Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Ep. 14: What They Wish For


Prospera tells Miorine that she wants her to take over Delling’s work on Quiet Zero. Miorine refuses to be involved with anything Delling worked on, and Prospera asks if that includes this project, which was originated by Notrette. Prospera asks Miorine what she knows about data storms, and Miorine answers that they’re the Gundam’s curse. Prospera acknowledges that this is true for humans, but data storms can also form a hyper-dense information system that’s different from existing networks. She also notes that Miorine has seen this in person whenever the Gundam Aerial overrode its opponents in duels. Prospera adds that it’s a radical new network concept that can use data storms to control any system via Permet links. The Aerial Rebuild is the key to activate this system, and Prospera explains that she helped Delling because she sympathized with his desire to create a world without sorrow and loss. This is why she sent Suletta to Asticassia to participate in duels, and as long as she keeps winning the Aerial Rebuild is safe and can be optimized. She also notes that Quiet Zero can’t be completed without Delling, and they can’t allow his wish to be thwarted. At the Asticassia fair, parents visiting the GUND-ARM booth are scared away by the stench of the goat milk that Lilique is trying to sell. Nuno complains that he knew the milk wouldn’t sell, and Aliya creates some medicine to treat Nika, who lied and said her injuries came from an accident while working on the Gundam Pharact. Martin laments that Nika is always keeping things from them, so they know nothing about her. At the greenhouse Suletta asks Nika what happened with Sophie and Norea, but Nika answers that if she explained it’d only cause more trouble for Suletta. However, Suletta notes that she also brought trouble to Nika, so Nika explains that she’s an orphan who never knew her parents or where she was born. She states that she dreamed of coming to school and thought Suletta was similar to her because they shared the same dream, but she says she was just projecting onto Suletta and can handle things on her own. Suletta leaves and runs into Elan, who puts his hand around her waist and says he wants to know why she’s avoiding him after saying she wanted to know more about him. Sophie bonks Elan on the head with a Haro and runs off with Suletta. Norea mocks Elan’s failure and hands his phone back to him that he dropped. Elan tells Norea that her eyes remind him of a pitiful guy he knew who couldn’t even choose whether to live or die. Norea tells Elan that he’s irritating, and he counters that she’s annoying herself. Sophie tells Suletta that Elan creeps her out, and she reveals that her stake for the duel is that she wants Suletta to be her real big sister if she wins. Suletta says that won’t happen because she has a bride and has to keep winning duels. Sophie thinks that Miorine is keeping Suletta confined and asks if killing her will make the old Suletta come out. Suletta doesn’t understand but their conversation is interrupted by an announcement summoning students to the Rumble Ring. Secelia hosts the start of the Rumble Ring and explains that the format is a 30-minute battle royal where competitors will be eliminated if their blade antenna is broken, and whoever is left standing at the end is the victor. Lauda announces to his House that his campus life ends tomorrow when he officially becomes CEO of Jeturk, but before that he wants to crush Suletta and get revenge. As the Aerial Rebuild’s container prepares to launch, Suletta wonders what Sophie was talking about earlier. Sarius, acting in Delling’s place, rides on a special train that is lowered in place above the battlefield. Elsewhere, Belmeria meets with Prospera. Sarius announces the start of the battle, and several students agree to team up until Suletta falls, but they’re blasted by Elan. Two Heindrees attack Elan, but he jumps over to Chuchu’s Demi Trainer and tells her to deal with them. Chuchu prepares to fire but hesitates when she’s reminded of the attack on Plant Quetta. Renee’s Heindree attacks Suletta until Lauda’s Dilianza butts in. Felsi’s Dilanza then attacks Renee so that Lauda can focus on Suletta. Lauda shoots at Suletta and yells at her that everything has gone wrong since she showed up. Sophie’s Gundam Lfrith Ur suddenly smashes through the ground and shoves its Gatling gun into the Dilanza’s face, and Suletta deploys her bits when she’s attacked by Norea’s Gundam Lfrith Thorn. Nika calls the front management company to confess, but she’s stopped by Henao. Sophie tells Suletta that she wants to have that duel now.

