Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Ep. 12: Keep Marching On Instead of Running Off


An emergency shutter closes and separates Suletta from Miorine, and she’s then spotted by Sophie’s Lfrith Ur. Sophie introduces herself as a witch from Earth and says she wants to see the Gundam Aerial, but then she realizes that Suletta can’t hear her. She then fires her Gatling gun into the block and says that Suletta had better get into her suit quickly or die. A Shin Sei employee asks Prospera if she really intends to send the Aerial Rebuild into battle, and Prospera answers that Suletta will come to them. Lilique, Martin and the others wonder what the emergency warning is about, and a Desultor blasts docked ships in a nearby bay. Vim reaches his ship and orders his men to launch the Dilanza Sols, one of which he intends to pilot. Four Beguir-Pentes launch from the front to engage the enemy, and Rajan assembles a unit to find and rescue Delling. Norea rendezvouses with Olcott’s team, and Naji informs them that Dominicus suits are about to intercept them. Sophie is distracted by having seen Suletta until she’s told they have to fight Witch Hunters. Sophie breaks off to serve as a diversion while the rest move to engage the incoming Demi Garrisons. Miorine opens a door and is surprised to run into Delling and his two bodyguards. Delling asks why Miorine isn’t wearing a normal suit, and she angrily responds that he should worry about his daughter first. Sophie opens fire on the Beguir-Pentes and raises her permet score to two before blasting one of the enemies with her Gatling. The pilots realize they’re fighting a Gundam and decide to use the Antidote in response. One of the suits slams the Lfrith Ur against an outer wall, and it deactivates when hit by the Antidote. Sophie raises her permet score to four to override the Antidote, and she breaks free and slams the Beguir-Pente into the hull. Despite feeling a heavy strain on her heart, she uses her Gatling to destroy the Beguir-Pente. The blast sets off an explosion in the area where Delling and Miorine are. She then quickly destroys the other two units and boasts that the Antidote only works up to permet score three. A Demi Garrison pilot yells at the Desultors for polluting space by using physical ammo in violation of treaty, but Norea kills him and notes that Spacians polluted Earth and ran away. She then single-handedly wipes out the rest of the Demi Garrisons, and Olcott reports to Naji that they’re moving to the next phase. Suletta crawls through a narrow duct and tries to get to the hangar where the Gundam Aerial is. Miorine comes to following the blast by Sophie and finds that Delling shielded her from debris and is seriously injured with a large chunk piercing through him. Delling tells her to run, and she says he can’t die on her. He tells her that choosing the option with the best odds of survival is what Notrette would do, and Miorine asks why he’s mentioning her mother now. Delling starts to explain that they both decided one of them should escape, but Miorine cuts him off and says she doesn’t want his excuses. As she bandages the wound, she says they both should’ve escaped and calls Delling a coward for not telling her the truth. The Desultors infiltrate the front’s interior and detach backpacks that are transporting ground troops. The ground troops kill personnel while trying to find Delling. A blast hits near the GUND-ARM ship and causes most of the students to flee the bridge. Nika sees a shell floating in space and realizes the attackers are Earthians. Norea aims the Lfrith Thorn‘s rifle at the ship and stops after Nika flashes their call sign. Nika lets out a sigh of relief, but Martin asks her what she just did. Vim launches in his Dilanza Sol and is sent the position of the Kashtanka. He opens fire and grazes the ship, which causes an internal malfunction and opens the door to the room where Guel and other crew are being held captive. Guel overhears the insurgents talking about a Gundam, and he escapes from his cell. He then steals one of the insurgents’ Desultors and launches, but comes under attack from Vim. He tries to identify him and takes damage, losing an arm. Guel cries and says to himself that he doesn’t want to die because he hasn’t moved forward after Suletta. Vim rushes in and stabs the Desultor’s head, while Guel stabs the cockpit with his blade. Guel announces himself on the radio and is shocked to hear Vim’s voice from the Dilanza. Vim is glad to hear that Guel is ok, but the Dilanza Sol then explodes. Guel cries out in agony over what he’s done.

