Gundam Wing: Ground Zero


Following the end of the Eve Wars, the Earth and the colonies coexist in peace as the Earth Sphere United Nation. However, Heero finds it difficult to adjust to a peaceful world. He transfers to a new school, and his strange behavior during a basketball game makes him conspicuous. He remembers talking to Relena after the final battle ended. She asked him what he would do, and he said he would try to live in a world of peace, because all he’s ever known is a world of battle. Heero suddenly feels an emptiness and receives a mysterious e-mail. Someone has stolen Wing Gundam Zero, and they want Heero to come to an abandoned space colony. Heero knows that no normal person could steal Wing Zero, so it had to be either one of the Gundam pilots, or Zechs Merquise. Heero goes to the old space colony that is slated for destruction, and he gets shot at. When he confronts his attacker, he sees Duo holding a gun.

Duo explains that he didn’t shoot at Heero, that someone shot at them both, and he fired back at the attacker. He says he came because he got an e-mail that someone he knew would die unless he came. They think about escape, and Duo suggests using the air ducts. Heero says that’s a bad idea because the colony has been added on to, so the specs Duo read won’t match what’s really there. As the air runs out, they are forced together into a small room. Duo then attacks Heero, and Heero fights him off. He hears someone else in the room talking about what he will do in a world that doesn’t need soldiers. He sees that the other person is Trowa, who’s holding a gun. Trowa won’t admit to sending the email. The wall breaks open a bit, and Heero sees that the hole was made by Wufei’s Altron Gundam. With the hole, Heero sees the chance to get to another part of the colony, but it means being in space for several seconds unprotected.

Despite Duo’s warning, Heero jumps into space and lands on the other side. Trowa explains to Duo that a pocket of air was created by Wufei making the hole, and Heero jumped into it. Heero wonders how someone could predict his moves, and he realizes it’s someone using the Zero System. He finds Quatre and asks for an explanation. Quatre explains that the Gundams are no longer needed in a peaceful world, but Heero went and upgraded Wing Zero. Quatre, Duo, and Trowa wanted to know what his intentions were, so they tricked him. Heero explains he just had some ideas for upgrades and had nothing else to do. Wufei, dressed in a Mariemaia Army uniform, leaves to do other things. They wonder what to do with Gundams that serve no purpose, and how they will get rid of them without attracting attention. Trowa suggests sending them into the sun where no one can get them.

In Belgium, Relena meets with the president to discuss a peace treaty that will ban the development of any defensive weapons. However, it needs revisions, which Relena volunteers to do. She runs into Duo, Quatre, and Trowa. Duo has come on vacation, Trowa to perform with the circus, and Quatre because he was invited to the conference. Heero asked Duo to give Relena a present, but Duo left it in the car. Relena sits down to do revisions and falls over the balcony. She curses herself for her weakness and inability to get up. Heero shows up and tends to the sprain. He’s surprised that she would cry, and she explains that she’s allowed to be weak too from time to time. She asks Heero to visit her from time to time, and she falls asleep in his arms. He takes her inside, and Duo gets the present, which is a teddy bear.


Among fans, this manga is a bit controversial. Many people dismiss it is nothing but fan fiction. It certainly isn’t like normal Gundam, since it’s written in shoujo style. I didn’t think it was possible for the Gundam pilots to look any more like pretty boys, but they are even prettier in this shoujo interpretation. I liked the plot thread of someone stealing Wing Zero and playing games with Heero, but it just turned out to be a trick, which is sort of a lame ending. Also, the Relena portion really had nothing to do with the first two parts. I can see that the point of this book is to start setting up Endless Waltz: Trowa suggests sending Gundams into the sun, and Wufei has joined the Mariemaia Army. However, it’s a very short book and could have been longer. I would have liked to have seen something else, like more explanation about Dekim Barton and the background of the Mariemaia Army.

Overall Rating

Ground Zero Info

Reku Fukunagi

Reku Fukunagi

1 volume

Manga Release:
Japan 01.01.1998
U.S. 09.09.2001


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