Suletta is shocked that Sophie is the pilot of a Gundam. Sophie opens fire on the plant’s outer wall and causes damage because her beam weapons aren’t within the legal limits for duels. Chuchu moves in to attack and barely dodges a cockpit shot fired by Norea. Rouji tells Secelia that the two Gundams don’t have the campus regulation program installed and are fully combat capable. She makes an emergency announcement canceling the Rumble Ring and ordering students to evacuate to safety. Norea opens fire on a group of students from above, destroying a Clibarri Dawon and killing its pilot. Sophie and Norea set their Permet scores to three and summon multiple Gundvolvas – unpiloted GUND-BIT mobile suits. The Gundvolvas open fire on all the students, and Felsi’s Dilanza takes damage while protecting Lauda. Sarius demands to know why they haven’t left, and he’s told the train was damaged and they’re waiting for a replacement to arrive. Renee takes up position to defend the train and is annoyed that she has to pretend to lose to a Gundvolva. Sophie shoots at Suletta despite Suletta’s pleas for her to stop. Her weapons fire destroys a piece of the outer wall, and the two move into space. Suletta asks Sophie why she’s using a Gundam so wickedly and Sophie answers that there’s many things she wants, including a family to love her. Chuchu hears Felsi’s pleading that Lauda is going to be killed, so she destroys a Gundvolva moving in to attack Lauda. Elan destroys a Gundvolva, and Norea yells at him that he should ditch his Gundam if he’s afraid to die by raising his Permet score. A new train is lowered over the old one, and Sarius’ bodyguards are shot by Ireesha and Maisie, who are wearing space suits. They tell him that Shaddiq wants to see him, and he demands to know what’s going on. Norea tries to radio Sophie to tell her that the operation is over, but she’s out of range. Norea then heads into space, while Elan zooms in his camera to see Sarius get kidnapped. Sophie continues to attack Suletta and says there must be things that she wants and will fight to win, like Miorine. Sophie asks if Suletta pilots a murder machine for Miorine, but Suletta counters that the Aerial isn’t for that. Sophie then asks why it was made with such weapons, and Suletta has no answer. Sophie vows that she’ll win the duel, crush Miorine and the school and make Suletta her big sister. The Aerial Rebuild then changes color and emits a field that hits the Gundvolvas and Sophie, which causes her pain from the Permet. Sophie tells Norea to stay back just as the Gundvolvas come under Suletta’s control and open fire. Norea tells Sophie to stop fighting, but Sophie rushes in because she feels the thrill from the earlier battle. Belmeria asks Prospera about the Aerial’s true nature and notes that it has been controlling space itself with the data storm, but Suletta is unaffected, as if someone else were controlling the GUND-BITs. Prospera tells her to say what she really wants to say, and Belmeria notes that Prospera had another daughter and asks where Ericht is. Prospera answers that she’s there at Suletta’s side. Sophie keeps pushing herself and destroys multiple Gundvolvas, and Suletta wants the Aerial to stop. Sophie coughs up blood and realizes that what she felt never came from Suletta. As she dies, she sees an image of Eri and realizes that’s who she wanted to fight. Prospera tells Belmeria that Eri is waiting for them beyond the data storm. Belmeria accuses Prospera of turning a human into a mobile suit, but Prospera views it as giving her a new body. She states that Eri is the future of GUND that they’ve been searching for and shows her Quiet Zero, which she claims will eliminate war and conflict. Belmeria asks what Prospera’s true intentions are and says she wouldn’t need such a high Permet score to fulfill Delling’s plan. Prospera answers that she’s doing it to make Eri happy. Suletta opens the Lfrith Ur’s cockpit and finds Sophie dead inside. Norea makes contact and tells Suletta there’s nothing to fret about because Sophie died before Suletta could kill her. Norea notes that someday she’ll also die from the Gundam’s curse, but she doesn’t understand why Suletta isn’t affected. Norea drifts away and hauls off the Lfrith Ur with him. Following a call by Martin, employees from the front management company take everyone from Earth House into custody on suspicion of helping the terrorists. Suletta tells herself that Gundams are tools to save people’s lives, so Sophie must be wrong. Suletta cries as she reminds herself of Prospera’s mantra.


This episode definitely changes the course of the story. Shaddiq makes his move to seize control of Grassley by kidnapping his adoptive father, and a lot of mayhem is caused in the process. Sophie doesn’t hesitate to go on a rampage and kill students. The Gundvolvas make an explosive debut this episode, and it’s good to see the return of the bit mobile suit concept first featured in Gundam X. Chuchu definitely has some trauma from the events at Plant Quetta, so it’s not surprising to see her be gun shy. However, she does pull together and save Lauda’s life, for whatever that’s worth. The big shocker is the confirmation that the series (and fans) have been pointing to from the start, which is that Eri is part of the Aerial. We knew about the age disparities between Eri and Suletta, and that Suletta was never hurt by data storms or had Permet in her body like other Gundam pilots. Now we know exactly why, and it figures into Delling’s plans for Quiet Zero, which sounds like the “networked humanity” endgame that has popped up in many previous mecha anime. Of course, the question is, what is Suletta? Is she just a clone of Eri, or maybe an advanced GUND synthetic human with a fake personality added? It’s interesting to see Suletta question, if only for a moment, what Prospera’s motives are, but then she immediately goes back to believing that her mother only does good things. As I’ve noted before, whenever the full truth is exposed to Suletta, it’s going to completely destroy her. That moment isn’t probably going to be long in coming from the point that we’re at now.

Overall Rating

The Witch from Mercury Info

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Ichiro Okouchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Wataru Inata
Ippei Gyoubu
Kenji Teraoka
Ko Inaba
Takayuki Yanase

Character Designer(s):
Marie Tagashira
Juri Toida
Hirotoshi Takaya

Musical Composer:
Takashi Ohmama

25 episodes

Japan 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)
Streaming 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)


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