars were won or lost by the push of a button. Wufei tells him to shut up and says many people have died because of Treize’s battles. The Tallgeese II easily dodges the Altron Gundam‘s attack and moves behind Wufei to kick him away. Wufei tells Treize that he should fight only him, so Treize tosses aside his dobergun and pulls out a beam saber. Inside Libra, Trowa mows down multiple Virgo IIs with the Heavyarms Custom. Duo asks the engineers what they’re up to, and Professor G explains that they have to go to the Peacemillion so they can change Libra‘s course. Doctor J says Zechs is still targeting Earth, and they’ll atone for their sins by stopping him. Quinze is informed that if Libra crashes into Earth, it’ll probably hit the Northern Hemisphere and release an amount of energy equal to 6,000 megatons. He passes along the information to Zechs, who states that the crash of Libra and the Peacemillion would be enough to plunge Earth into a nuclear winter. Quinze notes that this will only happen if the Peacemillion‘s engines are off, and Zechs comments that since it used to be his ship, it’ll understand his intentions. Noin asks if the same is true of the Gundam pilots, and Zechs answers that they’ll do everything they can to stop him. Relena asks Heero why he has to go and says there’s no reason left to fight. Heero says that neither Zechs nor Treize will stop the battle, which is why he has to fight them. He says defeating them will bring peace, which is all he can do for Relena. Relena asks Heero if he’s planning to die, and he asks her to trust him before pushing her out of Wing Zero‘s cockpit. He then says goodbye before taking off. Dorothy puts on her helmet and tells Quatre that they connected the mobile doll control system to the Zero System. She tosses Quatre a saber and challenges him to a duel because she wants to see if he can defeat her without the Zero System. When Dorothy attacks, Quatre asks why she loves war so much. She asks him why he fights, and he says it’s to ward off his family’s sorrow. She explains that her father fought for the same reason and died, so now she wants to die in a beautiful battle. They continue to argue and fight until Quatre pushes him away. She then tells him that all his battles have been meaningless.

Howard, Sally, Relena and the rest of the Peacemillion‘s crew take off in a shuttle and head for MO-II. Relena tries to contact Heero, but he turns his radio off and destroys several mobile dolls. Trowa meets up with Duo inside Libra as Duo is on his way out to the Peacemillion. Trowa then leaves the Heavyarms Custom behind to search the area on foot. Duo flies through the battle to drop off the engineers and receives some surprise support from the Maganacs. Dorothy laughs at Quatre’s kindness and presses her attack, knocking his saber out of his hand. Quatre asks what he should’ve done, and Dorothy answers that he should’ve led the colonies into a war like Zechs. He tries to tell her she’s wrong, but she stabs him through the gut with a saber. She says he should’ve staged a miserable war so that humanity would never want to fight again. She says that you can’t get rid of war by taking away weapons, but rather by changing people’s hearts. She then begins to cry, and Quatre tells her she’s a kind person. Quatre says he used to also hate his own kindness, and she shouldn’t do the same. He says that humans who think only of survival are lower than animals, but he passes out from his pain. Treize asks Wufei why he isn’t using all his weapons, and Wufei answers that he wants to fight fair and square. Wufei asks Treize why he didn’t kill him earlier, and Treize answers that he couldn’t kill one of the few people who understands him. Wufei asks Treize if he knows how many people have died for him, and Treize tells him that it was 99,822 as of yesterday. Treize asks Une how many have died today, and she tells him they lost 105 while White Fang lost 82. He asks her to give him the names later and tells Wufei that he remembers everyone who has sacrificed their life in battle. Treize then charges forward and leaves himself open to be skewered by Wufei’s beam glaive. As the Tallgeese II floats away, Treize calls Wufei a friend and says he was honored to fight the Gundam pilots. The Tallgeese II then explodes, and Wufei cries because he didn’t expect to win. On MO-II, Une gives orders to contact White Fang and announce the World Nation’s surrender. Quinze calls Dorothy and tells her that the World Nation has surrendered and that Treize died. She can’t believe it, and he adds that the plan to ram into Earth is unchanged. Trowa enters the room and tells Dorothy that what she wanted to do was probably right, but not enough to bring real peace. Relena wants to find Heero, but Howard tells her the shuttle has no propulsion left. The Gundam Epyon stands atop Libra and Zechs notices that Heero has finally arrived.


The penultimate episode brings the battle near to its conclusion. The battle between Wufei and Treize ends with Treize deliberately sacrificing himself. Interestingly, the shot where Wufei stabs Treize looks very similar to the iconic shot from the original series where the Gundam stabs a Zaku. By exiting the stage, Treize leads the World Nation to surrender and start to bring an end to the fight. However, Zechs still intends to ram both ships into Earth, and at this stage only the Gundam pilots can stop him. Heero says goodbye to Relena, which convinces her that he’s on a suicide mission. He doesn’t have much to do, though, until finding Zechs at the end of the episode. While Duo’s running around with the engineers, the Maganacs show up, and Quatre gets stabbed by Dorothy. That’s certainly a lot of upheaval heading into the finale.

Original Review: February 21, 2001

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Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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