Suletta reaches hangar 78 and finds her route is cut off by four insurgents who report back to Naji that they’ve found a Gundam. Sophie decides to head for that hangar, and Naji asks them if they can secure the Gundam. The insurgents hear a noise from Suletta around the corner and move closer to investigate, but they’re all shot and killed by Prospera and Godoy. Prospera asks Suletta is okay, and Suletta is shocked to have seen her mother kill people. Prospera notes that if she hadn’t killed them, they would’ve killed Suletta. Prospera recites the motto and explains that if she hid behind the door she would have gained one by not killing anybody, but by fighting she kept Suletta alive and gained two. Suletta is scared of using the Gundam Aerial to fight, and Prospera knows it’s scary because it’s not a duel at school. Prospera holds Suletta’s hand and says that if she fights with the Gundam Aerial, everyone can be saved. Prospera says that she knows Suletta is ready to move forward and holds out her hand, and Suletta accepts. Sophie blasts her way into the front’s interior to search for Suletta, and her Gatling gun fire is blocked by the Aerial Rebuild’s bits. Suletta activates her new flight unit and pushes Sophie out into space. The two begin dueling at close range with beam sabers, and Suletta uses her bits defensively when Sophie switches to the Gatling. Norea joins the attack, but Sophie wants her to mind her own business. The bits dock with the beam rifle and allow Suletta to fire a powerful beam blast that damages some of the Desultors. Naji orders everyone to retreat when Kenanji’s Dominicus fleet arrives  and opens fire. Sabina passes along the news to Shaddiq that the operation failed, and Elan 5 reads about the Earth Gundams. Suletta deploys her bits to search for Miorine and finds her location. Miorine pushes Delling in a makeshift stretcher and is found by one of the insurgents, who raises his machine gun to kill Delling. At that moment, Suletta bursts into the interior in the Aerial Rebuild. The insurgent raises his gun again to fire, and Suletta slams the Aerial Rebuild’s hand on the insurgent, unleashing a fountain of blood. She then slips in the blood after exiting her cockpit and smiles as she holds out her blood-soaked hand to Miorine. Miorine asks how Suletta could smile right now and calls her a murderer.


Season 1 ends with a shocking display of violence that is rare even for Gundam, but there are other items to discuss before exploring the shocking post-credits scene. The story continues from the last episode and shows Dawn of Fold commencing a full-on attack to assassinate Delling. Curiously, the events in this episode are a total inversion of what we saw in the prologue, which showed Spacians attacking Earthians and taking no prisoners. Now it’s the other way around, and it shows how much power Dawn of Fold has been secretly amassing on Earth. Guel has a brush with death when he enters the battlefield, and accidentally killing his own father is classic Gundam tragedy that feels like something out of Victory Gundam. Guel started the series as an abusive jerk, but he has been laid low so thoroughly by succeeding events, and now he has this tragedy to deal with as well. Will everyone else assume that Vim was killed by insurgents and expect Guel to lead the company now? Suletta was initially shocked to see Prospera kill people, even to defend her, but Prospera expertly manipulates Suletta with that classic mantra. It’s very easy to push aside any doubts you have when you’re told that doing anything scary means moving forward. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in all cases, but definitely it is when your mother is Prospera. Things immediately flip moments later when Suletta smashes a man like a tomato and is all smiles about it to Miorine. It’s interesting to see Suletta and Guel experience real combat and death this late into the show, when usually in Gundam this kind of thing often happens in the first episode. Even though Suletta and Miorine just made up in the previous episode, I don’t know how Miorine moves past the trauma she just witnessed. Separately, how will Nika react to what Martin saw? Will she admit to her connection to Dawn of Fold, and will she try to get Martin’s silence on it? There are many questions to be answered by season 2, but thankfully the wait won’t be long.

Overall Rating

The Witch from Mercury Info

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Ichiro Okouchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Wataru Inata
Ippei Gyoubu
Kenji Teraoka
Ko Inaba
Takayuki Yanase

Character Designer(s):
Marie Tagashira
Juri Toida
Hirotoshi Takaya

Musical Composer:
Takashi Ohmama

25 episodes

Japan 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)
Streaming 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)


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